Pulp Alley Burst Templates from Sally 4th

Sally 4th helps you out when playing Pulp Alley with the release of several new template sets. Everything from short and long bursts to blast templates. Don’t worry about those disputes over whether a model’s under the template or not with these sets.


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15mm Minis and Rules for Adventures in the Lost Lands

Two Hour Wargames is running a Kickstarter campaign for new 15mm dinosaur minis as well as a rules set for using them. They’ve got a week left and are roughly 3x funded, so go check ’em out.


From the campaign:

15mm Adventurers explore a Lost World inhabited by Cavemen, Dinosaurs and more. Featuring the new rules – Adventures in the Lost Lands!

New Pulp Alley Gaming Accessories from Sally 4th

Sally 4th has new storage options as well as tokens and accessories for you Pulp Alley players. They’re available now in the Sally 4th webshop.


From the announcement:

I was absolutely delighted when David asked me if I would like to design some products to support Pulp Alley, as this is a game that we play very frequently and always really enjoy. Our first four releases are:

Gaming tokens to place on the table or on your character cards to mark actions, wounds, status etc. This set contains 36 15mm diameter tokens.
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New Pulp Alley and Statuesque Asylum figures available to order

Statuesque Miniatures gives you more options for your pulp minis with their new releases available now in their webshop.


From the release:

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce we are taking Pre-Orders for our next Pulp Alley figures: DA Denton and Red Queen.

DA Denton and Red Queen are available at a Pre-Order price of only £6 for the pair, saving 20%!

Two new characters from Statuesque Asylum are also now available for Pre-Order: Doctor Strukov and Sister Anaesthesia.

Doctor Strukov and Sister Anaesthesia are available at a Pre-Order price of only £6 for the pair, saving 20%.
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Strange Aeons Kickstarter: Miniature Preview #1

Strange Aeons has posted up their first Kickstarter preview with a look at the starter box contents.



From the post:

Today we’re showing off our new Starter Box and Cult Booster, just two of the miniature bundles we’ll be offering as part of our Strange Aeons – 2nd Edition Kickstarter.

Less than 2 weeks left for Amazing Adventures on Kickstarter

Troll Lord has just under 2 weeks left for their Amazing Adventures RPG Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made their funding goal, so it’s stretch goals from here on out.

Amazing Adventures


From them to you:

Amazing Adventures is the Pulp Role Playing Game. It uses the Castles & Crusades famous SIEGE ENGINE for fast, quick game play!

We released Jason Vey’s Amazing Adventures at Gencon 2012. We released it as a simple, one book, softcover RPG that contained all the essentials to get you playing in a madcap world of Pulp adventure. Two years on, it’s time to give this game a make over.

Join us for these last two weeks and let’s get these books into hardcover and unearth those extra stretch rewards!

Statuesque Pulp Alley – Captain Wolf & Minerva Pre-Order sale

Statuesque Miniatures is running a special deal for those that pre-order their Captain Wolf & Minerva set.

The Pulp Alley Miniatures Deal


From the post:

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce we are taking Pre-Orders for our next Pulp figures: Captain Wolf and Minerva.

Another pair of brave pulp heroes, these characters join Phantom Ace and Pulp Girl in the expanding Pulp Alley miniatures range.

Captain Wolf and Minerva are available for a Pre-Order price of only £6 for the pair, saving 20%!
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Pulp Alley Miniatures Pack #2 Preview

Statuesque Miniatures is showing off preview shots of their upcoming Pulp Alley Miniatures Pack 2.

Captain Wolf and Minerva


From the preview:

Due to go up for Pre-Order on the 1st of July, Captain Wolf and Minerva are the latest Pulp Alley Miniatures brought to you by Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley.

Sculpted by Andrew Rae and cast in metal, these figures will be available from both Statuesque Miniatures in Europe and Pulp Alley in the US. Stay tuned for the Pre-Order announcement!

Okumarts Games releases Top Secret Headquarters

Okumarts Games gives gamers what we all wish we could really have… a top secret headquarters.
You know you want want.



