Corvus Belli Posts Beginners Buyers Guide

Minis games are fun, but they can be really intimidating for a new player. A game like Infinity that’s been around for quite a long time has quite a catalog of figures, and then there’s the various factions, and trying to figure out what works with what, and bleh, it can be a wreck. Thankfully, Corvus Belli is here to help. They’ve posted up a Beginner’s Buyers Guide to help you ease your way into the game.
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Paizo Previews Monks in Pathfinder 2.0

Confession: I never played a monk in Pathfinder. But I did play one in 3.5. Man, they were awful there. So, since Pathfinder played heavily with the OGL from 3.5, I never gave them a look. In the new edition of Pathfinder, though, everything is getting a rework. And as a class I was always interested in playing, but didn’t want to just hamstring my character, I’m interested to see what changes were made. And in this preview, I get a look at some of them.
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Fantasy Flight Previews Y-Wing For X-Wing

The other iconic ship for the Rebels, besides the X-Wing, is arguably the Y-Wing. Older, hardier, and about as maneuverable as a sleepy bantha, this rugged fighter still has a place in squadrons. And in the new edition of X-Wing coming from Fantasy Flight, it still has a place on your tabletops. But how will this fighter change? That’s what you get a look at in this preview.
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New Soviet Konflikt ’47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

As World War II rages on, all the warring countries are constantly creating new soldiers and tech to fight on the battlefields. Wait, “creating soldiers?” Yes, like making bear warriors for the Russians. And then, there’s their Mastadon heavy walker. Both of these are available now for Konflikt ’47 from Warlord Games.
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Blackwind Project RPG Up On Kickstarter

When in an RPG, you don’t want to have the rules get in the way of the story you want to tell. And you want a robust system that can work for lots of different situations and settings. That’s just what we’ve got with Blackwind Project. It’s a new RPG system that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Corvus Belli Previews July Infinity Releases

We’re already a bit more than halfway through June. But it’s always good to not just look forward to the end of the month, but to months beyond. In-particular, July. And Corvus Belli is letting us know what they’re going to be coming out with that month for Infinity. Always good to be prepared.
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Monday Terrain Corner

And we’ve circled back around to the start of the work week. But, never fear, it will eventually be the weekend again, and more gaming will be had. And, with gaming, sometimes comes terrain. So, to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible, let’s head into the Terrain Corner.

Today we have: New Imperial Assault Map Released From Fantasy Flight, Acheson Creations 20% Sale on More Adventurer’s Corner Products, and Official Frostgrave Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

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New Virai Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

The latest faction for Beyond the Gates of Antares is hitting tabletops. They’re the Virai, and they’re very different from the other factions already out there. Not altered humans, they’re an entirely artificial form of life. All those drones the other factions use are nothing compared to the creations of the Virai.
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Man-O-War Theme Force Now Available For Warmachine

In Khador, the philosophy is “bigger is better.” So they don’t just make warjacks, they make huge warjacks. They don’t just make armored soldiers, they make huge armored soldiers. They are the Men-O-War. And they are getting a new theme force box for Warmachine. There’s also a new version of one of the original warcasters for the game, as well as a Legion of Everblight release is sneaking into this batch of releases.
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Fantasy Flight Previews TIE Reaper For X-Wing

Not every TIE is a single-seater fighter. The TIE basics allow for all sorts of alternate versions, including things up to shuttles in size. In this case, we have the TIE Reaper. Not as nimble or swift as its smaller cousins, it can still play quite a role in a fight, as we see in this preview for X-Wing from Fantasy Flight.
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Paizo Previews Conditions in Pathfinder 2.0

I gotta find out what condition my condition is in.
Weakened. Sickened. Poisoned. Restrained. Prone. And on and on. Pathfinder has a lot of conditions you can find your characters in. But how will these change in the new edition that’s coming out. In this preview, we get a look at just that.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders for New Edition of Age of Sigmar

