TGN Review: ClearHorizon Miniatures Hell Divers and Drop Pod

ClearHorizon Miniatures is a relatively new minis company that specializes in making 15mm sci-fi pieces. They’ve currently got their Hell Diver infantry along with their Drop Pod and are taking pre-orders for their VTOL Drop Ships. The minis are compatible with the Gruntz! System. ClearHorizon sent me a couple Hell Diver squads and a Drop Pod to check out.

So grab your plasma rifle and take a seat, it’s time for another TGN Review.

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TGN Review: Last Night on Earth from Flying Frog Productions

Flying Frog Productions makes board games based on various genres. In the latest issue of Ravage magazine I’ve got a review of Fortune & Glory, their pulp adventures game. At GenCon they handed me that one along with Last Night on Earth, their zombie horror game. I figured that today, of all days, would be the most appropriate for such a review.

So grab your baseball bat and aim for the head. It’s time for another TGN review. Bring your brains… as they are tasty with ketchup.

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TGN Review: Gearworld by Fantasy Flight Games

Gearworld, by Fantasy Flight Games, is a board game set in a post-apocalyptic world that has managed to crawl itself back to a sort of steampunk sort of existence. Various tribes are trying to eke out a living in the harsh environment, scraping together enough resources to build skyworks, hoping to draw favor with those that live in the floating cities above.

Fantasy Flight Games was kind enough to send a copy over (along with other games) so we can grow the board game library for the CMON Expo. I’d wanted to try this game before, and so I saw my chance and decided to give it a review.

So grab your goggles and armored top hat, it’s time for another TGN Review.

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A TGN Interview with Ronnie Renton from Mantic Games about Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks, from Mantic, is racking up some pretty good numbers over on Kickstarter. Originally looking for $50k, they’ve made it to over $440k with still 20 days to go.

Mantic CEO, Ronnie Renton, was kind enough to answer some questions we sent him about the campaign.

So grab your ray gun and fishbowl helmet, it’s time for the return of the long-lost TGN Interview.

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TGN Review: Frozen Rampage by Rusty Nickel Miniatures

Rusty Nickel Miniatures is a brand new minis company that has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their first ever game, Frozen Rampage. Frozen Rampage takes the excitement of hockey and brings it to your tabletop. Being a former hockey player myself (playing goalie in local rec. leagues for a decade in the days of my youth), I was instantly intrigued by the game.

Rusty Nickel was kind enough to send me a prototype version of their game for me to take a look at and share my thoughts with you about. As a prototype, like other such reviews before, I won’t be commenting too much on the quality or look of materials, as things might change between now and when the game finally is released.

So get your pucks, sharpen up your skates and let’s take a look at Frozen Rampage in another TGN Review.

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TGN Review: Mecha Front Light Mech Kits from Paulson Games

Paulson Games is a relatively new company that makes resin bits, but now they’ve started to expand their repertoire into minis games.

Mechs have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. The first computer game I really got into was Mechwarrior 2. I played that game even after it was cool to do so. I only stopped playing because (after what felt like a century of waiting) Mechwarrior 3 came out. So any game involving mechs already has my attention. So when I started seeing previews and initial concepts for Mecha Front from Paulson Games, I knew it was one I would be following along as it developed.

Then I found out that one of my coworkers was the brother of the guy behind Paulson Games. It was looking like everything was coming up Polar_Bear! So I’ve gotten a hold of a Neo Bloc Goshawk kit and two NorAm Raptors (the Beta and Gamma loadouts) and wanted to let you know my thoughts on them.

So without further ado, I give you a review of Mecha Front NorAm Raptor and Neo Bloc Goshawk kits.

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Review of Drifters army box from Wreck Age by Hyacinth Games (edited to add contest at the bottom)

Wreck-Age, by Hyacinth Games, is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Human civilization has collapsed and those that remain must struggle against the elements to survive in any way they can. Players take control of a small group of humans who must eke out a living.

Hyacinth was kind enough to send me a box set of Drifters and wanted me to give you their thoughts on the subject.

So grab your goggles, hockey mask, razor-sharp boomerang and shoulder pads, ’cause here we go…

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TGN Review: Color Warz: Paint Brawl

Fluo Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their second game, Color Warz: Dark Threat right now. That game is the sequel game to Color Warz: Paint Brawl. Well, Fluo was kind enough to send me a copy of Paint Brawl so I could give it a look-see.

So get your rollers ready, break out your favorite can of enamel and let’s dive into another TGN review. This one’s Fluo Games’ Color Warz: Paint Brawl

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TGN Review: Larceny from Waning Gibbous Games

Waning Gibbous Games just got their Kickstarter campaign for Larceny underway yesterday. They were kind enough to send me an advanced copy of the game to check out and share my thoughts about it with you.

So let’s take a look at this new party card game in this installment of TGN Reviews.