From the release:

Spot of Bother Set Two: Top Secret Headquarters is everything you will need to build your very own secret villainous headquarters hidden deep below a forgotten mountaintop.

The modular terrain system allows you to customize your walls and floors for hundreds of variations and layouts. The fold flat walls hide away easily in a shoebox for convenient storage. Build what you need and add to the layout as you go.

A cadre of villainous minions and an evil boss is provided as well as some machinery and furniture to help further their plans of world domination.

Note: this product is BIG! It is spread out over two downloads. Make sure you open both files.

Crooked Dice New releases

Crooked Dice gives you more programming options for 7TV with their latest releases.


From the announcement:

Lots of new releases this month. We have our new Solomon and King models plus 4 X-Commandos to bolster the Department nicely. Then there is the Argonauts Starter Set to stop them getting too complacent.

Also released are 2 new Daughters of SHIVA, then Köhner joins the ranks of SHIVA with old pal Bolo. We have a resin Transit Van, with optional police siren & light, and a sprue of more Minion Weapons.

New Spy Rules from Killer B Games

Killer B Games has released Geezers Royale, their new spy game with a geriatric twist.

270px-MI6_Logo jpg


From the post:

“ Ahh, Geezers Royale. I’ve been expecting you…………”

Your mission,should you choose to accept it, is to immerse yourself in the world of Cold War espionage where men carry Walther PPKs wear dinner jackets and sip martinis and where all foreign women are seductive double agents.
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Statuesque Fantasy Released and a Pulp Alley Pre-Order

Statuesque Miniatures has released their new Statuesque Fantasy minis and they’ve started taking orders for their next Pulp Alley supplement.

The Statuesque Fantasy Adventurers


From the post:

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the full release of our four Fantasy Adventurers, along with a Pre-Order deal for the next Pulp Alley expansion: Pulp Guns, Gadgets and Vehicles!

Priced from £4.75, Oorik the Barbarian, Misanter the Elf, Gomeril the Wizard and Lowri Lowrisson the Dwarf are now in stock and available individually or with a discount for purchasing all four characters. These four heroes will bravely venture into any dungeon in search of gold and glory so head over to the shop and pick them up now.

Also this month we have a Pre-Order deal for the next Pulp Alley expansion: Pulp Guns, Gadgets and Vehicles. Continue reading

Irrational Number Line Games Lost Their Treasure…

Irrational Number Line Games has their The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr quest adventure tabletop minis game scenario up online for your gaming pleasure.

Lost Treasure


From the release:

The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr is a basic quest adventure set as a tabletop wargame for three to seven players. The adventure is presented with stats for our Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish game, but is written so it is fairly easy to substitute in forces from just about any game you already happen to play.

The adventure itself is pretty stock in trade – trek out to the abandoned ruin wherein lies a fabled treasure, grab it, and get back. The way the adventure is set up, players will have to cooperate to survive, but ultimately are really in it for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean backstabbing (it doesn’t preclude it, either). In playtest, it was usually a better strategy to be the go-to guy whose personal objective was aligned with overall party success, rather the the guy who was obviously out for himself.

The .pdf includes:

Stats for heroes and bad guys
Three and seven encounter plot lines with eighteen variants each
Setups for each encounter including special rules and sample maps
Ten pages of 2D and some simple 3D terrain templates

All that prepped in the background so that the game still plays fast and furious.

Get Started with a Crooked Dice Starter Set

Crooked Dice knows you gotta start somewhere. So they made new starter sets to help make that somewhere “right here.”


From the post:

At Salute we launched 5 all-new Starter Sets, for 7TV, 7ombieTV and excitingly 7th Voyage, and now they have hit the website! Each comes with the relevant rulebook, cards, tokens and dice, and two of the 7TV Starter Sets come with a Programme Guide and more cards and tokens. And, if that wasn’t enough, they all include the PDFs as well. These Starter Sets are great value and are a brilliant introduction to our games systems. You can find them all on our Starter Sets page.

Get your Pulp on

Battlefield Press has a Kickstarter campaign running for Pulp Fantastic, their tabletop RPG of pulp action.