While it might feel like it’s still brand new, Age of Sigmar has actually been out for quite a few years. And, in that time, it’s gone through a few changes. But now, it’s getting an entirely new edition. Pre-orders for box sets, rule books, accessories, new units, and more are all available on Games Workshop’s site.
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Review Roundup

It’s very early on Saturday morning. Well, not as early as it was when I first got up (Now: 6am. Woke up: 3am). I’d love to know why, on weekdays, my brain is all, “man, I dun wanna get up!” while on the weekend it’s like, “3am, homebear. Be awake now!” Maybe I’m just so excited about D&D today. I guess we can go with that. But while I get ready for all the things I’m gonna do today, I also need to get you your reviews I know you so desperately desire.

Today we have: Go Nuts for Doughnuts, Sushi Go!, Bamboleo, Cry Havoc: Aftermath, Down in Flames: WWII-Guns Blazing, Gaslands, Dinosaur Island, Dr. Beaker, and Crusader Kings.

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New Australian Releases Available For Team Yankee

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
Though they might be from a land down under, the Australians are taking part in WWIII along with their allies. These Bruces are hitting the fields of Europe along with NATO in Team Yankee. You can check out these new releases now over on Battlefront’s website.
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Secret Agents of CROSS For Savage Worlds Up On Kickstarter

It’s Jesus Time!
CROSS is a secret organization that’s all about making the Pope’s wishes come true, by any means necessary.
This secret strike force is what you join in Secret Agents of CROSS, a new RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Deck of Justice Card Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, there’s times to be subdued and subtle. Then there’s times to be over-the-top and way loud and crazy. Deck of Justice is a time where you’re over-the-top and loud and crazy. It’s a new card game that’s up on Kickstarter where you and your opponent fight it out in ridiculously contrived fights until only one is left standing.
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Friday Snippets

What a great day. It’s Weekend Eve, one of my favorite days of the week (as you all well know). I’ve got D&D tomorrow, and I’m more-than-ready to play (we’ll be streaming again, for anyone interested). But before we get there, we need to finish this day off. And to do that, we should snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Models – New Italians Released, New Heads Available From Puppets War, and Weekend Promo At Bits of War.

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Steve Jackson Games Bringing Back The Fantasy Trip

Steve Jackson Games has been making games for quite some time, longer than many of us have been gaming, or even really been alive. The Fantasy Trip was originally published back in the 70s, and so it’s been somewhat hard to find in this new, renaissance era of gaming. Well, it’s making a comeback. This July 23rd, SJG will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get the game back on shelves.
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Renegade Games Taking Pre-orders For Fireworks

Most cats I know really aren’t fans of fireworks. However, some have taken a shining to them. So much so that they’ve started creating their own fireworks displays (they’re very industrious cats). They’re looking to start out small with their displays, but as they learn, they hope to get more and more elaborate with their shows. That’s the story behind Fireworks, a new game coming this September from Renegade Game Studio.
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Print Version of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Now Available

Digital books are fine. But, honestly, I very much prefer having an actual book in-hand when I game. For all the advantages of quick cross-references and being able to carry a library on your phone/tablet, I still love the physical book being in my hands. If nothing else, I just find the text easier to read on a page than on a screen. So, for me, I’m really happy that the print version of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is now available from Modiphius.
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New Uthuk Y’llan Releases Available For Runewars

The ravenous hordes are getting even more ravenous and horde-y. Three new box sets are now available for the Uthuk Y’llan for Runewars. They’ve got the fast and agile Flesh Rippers, the hulking Spined Threshers, and the amassed Berserkers unit, all available to spread fear and chaos on the tabletops.
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New Adeptus Mechanics Rules Posted

Game designers aren’t infallible. Sometimes, they come up with rules that don’t quite work out. They’re human. It happens to all of us. What’s best, though, is to learn from your mistakes and fix them. Well, the original Adeptus Mechanicus rules weren’t quite what people were looking for, so the Forge World team gave them an update. You can check them out now.
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New Releases Available For Super Dungeon Explore

