Gamer Goggles unboxes The Duke from Catalyst Game Labs

Gamer Goggles unboxes The Duke, the new abstract board game from Catalyst Game Labs.

From the video:

The Duke is the newest “abstract” game I have seen. It has a chess like feel to it – that is if chess can be a hyper squirrel doing back flips. Check it out as Matt shares his box with you.

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro

Play Unplugged posted another of their unboxing articles up on their website. This one’s for Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro.

From the article:

Play Unplugged‘s intrepid adventurer can’t be held back by a little surgery. Enrico is back, and he had better remember his pith helmet, as he is set to explore the mysterious continent of Kumanjaro. Why? Well, to bring us the scoop on what’s inside Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro of course! Wait… Did you just hear something in the brush over there?!?!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Gold Mine

Play Unplugged posted up another of their unboxing articles. This one’s for Gold Mine.

From the article:

Grab your pick or shovel Play Unplugged fans! It’s time to strike it rich! In this episode, the intrepid Enrico grabs his spelunking gear and digs in to Gold Mine: A Game of Exploration, Riches, & Peril from Stratus Games.

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Star Trek Catan

Play Unplugged posted another of their Pulitzer-prize winning unboxing articles. This one’s for Star Trek Catan.

From the article:

Games… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Play Unplugged. Its mission: to use played out references as an introduction for another unboxing video. In this episode, Enrico beams up the the contents of Star Trek Catan. Engage!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Russian T34 & T70 Tanks (Plastic Soldier)

Play Unplugged has another of their unboxing articles posted. This one’s the Russian T34 and T70 box from Plastic Soldier.

From the article:

This episode features two multi-part plastic kits representing two work horses from the Russian tank arsenal. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini takes a closer look at the T34 and T70 kits produced by The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd. “Tanks” for watching!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Level 7 Escape Lockdown

Play Unplugged put up an unboxing article featuring Privateer Press’ latest board game for Level 7: Lockdown.

From the article:

Privateer Press has birthed a new alien horror upon the gaming world. Play Unplugged‘s Enrico attempts to escape from the halls of Subterra Bravo to bring you an unboxing of the latest expansion for the Level 7 Escape board game: Lockdown!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Ascension: Rise of Vigil

Play Unplugged unboxes the latest expansion for the Ascension deck-building game by taking a look at Rise of Vigil.
I need to get a copy of that sometime soon.

From the article:

Those of you vigilantly following Stone Blade Entertainment know that a new expansion has been released for the popular Ascension deck-building game. Enrico unboxes Ascension: Rise of Vigil to give us a glimpse at all of that awesome Eric Sabee card art.

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Flames of War: Open Fire! (Battlefront)

Play Unplugged has another of their great unboxing articles up. This one’s for Battlefront’s Open Fire box for Flames of War.

From the article:

Play Unplugged releases another miniature gaming salvo! This time we’re opening fire on Battlefront, the makers of the popular Flames of War miniature game. Enrico and Dave unbox their latest starter set: Open Fire!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – ABC Warriors Packs (Wargames Foundry)

Play Unplugged has another of their unboxing articles up. This one’s for the ABC Warriors packs from Wargames Foundry.

From the article:

Who wouldn’t want someone to fight their battles for them? 2000 AD’s series featuring combat robots designed to resist atomic, bacterial, and chemical weapons, is one of it’s most iconic contributions to the comic book world. Wargames Foundry must agree as they have multiple packs featuring miniatures of these unique characters. Let’s crack some packs, and take a look!

Play Unplugged posts another Unboxing – Woodland Indian War Party (Warlord Games)

Play Unplugged has another Unboxing article up. This one’s for the Woodland Indian War Party set from Warlord Games.

From the article:

It’s time to apply your war paint and reload your musket! Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes Warlord Games Woodland Indians War Party. These historical figures are designed to represent Native Americans of the eastern woodlands during the French and Indian War.

Games & Gears Podcast unboxes Dropzone Commander Cityscape

Games & Gears Podcast unboxes and takes a look at the Cityscape terrain from Dropzone Commander.

From the unboxing:

We un-box the new kit from Dropzone Commander. This amazing kit comes with 20 buildings and enough tiles to make a 6 by 4 gaming area for your games

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Rogue Trooper Promo Miniatures

Play Unplugged has posted another of their Unboxing articles. This one’s for the Rogue Trooper promo minis from Mongoose Publishing.