From the campaign:

Welcome to the age of the Pulps, where two-fisted action heroes and secret societies battle for control of the destiny of mankind!

Pulp Fantastic takes you to the past as it should have been; an era of science heroes, masked avengers, mystery men and mad scientists. Nefarious villains and strange creatures cast their twisted shadow over civilization from their lairs in exotic locations. New and terrible technologies mix with forbidden knowledge in the hands of madmen, megalomaniacs and the rising Nazi menace!

Unfeasibly Miniatures Exotic Adventures Range re-released

Black Hat Miniatures is re-releasing the Unfeasibly Miniatures Exotic Adventures range of miniatures, perfect for some historical or pulp action.


From the announcement:

We are very pleased to say that we are now producing the Unfeasibly Miniatures 28mm Exotic Adventures Range under license.

The range depicts the French Foreign Legion at the turn of the 19th Century in Northern Africa, immortalised in the stories of Beau Geste by P.C. Wren. The range includes Tauregs, who resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands.
We have two more packs of Legionnaires with improvised weapons which will be released as soon as production moulds have been made.

Mark at Unfeasibly has plans to expand on the range to add mounted troops.

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley says you’re a Loonie

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley have their first releases available from their joint venture called Pulp Alley Miniatures.


From the release:

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce the first releases from our new joint Pulp Alley Miniatures range.

First out of the blocks are Pulp Girl and Phantom Ace, two daring pulp heroes ready to fight villainy wherever it raises its head. As a special pre-order launch deal, Pulp Girl and Phantom Ace are available for only £7/ $11.75 for the pair.

These figures are available from both the Pulp Alley webstore in the USA and the Statuesque Miniatures store in the UK.
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Brother Vinni sculpts the model bride

Brother Vinni has released their new Motogirl mini over in their webshop. They’re also having a Valentine’s Day Sale.
Also, anyone else hear Al Hirt’s version of Green Hornet playing right now?


From the post:

Firstly, Get your 20% discount for all female miniatures!
Use 2CDNIW5SVOKE code while placing an order.

And new miniature now aviable in the Brother Vinni’s web-store!
Girl with motohelmet armed with catana!
Nice sculpting, high quality casting, welcome:

Force20 Desert Explorers Now Available

Force20 released their new Desert Explorers minis so you can recreate those halcyon days of the ’20s where British explorers went and claimed a lot of things for the Empire just because they could.


From the release:

Explorers: In the hot, dusty deserts of North Africa prior to WWII, explorers, who will be the core of the LRDG, survey and map terrain and learn from the locals. Dressed in a mixture of clothing they are anything but “uniform”. Set includes a surveyor with sextant, mounted Bedouin warrior, and other characters. Set retails for US$11.99

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Detective Action Adventure

Irrational Number Line Games has published a new game in their Penny Dreadfull series. This one’s Where, Oh Where is Yvonne le Terrible?


From the release:

The father of Ms. Dreadfull’s faithful apprentices, Andrew and Siddhartha, has been rescued! But unfortunately, Col Nancy’s kidnapper has flown the coop … so it’s up to Penny and the Nancy Boys to catch her. Fighting hoods and thugs, they must track Yvonne le Terrible down in that most inhospitable of locations … France!

This adventure provides stats, maps, and rules for running a campaign of high adventure encounters along the route from dear old London to the creepy and desolate Château Terrible. The .pdf contains:
* QILS stats for all the characters and miscreants
* Guidelines to migrate to a different game system
* Seven scenarios with setup, map, rules, and victory conditions
* 30 pages of terrain templates to cover all the scenarios

North Star Military Figures taking pre-orders for Fistful of Kung Fu Minis

North Star Military Figures is taking down names of those of you gamers out there who want their Fistful of Kung Fu minis, including a special one-off model for those that pre-order.
Place your favorite “Big Trouble in Little China” quotes in the comments.


From the announcement:

We always like to offer you a deal on our new Osprey Rulebook- Figure Range tie in.

This deal gets you one rulebook, one each of the four different Kung Fu squad box sets and a special one-off figure, made just for the deal.