Ninja Division/Soda Pop is adding to their Masterclass Miniatures line for Super Dungeon Explore. But they’re not going with just one new release. They’ve got three new figures for you this month. There’s a new mini-boss as well as a pair of new heroes to either fill up the dungeon or try and clear it out. All of them are available to order now.
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Late Pledges Open for Pacific Rim Board Game

The one thing about crowdfunding campaigns is that they only last so long. Miss out, and those deals and exclusives are gone forever… or are they? That’s where the Late Pledge time comes in. River Horse has opened up late pledges for their Pacific Rim board game. Jump in your Jaeger and go take out some Kaiju.
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Fates of Madness RPG Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Fates of Madness is a new RPG card game up on Kickstarter. Instead of having books and paper, you play using your decks of cards. Head down into the dungeons, defeat all manner of monsters, and come away with some sweet loot. It’s everything you want in an RPG, but without all the tedious page-flipping.
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Drawlab Running Witless Wizards Card Game Kickstarter

As you get older, the memory of things you learned long ago tend to fade. And we all know that our muscles don’t respond the way they used to. Hard to do those triple-backflips in your 80s. After more than a couple lifetime’s of studies, even great wizards start to lose it. But that’s also when they get together to prove who’s the best. And that’s what you’ll be doing in Witless Wizards, a new card game from Drawlab that’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Thursday Terrain Corner

The week continues along. Wednesday, which is traditionally my longest day of the week (in feeling, anyway), is done, and we slide our way back down to the weekend. And with the weekend, hopefully comes gaming. And with gaming comes terrain. So let’s get your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Conan Tiles From Modiphius, Resinarium Bridges Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop World Previews Fisherman House.

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Plaid Hat Games Previews Shadow Clan for Crystal Clans

There are plenty of people out there that are afraid of the dark. There’s generally nothing to worry about it. That bump was nothing. That creek was also nothing. That blood-curdling scream and disembodied children’s laughter was also nothing.
In this preview, we get a look at the Shadow Clan for Crystal Clans.
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Mantic Previews The Nameless Faction For Deadzone

The Outbreak event for Deadzone is more than just a summer league to join in. It’s bringing a bunch of changes to the game, including two whole new factions. We’ve seen the Nameless before, at least over in Dreadball. Now, their armies are hitting the field. In this preview, Mantic shows off some of the Nameless, as well as some of the design ideas behind them.
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Fungeon Party Now Available

It’s a little bit dungeon delve. It’s a little bit dexterity game. It’s a little bit party game. It’s a little bit country. It’s a little bit rock-and-roll. Fungeon Party is the new game from WizKids where players take on the role of traditional dungeon-delving characters, but don’t necessarily go about searching that dungeon in the most traditional ways. Bounce dice around a box, stack them, try and knock over meeples, and more.
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Steamforged Previews Veteran Chisel for Guild Ball

As the players in Guild Ball grow, they change (as we all do). Their careers go through different phases. That’s where the Veteran versions come in. The player has seen some stuff, and they’re now focused on new aspects of the play and themselves. In today’s preview, we get a look at Chisel. A bit of a wild-child, going out and just stabbing anyone she could, she’s mellowed over the years and is now more team-focused.
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Modiphius Launches Kung Fu Panda Board Game Kickstarter

The Valley of Peace seemed… well… peaceful enough. That is, until Tai Lung broke free of prison and vowed to destroy all of it. Then, it was up to Po and the Furious Five to stop him. That’s your goal in the Kung Fu Panda Board Game from Modiphius. There is no charge for awesome… but there is one for the game. The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now.
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CMON Announces Kick-Ass Board Game

This game is Kick-Ass, y’all.
No, really, it’s Kick-Ass, a board game based on the comic by Mark Millar and John Romita, coming to you in Q3 from CMON. Grab your spandex and weapons and hit the streets of New York as one of its vigilante crime-fighters. Take on the tough gangs all while still making sure you get to your day-job on time.
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