From the article:

Mongoose Publishing recently completed a successful Kickstarter to create a miniature game based on the Rogue Trooper comic. Rogue Trooper is a comic series that is part of the 2000 AD family of characters along with the likes of Judge Dredd, The ABC Warriors, and Nemesis the Warlock. Mongoose will be attempting to continue their success with the 2000 AD license (specifically Judge Dredd) with this new product line.

Enrico got his hands on some of the miniatures featured in the Rogue Trooper Miniature Game promotional materials. Let’s take a look at them!

TGN Unboxing: Von Drakk Manor for Super Dungeon Explore

We’ve got another Unboxing video up and available on your YouTube channel (and obviously, embedded down below, too). Take a look inside the latest expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, Von Drakk’s Manor.

One note: In the video, I mixed up my chibi monsters. The model I call Von Drakk is actually the Dust Coven Necromancer. Whoops.

And why not have a giveaway, too?
Put your name in the hat by giving a reply down below and you could win yourself a copy of Von Drakk Manor (in its unopened condition. I needed to keep the unboxing video one for… further… umm… research… yeah).
Good luck!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Centaurs & Pan and Satyrs (Wargames Foundry)

Play Unplugged opens up and unboxes Centaurs & Pan and Satyrs from Wargames Foundry.

From the unboxing:

Wargames Foundry is one of a few companies that are hobby triple threats, producing great miniatures, paints, and books. But how can you decide what miniatures to unbox when you are talking about a company with such a robust figure line? Having reviewed Jake Thronton’s Tribes of Legend, it seemed only fitting to unbox something from their Greek Mythology range of figures. This episode looks at the Centaurs and Pan and Satyrs packs.

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Cursed Earth Desperadoes Box Set

Play Unplugged has another unboxing from the Judge Dredd miniatures game from Mongoose Publishing. This one’s the Cursed Earth Desperadoes box.

From the article:

The Cursed Earth: A radioactive wasteland teeming with mutants and murderers. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini explores this tortured landscape, only to discover that it crawls with ruthless psychopaths and violent criminals. Gangs like those found in the Cursed Earth Desperadoes box set for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game by Mongoose Publishing. Let’s check out what lurks inside the box!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Justice Department Box Set (Judge Dredd Miniatures Game)

Play Unplugged shows what’s in the Justice Department Box Set for the Judge Dredd Minis Game from Mongoose Publishing in their latest unboxing article.

From the article:

Who is the law? Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes the Justice Department box set for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Mongoose Publishing. Now say it with me: I AM THE LAW!

Play Unplugged unboxes Hirelings The Ascent

Play Unplugged got themselves a copy of Hirelings The Ascent and shows us what’s inside the box.

From the article:

One of the cool things we got to look at last year was a pre-production version of Prolific Games‘ board game project Hirelings the Ascent. At the time, Hirelings was in the process of being funded on Kickstarter. Well the Kickstarter was successful, and we now have a copy of the fully realized product… Let’s check it out!

TGN Review: Assembling a Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge-Games

Hey there everyone!

Welcome to our first video production here on TGN (at least, during my tenure). We’re starting off big with a Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge-Games. First up we’ve got an unboxing video. Then we’ll show you as we put together this monster of a figure (with lots of pictures included) and finally a short little ditty giving you an idea of the pose-ability of this bad boy.

First up: Unboxing video.

So you saw our Unboxing Video (theoretically, anyway), now let’s take a look at assembly.

I can’t really say I was “intimidated” by the project, really, but I knew it was going to be a challenge. Looking over the 39 steps that constitute the assembly book, I was doing my best to take note of where I should and should not glue. This model supposedly was extremely pose-able, and I didn’t want to foul things up by gluing something that should be able to move. So I was really taking my time as I went along.
Continue reading

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Mage Wars Forcemaster Vs. Warlord

Play Unplugged unboxes Mage Wars Forcemaster versus Warlord.

From the unboxing:

Prepare your spellbook, ready your components, memorize your spells. It’s time to step into the arenas of Etheria for some one-on-one magic combat! On this episode of Play Unplugged TV we take a first glance at the two new mages entering the arenas of Etheria. Play Unpluuged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes Mage Wars Forcemaster Vs. Warlord, the first expansion for the game of dueling spell-slingers!