The one-off figure is of a truck driver trapped in Little China, picture to follow soon.

As an extra bonus, if you order before January 1st 2014, the order will be sent post free World-wide.

Crann Tara Miniatures to release Graven Images 40mm ranges

Crann Tara Miniatures will be making 40mm Graven Images minis.


From the announcement:

We have reached agreement with Steve of Monolith Designs to start releasing the 40mm ranges (1/48th scale) of figures he once sold under the Graven Images label. The ranges are being produced under licence.
The first two to be released are Cliffhanger (various Sci Fi adventure and movie themes) and Gotterdamerung (WWII Occult)

North Star Military Figures to make line of Kung-Fu Minis

North Star Military Figures is making the exclusive figure set for Osprey Publishing’s A Fistful of Kung Fu.


From the announcement:

The next wargame from Osprey Publishing is a Hong Kong Movies game called ‘A Fistful of Kung Fu’. Here at North Star we are doing the official figure range, and this will consist of an intial four starter armies.
The game and the figures are due for release February 2014. We are taking pre-orders now.

Statuesque Miniatures previews new 3D prints

Statuesque Miniatures is showing off the first 3D prints for their upcoming Pulp Alley Miniatures figures they’re working on.


From the post:

Here are the 3D prints for the first figures for the Pulp Alley miniatures range, to be sold by both Pulp Alley and Statuesque Miniatures. They’re currently away being moulded and we hope to have them on sale in January.

New Releases posted by Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice have posted up their December releases over in their webshop.


From the release:

Lots more evil releases this month from Crooked Dice. You can swell the ranks of sinister global organization – S.H.I.V.A. with Bolo, Thuggees and the Destroyer (80mm of multi-armed madness!)

Plus add some Repair Drones to your Argonaut casts.

Pulp City posts details about timing for upcoming Kickstarter

Pulp City has been showing off artwork for their upcoming Kickstarter. But when, exactly, is “upcoming” gonna turn into “now.” Well, now we know thanks to their update.


From the update:

We at Pulp Monsters have been working hard to launch the Kickstarter that we feel is deserving of your support as fans. At this time we have chosen to delay the launch due to a couple of very important factors.

We’ve decided to run KS from the US and support fans from both sides of the pond with local, duty-free shipping. That means we’ve became dependent on the US tax regulations. Quite frankly, if the KS ended this year, the lump sum of tax would have to be paid without the actual production costs taken into the account. Additionally as some of you have pointed out the holidays are fast approaching and it’s a hard time of year to ask you to help us fund a product that won’t be on your doorsteps for several months to come.

With all of that said we do have very positive news. The Pulp City Kickstarter now has an official launch date of Thursday January 30th 2014. Our core pledge at $90 will include both of our new Starter Sets and a printed copy of the new rule book as well as a Kickstarter exclusive mini.

If we beat our funding goal we will have a number of stretch goals offering a mix of free minis and specially priced add-ons. We also have additional enhancements to the book and presentation of rules. Shipping charges will be simple with flat fees world-wide. You’ll see more at the end of January, but we thought you’d like to have a good idea what we’ll be asking, and what you’ll get in return.

Crooked Dice posts up their November releases

Crooked Dice has their November releases now posted up on their website for you to check out.


From the announcement:

Loads of releases this month! First, the metal: The Guru (new sculpt) and Kali for £8 are all villainous here. Four Cultists for late night rituals, hire them for £12 here. Two deals of four Savage Schoolgirls, suitable for zombie horror or other survival genres, at £12 per deal here and here.

Then we have the print version of the Villain Programme Guide, which combines the individual S.H.I.V.A., Argonaut and United Radionics Programme Guides. £20+postage, here. I will add the PDF versions and the 2 page PDF update featuring new rules for Bolo and the all new S.H.I.V.A. Destroyer (coming soon!) err… soon.

AND if that wasn’t enough, if you spend £60+ on miniatures and/or PDFs you can get 10% off with the code ZOMBIEMILEYCYRUS.

