Toyz N The Hood interviews Alessio Cavatore about Loka

Toyz N the Hood recently sat down with Alessio Cavatore and chatted about things. Go read what they had to say.

From the interview:

Toyz N The Hood interviews Alessio to talk about his current projects, life, the universe and everything.

Let’s see how far we can get before he plugs Loka Kickstarter…

The Deployment Zone interviews Alessio Cavatore about Loka

The Deployment Zone recently sat down with Loka game designer Alessio Cavatore to talk about Loka.

From the interview:

Alessio Cavatore, game designer and founder of River Horse Games, talks to The Deployment Zone crew about his newest Kickstarter project Loka. This game brings a unique blend of chess and wargaming to your table. Alessio was personable, engaging and a joy to interview. Please take the time to listen to this special 30 minute episode of The Deployment Zone.

Fantascienza posts 2 Interviews with Paolo Parente

Fantascienza sat down and talked with Paolo Parente, originator of Dust, and thought you’d like to see what they had to say.

From them to you:

Hi everybody, here we can find 2 interview with Paolo Parente (Dust).
Use the translator on the right column, only if you do not speak Italian.
You can find also interview with Ronnie (Mantic), Lorenzo Sartori (DadiePiombo-Impetus), and with various scifi author.
Have Fun!

Gioconomicon interviews game designer Eric Lang

Gioconomicon recently sat down with game designer Eric Lang to discuss his past as well as his future game projects.
The English version’s down at the bottom of the page, just so you know.

From the interview:

we published an interview with Eric M. Lang (also in english language) about his next big project with Cool mini or not and other projects

And don’t forget! If you want to meet and interview Eric, yourself, you can do so at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo!

Wee Gamers interviews Jon Visovic about Thon

Wee Gamers recently sat down with Jon Visovic, the mind behind Thon, and had a chat. Go see what they talked about.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers had the pleasure of chatting to Jon Vosovic, the man behind the current Kickstarter project, THON the game. He has a pedigree in gaming and is putting it to good use.

Nerditis interviews Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games

Nerditis recently sat down with Curtis Fell of Ramshackle games and had a chat. Go see what they had to say.

From the interview:

ReeceMJones at Nerditis has recently interviewed Curtis Fell, boss of Ramshackle Games about his current Kickstarter project, his inspirations and his future plans and has even revealed a few exclusive photos of upcoming projects!

TGN Interview with Alessio Cavatore, creator of Loka: Fantasy Chess

Loka: Fantasy Chess, from Mantic, has 12 days to go up on Kickstarter. The creator of the game, Alessio Cavatore, recently sat down with TGN and had a chat about his history with Chess and a bit of the history behind his relation with Mantic Games.

And so here we go for another TGN Interview! Continue reading

Pins of War interviews Alessio Cavatore and previews the Vayu Rook (Air Chess Set) for Loka

Pins of War recently sat down and talked with Alessio Cavatore about Loka: Fantasy Chess. They thought you’d like to know what they had to say.

From the interview:

Alessio Cavatore was kind enough to hook up with me at Pins of War and answer my questions on Chess, Loka and his current Kickstarter campaign with Mantic Games.

Even more than that, Alessio brought an exclusive picture of the new Vayu Rook (Air Chess Set) for Loka – the World of Fantasy Chess.

The Air Chess Set will be unlocked when the Kickstarter reaches $60.000

Play Unplugged TV 3-3: Interview with Patrick Connors of Arcane Wonders (Mage Wars)

Play Unplugged posted up vidcast episode 3-3 for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Greetings Play Unplugged fans! Last weekend Play Unplugged cosponsored a release event with Arcane Wonders and Phantom of the Attic Games, and it was a huge success! The event spanned two days and included a Mage Wars Demo Day and a tournament featuring the latest release for Mage Wars: Forcemaster Vs. Warlord. Arcane Wonders’ communications director was on-hand and took a break from the festivities to speak with us about the present and future of the Mage Wars game including some special scoops for Play Unplugged viewers!

Broken Binding posts part II of their interview with Alyssa Faden

Broken Binding gives you… the rest of the story… (channeling some Paul Harvey there) with the second part of their interview with Alyssa Faden.

From the interview:

Earlier this week I delved into the Torn World setting and also delved into the mind of its creator, Alyssa Faden. In addition to Torn World’s current Pathfinder Roleplaying Game setting and Center Stage Miniatures line, a flagship project is a tabletop miniatures skirmish game, Torn Armor.