Pins of War unboxes Norsgard’s Valdis the Witch

Pins of War takes a look at Norsgard’s Valdis the Witch, posting up an unboxing article about it.

From the unboxing:

After Christmas, I was one of the lucky winners (as a runner-up) of Norsgard Miniatures’ naming competition for Valdis the Witch. The prize arrived. Let’s see what’s inside the blister!

Sedition Wars: Unboxing & Model Comparison posted on Hand Cannon Online

Hand Cannon Online has more to offer than just their podcast. Here’s an unboxing and model comparison they just did of Sedition Wars.

From the article:

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Sedition Wars Board game by Studio McVey & Cool Mini or Not. Before we look at the contents of the box however we are going to mix things up a bit and focus on comparing the differences between the Metal, Resin and Plastic versions of three different models from the game.

Unboxing Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster – review on Chest of Colors

Chest of Colors takes a look inside the Battle for Alabaster box for Sedition Wars and gives us a review.

From the website:

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is the latest game from the legendary Mike McVey. Hellspawn documented unboxing the game and wrote a review for us all to read and see what good the game really is.

Games & Gears Podcast posts Sedition Wars Unboxing part 3: A Horde

Games & Gears Podcast put up part 3 of their Sedition Wars unboxing.

From the unboxing:

Sedition Wars fully assembled. This is their Kickstarter BioHarazard Reward level and We are still waiting for more mimis to come in march!!! This is a ton of miniatures. Aewsome Value for money. In for Rivet wars for sure. Check out the rest of the pics!!

Games & Gears Podcast Sedition Wars Unboxing

Games & Gears Podcast put up a Sedition Wars Unboxing article. Be sure you know what you’re getting when you get it.

From the unboxing:

We discussed Sedition Wars in Episode one. We will do more reviews and unboxing as we get more review copies from gaming manufacturers: The Unboxing of Sedition Wars more to come. The quality of the content is pretty high!! Will post pics of the models and more. Very impressed, cannot wait to put it together and play

Pax Bochemannica – un-boxed by Maveryc

Maveryc takes a look inside their Pax Bochemannica set and shows off the contents.

From the unboxing:

We’ve had a great response since we announced the imminent release of our first A4 Boxed Game Pax Bochemannica and all of the Advance Orders have now been shipped ahead of our original schedule, which is great!

During this time though, we’ve had a lot of emails from gamers asking to see what you actually get in the Starter Set, which is a pretty fair question to ask before parting with any hard earned cash.

So, in response to those requests, we’ve added a picture of the contents full of the Boxed Set to our website and our Facebook page.

Just to clarify what’s actually in the picture, the contents are:

The outer box
A 64 page perfect bound, skirmish level Rulebook
20 miniatures (6 Orc Nomans and 14 Halfling Boche)
20 Bases
4 Noman shields
8 Boche shields
12 Tokens
2 D10 dice

DreamForge-Games unboxes Leviathan Crusader

DreamForge-Games takes a look inside their Leviathan Crusader box for us, showing off the contents.

From the unboxing:

This is a HUGE kit, the box is 12″X10″X10″!

You can see by the use of stacking trays, foam and a vacuum formed insert, we have taken great care to protect your investment.


The Supply Drop unbox Killer Croc

The Supply Drop posted up another unboxing for Knight Model’s Batman minis game. This time it’s Killer Croc.

From the unboxing:

So in our continued coverage of the new Batman Arkham City Miniatures Game range, as promised today we will start unboxing Killer Croc… Enjoy!

Tale of Painters unbox the new Hobbit starter set

Tale of Painters cracks open one of the new Hobbit starter sets from GW and takes a look inside.

From the unboxing:

Garfy from Tale of Painters went out and got the new boxed starter set for “The Hobbit” by Games Workshop. Read his thoughts and check out the contents in his nice and clean photography.

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Escape From Goblin Town (Limited Edition)

Play Unplugged posted up a video unboxing of the Escape From Goblin Town (limited edition) set from Games Workshop.

From the unboxing:

No fan of Play Unplugged would call this an unexpected journey. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini delves down-down-to-Goblin-Town, to examine the contents of Games Workshop‘s latest introductory style box set: Escape From Goblin Town. This is the limited edition version of the set and does include the special Radagast figure. Will Enrico be able to w-ring out its secrets?