The copy that Waning Gibbous (love that name) sent to me is pre-production, so I won’t be commenting on the quality of the game contents since what I’ve got are not the final versions of things, but the gameplay is still the same.
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TGN Review: Pong Tactics by Whiskey Jack Gaming

Whiskey Jack Gaming has created a new card game that they’ve called Pong Tactics. It takes the fun of Beer Pong and adds in that extra “gamer twist.”

So sit back, relax, and pour yourself one of your favorite adult beverages as we settle in for another TGN Review.

Whiskey Jack Gaming was kind enough to send me a prototype deck to check out. My apologies for not getting this review posted sooner, but the first couple times we tried it, at the end of the game we forgot what we were doing and what had happened so we couldn’t write anything up.

OK, that’s actually my attempt at a terrible joke. Thank you for the courtesy laughs anyway.
Actually, instead of Beer Pong, we played Orange Juice pong. It kept us healthy through the long GenCon weekend (or so we like to think) and has cleared up my beginning case of scurvy. So everyone wins!

Anyway, on to the actual game.

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TGN GenCon video Day 4

GenCon was an absolute blast and very busy. We didn’t get a chance to get this video up during the show, but here it is now for your viewing pleasure.

From the video:

Interviews from our final day at GenCon. It was quite a busy show.

Thanks again to all that stopped by and talked to us and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

TGN Interview with Justin McCoy of Iron Box Games about Angry Sheep

Iron Box Games is running their Kickstarter campaign for their first ever game, a dice and token game called Angry Sheep.

Misterjustin (most notably known for Secret Weapon Miniatures) is at the helm, guiding the sheep ship to its destination. He was kind enough to sit down for a quick minute and field a few questions.

So grab your shepherd’s crook and head out to the pasture as we have another TGN Interview.
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TGN Unboxing the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Starter for Bushido from GCT Studios

The Silvermoon Trade Syndicate will be available for the first time at GenCon in… well, two weeks from now (well, yesterday, but still). So while GCT has posted up plenty of previews, what do the actual starter contents look like? Well, the fellows at GCT sent me a set. So here’s a little ditty I wrote up as I took the figures out of the package.

So let’s unbox and do a little review of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate starter set.

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TGN Headed to GenCon next month

So, the “Greatest Four Days in Gaming” is coming up in just a little under 1 month. GenCon is always a good time. I, along with my fearless reporter Spencer and our intrepid cameraman Jonathan, will be there covering the event from every angle possible.

Of course, we want to get as many interviews and demos and such in as possible. So I get to the crux of this post: Do you have a game company and are you going to be at GenCon? If so, we’d love to stop by and talk, saving the conversation for posterity either on video or in the traditional written interview. We’d love to try out your games and share the experience with our readers. Have a big announcement at the show? We’d love to hear about it.
But obviously we can’t be everywhere at once (sometimes it’s hard to just be in one place at once), so we’d love to schedule ahead as much as possible. So drop me a line at and we can figure out the best time to meet up with you and your company. I look forward to hearing from you.

TGN Interview with Justin Gary from Stone Blade Entertainment

When getting together materials for our recent review of Ascension: Rise of Vigil from the lovely folks over at Stone Blade Entertainment, it was offered to have a chat with Ascension’s creator and Stone Blade Entertainment’s founder, Justin Gary. Since, as I’d mentioned in the review, Ascension is my favorite game that exists right now, I was thrilled at the chance of talking about the game with its creator.

So here we have an interview with Justin Gary, creator of Ascension and founder of Stone Blade Entertainment.

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TGN Review: GCT Studio’s Bushido: New Dawn rulebook

Bushido, by GCT Studios, is a fantasy skirmish game that draws its influence from many different Far Eastern sources. The Jwar Isles, where the game is set, consists of many different groups all vying for power. Which one will you command to glory?

GCT has recently released the first full rulebook for the game. The book is the culmination of several years of work, including what was essentially over a year as an open beta with the rules available online. The rules are still available online, but now players can hold an actual rulebook in their hands (something I know I’ve been looking forward to for some time).

In this TGN review, I’m taking a look at the new rulebook. Is Bushido the new master, or just a lowly student?

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TGN Review: Ascension: Rise of Vigil expansion

Ascension, by Stone Blade Entertainment, has been rather successful as one of the new genre of games, the Deck-Builder. Their most recent expansion, Rise of Vigil, came to me the other day (I was happy. I did a little dance). So here’s my review.

And here we go with Ascension: Rise of Vigil.

Rise of Vigil is the latest expansion for Stone Blade Entertainment’s Ascension deck-building game. The set continues the ongoing story of the world of Vigil and the struggle of good versus evil, the players picking up the mantle of heroes who must recruit others and acquire powerful constructs in order to defeat the monsters that threaten the populace.
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TGN Review: Infinity 2nd Edition Revised

Infinity is a sci-fi skirmish game made by Corvus Belli. It’s a game I’ve always wanted to try, so when given the opportunity to review a dinged-up copy we had around here, I jumped at the chance.

So without further ado, a review of Infinity, 2nd Edition Revised.

