Pulp Action Library holding Birthday sale

Pulp Action Library is having a birthday, but you’re the one who gets the presents with the sale they’ve got going on.


From the birthday invite:

It’s been a year since Pulp Action Library first stepped out of the shadows, fedora on head and pint of industrial-grade liquor in hand. Take a look at our rules – from ‘Caveman!’ and ‘Battle-Troll’ through ‘Eat Hitler!’ and ‘Mad Dogs with Guns’.

Because games are meant to be fun.

Good through Sept 26th.

Crooked Dice new releases and PDF sale

Crooked Dice has posted up their new releases for the month as well as they’re having a sale going on their pdf files.

From the announcement:

This month Crooked Dice add some more Minions to the growing ranks of goons.

Sculpted by Mark Evans and converted by Ian Mountain, there is a Minion Leader and Administrator and a HMG crew. Plus Ian has sculpted two new head sprues to give even more variety to your 7TV forces with some Balaclava heads and some United Radionics guards.

Plus there are TWO Deals of the Month!

50% off ALL PDFs! This applies to all PDF-only products (except 7th Voyage, which has 25% off) on the site during September, check them out here. Remember if your cart contains only PDF products, you will get your download links immediately.

The second Deal of the Month is a FREE WPC May Killan with every miniatures order they receive at Dice Volcano HQ during September.

Pulp 28’s opens for business

Pulp 28’s has opened for business, providing you a new place to pick up all your pulp-inspired miniatures.

From the opening announcement:

Pulp 28’s is a new web store catering to a small range of figures aimed at the skirmish end of the wargaming hobby.

Pulp 28’s opened a few weeks ago with a small range that has now been expanded and finally has enough figures to warrant an opening announcement. As the name implies Pulp 28’s figures are 28mm and run the gamut of the pulp genera from 19th century steam pulp and rugged 1930’s explorers to more modern 1960’s Gadgets and Catsuits range of spy fiction and on into the future with their Space Opera range.