The Torn Armor Kickstarter launches on March 3rd and you want to be ready. If images like the Sisk Skirmisher Golem aren’t enough to make you realize that games need more ballista-toting constructs, then Alyssa Faden and her team’s plans for Torn Armor should still grab your attention… but you should still make every effort to find out what’s wrong with you.

Farsight Blogger interviews Alyssa Faden about Torn World

Farsight Blogger took a minute to sit down with Alyssa Faden about Torn World.
Yes, this is a different interview than before. Alyssa’s just popular like that.

From the interview:

Another wonderful little interview with yours truly.

Honestly, I just like talking about games and stuff. Who doesn’t?

~ Alyssa

Broken Binding interviews Alyssa Faden about Torn World

Broken Binding sat down and talked with Alyssa Faden about Torn World (that fantasy setting you’ve been hearing about lately).

From the interview:

Alyssa Faden appeared on my radar when I saw some of her exceptional cartography work posted in a discussion group of old school gamers. Although she has freelanced for a number of gaming companies –Kobold Quarterly and Gygax Magazine, for instance– some of her work is born of her own setting, Torn World, a campaign world that has spanned decades and continents, both real and imaginary.

That setting slumbered like something massive lurking beneath the choppy waters of the internet. Over the years some people knew of its existence, and they eventually inspired Alyssa to assemble a team of writers, artists, and editors to wake this beast and unleash it upon an unsuspecting world. It’s like Godzilla, or Cthulu, assuming either of those timeless forces of nature/madness could also hurl a pilum…

CrowdCrux interviews Alex Lim about Kickstarter campaigns

CrowdCrux recently sat down with Alex Lim, creator of the Martial Arts trading card game, and talked about Kickstarter in the gaming world today.
I know we don’t do CCG/TCG stuff here on TGN, but the interview is more about crowdfunding, rather than specifically about the game. So I figured you guys might find it interesting.

From the interview:

Martial Arts: The Trading Card Game is a fast paced card game of action, strategy, skill and speed. It is the brainchild of Alex Lim, who started the campaign after having experienced a variety of badly designed card games that were hard to learn and even more difficult to play.

“It was time to do martial art fans and card game players some kind of justice. ”

Alex had used Kickstarter for a previous fundraising campaign, but terminated the project before the duration was complete. This time, he has seen much better success with still 25 days to go. I sat down with Alex to get some of his insights on crowdfunding and how he approached campaigning on Kickstarter the second time around.

Play Unplugged interviews Adam Poots of Kingdom Death

Play Unplugged recently sat down with Adam Poots of Kingdom Death fame. They wanted to share what was said.

From the interview:

Play Unplugged’s Paul Carboni interviews Adam Poots, the man who reigns supreme over Kingdom Death and the mind behind a monstrously successful Kickstarter!

40k Kings posts in-depth interview with Micro Art Studio

40k Kings recently had a deep discussion with the folks at Micro Art Studio as well as posted up some photos of the offices.

From the interview:

Most of you might know Microartstudio as one of the leading independent miniature companies. But what do you really know about them and their business except the shiny new custom bases you got from them last month? Not so much, hum?

Kickstarter Conversations interviews Ben Boersma about Rise of the Occulites.

Kickstarter Conversations sat down and talked with the creator of Dawn: Rise of the Occulites, Ben Boersma.

From the interview:

Leading up to the upcoming Kickstarter (run by Eagle Games), the creator of the Rise of the Occulites games, Ben Boersma has been interviewed by James Yee of Kickstarter Conversations.
Find out more about the game by checking it out!

Wee Gamers interview Caffeinated Chaos Studios

Wee Gamers has been doing a lot of talking lately. Here’s another of their interviews. This one’s with Caffeinated Chaos Studios.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers have a chat with Caffeinated Chaos Studios about how they came about and their post-apocalypse rpg Kickstarter project

Wee Gamers release the second part of the Chris Garland interview

Wee Gamers has the second part of their Chris Garland interview up online.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers have published the second part to the podcast interview with Chris Garland, who is bringing back The Morrow Project RPG after a successful Kickstarter project.

Wee Gamers interview Chris Garland from The Morrow Project

Wee Gamers sat down with Chris Garland and thought they’d let you know what they talked about.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers begin their foray into podcasting with an interview with Chris Garland from TimeLine Ltd, fresh from his kickstarter campaign to produce The Morrow Project RPG 4th edition. And there are a few exclusives too.

Pins of War Interviews Ted Terranova from Rivet Wars

Pins of War posted up an interview they did with Ted Terranova about Rivet Wars, the new game up on Kickstarter (that’s doing fantastically, I might add).