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TGN Review: Wordner

Over the past couple months, a bunch of games and gaming materials have been piling up on my desk as I was busy doing Convention Coordination for CoolMiniOrNot. Now that the CoolMiniOrNot Expo is passed (and it was a great time. You should all come out next year), I’ve had some time to get back into the routine of doing reviews. The next in our lineup of TGN Reviews is the party game Wordner.

Wordner is a party game that is along the lines of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. Players are given a prompt and must come up with what they feel is the best answer. The Judge then decides who wins and that player receives a point. Continue reading

TGN Review: LaserCutCard Cyborg Terrain line

Well we’re back with another TGN Review. Yes, it’s been a while, but trust me, I’ve been busy (like everything with the awesome time everyone had at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo, but that’s beside the point).

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Cyborg line of terrain from LaserCutCard. I’ve had some of these sets for a while and have been meaning to do this review for quite some time. After the high marks the Site Office got, will the Cyborg line keep the trend going? Only by continuing to read will you find out.
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TGN Interview with Derek Osborne at CoolMiniOrNot Expo 2013

Tabletop Gaming News unleashed our newest member of the Action News Team, Reporter Spencer, on the CoolMiniOrNot Expo. We’ll be posting interviews from the show all week. Here’s the first one where Spencer interviews Derek Osborne, Director of Business for CMON.

Note: You can spot me in the background of one of the shots, but I’m not going to tell you which.

TGN Unboxing: Von Drakk Manor for Super Dungeon Explore

We’ve got another Unboxing video up and available on your YouTube channel (and obviously, embedded down below, too). Take a look inside the latest expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, Von Drakk’s Manor.

One note: In the video, I mixed up my chibi monsters. The model I call Von Drakk is actually the Dust Coven Necromancer. Whoops.

And why not have a giveaway, too?
Put your name in the hat by giving a reply down below and you could win yourself a copy of Von Drakk Manor (in its unopened condition. I needed to keep the unboxing video one for… further… umm… research… yeah).
Good luck!

TGN Interview with Steve Jackson Games and demo of Castellan video

Steve Jackson Games also was gracious enough to talk with Bo, one of the two roving reports of the TGN Action News Team at PAX East. We get a look into the current status of Ogre, the future of Munchkin and even a demo of Castellan.

TGN Interview: Mercs Miniatures interviewed at PAX East

Mercs Miniatures was kind enough to stop and talk with Bo, one of our intrepid roving reporters on the TGN Action News Team while at PAX East and talk some about their Myth game. (check out their Kickstarter here)

TGN Reviews: Freebooter’s Fate

Do you like pirates?
Of course you do! You’re reading this page, so you’re a gamer and gamers like pirates!
Well, in today’s TGN Review, we’ve got a pirate skirmish game: Freebooter’s Fate, made by Freebooter Miniatures (seems appropriate).

Arrr me harteys! Set sail and let’s dive into another review…
Read on and ye might even get some loot at the end.
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TGN Interview with Alessio Cavatore, creator of Loka: Fantasy Chess

Loka: Fantasy Chess, from Mantic, has 12 days to go up on Kickstarter. The creator of the game, Alessio Cavatore, recently sat down with TGN and had a chat about his history with Chess and a bit of the history behind his relation with Mantic Games.

And so here we go for another TGN Interview! Continue reading

TGN Review: Assembling a Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge-Games

Hey there everyone!

Welcome to our first video production here on TGN (at least, during my tenure). We’re starting off big with a Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge-Games. First up we’ve got an unboxing video. Then we’ll show you as we put together this monster of a figure (with lots of pictures included) and finally a short little ditty giving you an idea of the pose-ability of this bad boy.

First up: Unboxing video.

So you saw our Unboxing Video (theoretically, anyway), now let’s take a look at assembly.

I can’t really say I was “intimidated” by the project, really, but I knew it was going to be a challenge. Looking over the 39 steps that constitute the assembly book, I was doing my best to take note of where I should and should not glue. This model supposedly was extremely pose-able, and I didn’t want to foul things up by gluing something that should be able to move. So I was really taking my time as I went along.
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TGN Review: LaserCutCard Site Office

So recently LaserCutCard sent me some terrain packs so I could check them out and see how they stack up (pun… maybe intended). They arrived and I’ve had my chance to assemble the first of their kits and give them a once-over. So now I’m passing on my experiences to you.

Prepare yourself for another TGN Review!

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TGN Review: Cradle: Creator’s Challenge from Precarious @ Best

So as you know, one thing we’re looking to do here at TGN Central is more in-house reviews, interviews and other articles. We’ve had a lot of fun with the giveaways (another one will be up soon), but today it’s a game review.

Precarious @ Best has created a new, abstract-style board game called Cradle: Creator’s Challenge. It’s sort of chess-like, but involves dice for attacking and you can customize your figures during game creations. The group over there recently sent me a copy and I’ve had a chance to play a couple games, so let’s get into it. Continue reading