Pulp Figures posts November new releases

Pulp Figures has their November releases now up on their website for you to go check out.


From the release:

The November Release is now available!

PGJ-21 Masked Avengers
PHP-1 New Version of Merrik Von Stroheim’s Film Crew

As a new release bonus, customers who order both new sets will also receive an advance casting of famed swash-buckling movie star, Errol Fairbanks Sr, in his role as ‘The Masked Caballero’. The bonus will be available while supplies last.

As well,
I’m participating in the annual Movember campaign by selling a limited edition figure, famed pulp hero: ‘Lord Sir Lippenbrush’. Details about this offer are on my web-site. Lord Lippy will only ever be available this November.

Griffon Publishing Studio releases new Pulp Egypt scenario, has sale on Pulp Egypt Sourcebook

Griffon Publishing Studio has a new pay-what-you-want Pulp Egypt Scenario up on their website in honor of the Halloween season. They’ve also got a sale running on Pulp Egypt Sourcebook to go along with it.


From the announcement:

Just in time for Halloween, Griffon Publishing Studio is offering a new Pulp Egypt PDF scenario, Shadows of Sekhmet, on a free/pay what you want basis. A perfect Halloween adventure that includes a seance, spiritual possession, magical portals, and mischievous crocodile imps! You can find Shadows of Sekhmet here.

The Studio’s also offering the Pulp Egypt PDF sourcebook at 25% off throughout October with a coupon code good at DriveThruRPG.com

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Pulp Detective Scenario

Irrational Number Line Games has a new detective scenario out there for all you pulp RPG fans.


From the release:

For just $.99, you can pit hard-boiled detective Ace Goodknight against prim and proper sleuth Penny Dreadful in a race to retrieve the jade elephant from the clutches of the nefarious Yu Noh Hu and his henchpersons Lo Fat and Tan Kyu!

The supplement contains:
•a total of seven system independent skirmish scenarios
•2D and 3D paper terrain templates so you can print and play right away
•tailored stats for our free QILS system
•guidelines to substitute another system for QILS
•solo play options for the head-to-head scenarios
•samples of the worst dialogue and most hackneyed writing you have ever laid eyes on!

Crossover Miniatures New Ninja Releases

Crossover Miniatures has new releases that you’ll never see coming. They’ve got some new ninjas and a new speedster, Mach 3.


From the release:

This month we have some great new releases.

First up are our two newest heroes. A speedster named Mach-3 and an all around female hero Safeguard. Of course each comes with three heads to choose from.

Also released this week are our newest minions, the Ninja! These guys look great skulking in the shadows or surrounding some poor dogooder. You can choose between one of three different heads when you purchase them.

Everything can be found in our Shop!

Crooked Dice: Robo-Minions released

Crooked Dice has some new Robo-Minions available over in their webshop.
Rosie the Maid they are not.


From the release:

Robo-Minions are Ulysses Argo’s expendable minions. Captured humans have various technological enhancements grafted onto their bodies, while their brains are partially robotised to obey Argo’s every command. They are sent in to back up his other more reliable metallic creations.

The Deal comprises one each of three models, with mix and match arms, plus one sprue of three heads and one sprue of Disruptor guns for £10.

The headless bodies with arms are available separately from the drop down menu below, and the ?Heads and ?Weapons are also available as part of the5 for £7 Deal.

Girron & Linna now available in the Bombshell Miniatures store

Bombshell Miniatures has their new Girron and Linna models now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Girron and Linna have been added to the online web store. They would make a perfect addition to pulp-styled planet based sci-fi games or even jungle fantasy adventures.

Pulp Action Library holding Birthday sale

Pulp Action Library is having a birthday, but you’re the one who gets the presents with the sale they’ve got going on.


From the birthday invite:

It’s been a year since Pulp Action Library first stepped out of the shadows, fedora on head and pint of industrial-grade liquor in hand. Take a look at our rules – from ‘Caveman!’ and ‘Battle-Troll’ through ‘Eat Hitler!’ and ‘Mad Dogs with Guns’.

Because games are meant to be fun.

Good through Sept 26th.