From the interview:

The Rivet Wars Kickstarter launched with great success.

In an interview with Pins of War, Ted Terranova – the man behind Rivet Wars talks about his inspiration for the game and miniatures, his partnership with CoolMiniOrNot and about his plans for the future.

Frontline Gamer interviews Adam Poots of Kingdom Death

Frontline Gamer has one last parting shot for their coverage of Kingdom Death (for now), with an interview with Adam Poots.

From them to you:

To finish off my week full of Kingdom Death reviews I’ve done a mammoth interview with the man behind it all, Adam Poots. Do make yourselves a cup of coffee though before you sit down to read it!!!

Anatoli’s Game Room interview with Konrad Sosi?ski & Rafa? Szwelicki of By Fire and Sword

Anatoli’s Game Room had an interview with Konrad Sosinski and Rafal Szwelicki, makers of By Fire and Sword, and posted it up for you to all read.

From the interview:

An extensive interview with both of the authors of the 17th century ruleset “By Fire & Sword” which will be released in English at Salute in 2013.

The interview covers both the background of the authors and the wargaming scene in Poland as well as a lot of information about the By Fire & Sword rules themselves.

Wonja W Miniaturze Interview with Karol Rudyk, Slayer Sword 2012 winner

Wonja W Miniaturze has posted up an interview they did with Karol Rudyk, the 2012 Slayer Sword winner.

From the interview:

This interview is the first in an irregular series. I will try to interview people living in Poland, which are known in our hobby world – be it gamers, painters, sculptors, game designers, manufacturers. My first victim is Karol Rudyk, great sculptor and painter, winner of this year Slayer Sword. You can find more photos of Karol’s works, some tutorials and guides on his Facebook profile – Karol Rudyk Art.

Kingdom Death Interview on PinsofWar

PinsofWar recently sat down with Adam Poots to discuss all things Kingdom Death. Go see what they talked about.

From the interview:

PinsofWar interviews Kingdom Death creator and founder Adam Poots, talking about the upcoming Kingdom Death Kickstarter, cooperative miniature gaming and the inspirations for his miniatures.

Frontline Gamer Interviews Hendrik Mell from Freebooter Miniatures

Frontline Gamer originally was going to type up this interview entirely in “Yarr!’s”, as Freebooter Miniatures makes the pirate-themed game Freebooter’s Fate, but eventually decided against it when his R-key started to crack.

From the interview:

Werner wasn’t available due to being chained at a desk apparently. So Hendrik stepped up to answer my questions.

Frontle Gamer interviews Rob Butler

Frontline Gamer did this interview with Rob Butler while juggling sharks who were, themselves, juggling chainsaws. Some of us call that dangerous. He calls that that “Wednesday afternoon.”

From the interview:

Frontline Gamer continues the zombie themed week by interviewing Rob Butler of Ill Gotten Games about their upcoming zombie boardgame Z War One.

Graven Games interviews Wim from Wobbly Model Syndrome and has contest

And now for something completely different:
Graven Games posted up an interview with Webcomic creator Wim from Wobbly Model Syndrome and is holding a contest, too.

From the update:

Today we’ve got something special for you, not only an interview with the creator of the excellent Wobbly Model Syndrome web comics, but a chance to win some merchandise too! Wobbly Model Syndrome is a collection of sci-fi/wargaming related web comics, with new comics published twice a week. These comics are filled with charming artwork and great jokes which will to appeal to wargamers, especially Warhammer 40k fans.

Frontline Gamer interviews Emily Fontana from On the Lamb Games

Frontline Gamer sat down and had a chat with Emily Fontana from On the Lamb Games. They talked Kickstarter, nomenclature and more.
Honestly, it’s a great interview and you should go read it.

From them to you:

I kinda think the title sort of says it all really!!!

GrogHeads posts Interview with Designer Jeff Horger (Manoeuvre)

GrogHeads recently sat down with game designer Jeff Horger and thought you’d like to know what was talked about.

Designer Jeff Horger hit a solid winner with his first game, Manoeuvre. He’s followed up with the Distant Lands expansion, and the new fantasy wargame, Fury.

Gamers on Games Episode 16: Jay Libby Interviews Angelia Heroux at Totalcon 2012

Gamers on Games posted up a video interview they did with Angelia Heroux in episode 16 of their vidcast.

In the episode:

Jay Libby of Dilly Green Bean Games and IndiRPG interviews Angelia Heroux of TotalCon.

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