New: Napoleonic Nassau Light Infantry from Warlord Games

Warlord Games adds to their Napoleonic range with their new Nassau Light Infantry, posed as though they were firing, over in their webshop.

These Dutch soldiers have a bit of an interesting history, fighting both for and against the British during the Napoleonic wars. Quite a bit of a turbulent time, those wars were (which goes without saying, really, but there we are, then).


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Grand Manoeuvre releases 6mm paper Dutch-Belgian army

Grand Manoeuvre expands their Napoleonic paper miniatures range with their new Dutch-Belgian army set.


From the release:

Grand Manoeuvre have just released the first in a mini-series of 6mm paper Waterloo army packs; a Dutch-Belgian army.

This is an opportunity to do Waterloo at very little expense as each army costs only £5!
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9-day sale on Napoleonics over at Victrix

Victrix is having a sale on some of their Napoleonic box sets over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

From 21st November to Sunday the 30th November we are following up our successful British 25% off boxed set deal with a 25% off boxed set deal for all our French and Austrian sets. The deal also includes our 54mm plastic French boxed sets.

The sale applies to:
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Victrix running sale on British box sets

Victrix has a sale running this week on their Napoleonic British box sets over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

For the past few months the emphasis at Victrix has very much been on our Ancient ranges. We thought we would remind you about our superb range of Napoleonic plastics so what better way than having a short run 25% off sale on all our British codes. The sale applies to:

VX0001 Waterloo Centre Companies
VX0002 Peninsular Centre Companies
VX0003 Waterloo Flank Companies
VX0004 Peninsular Flank Companies
VX0006 Highlander Centre Companies
VX0007 Highlander Flank Companies
VX0010 British Field Artillery

6mm Napoleonic Poles available now in Paper

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their 6mm Napoleonic line of paper minis with new Polish forces.


From the release:

Adding to its growing range of armies, Grand Manoeuvre has just released Napoleonic Grand Duchy of Warsaw troops in 6mm. The army has 23 unit files and one infantry flag file.
In the army pack you get a range of infantry units and skirmishers in different regimental facing colours, foot and horse artillery with limbers and 10 cavalry regiments.

The price for this army is the same as other army packs at Grand Manoeuvre – only £5.

Other armies include: French, French Imperial Guard, Russian, Prussian, Austrian, Austrian Landwehr and Insurrection, British, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Napoleonic mounted British Rocketeer available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games now has their British Rocketeer with horse available over in their webshop.
The Rockawho?



From the release:

Spread panic in the French lines with the addition of some Rocketeers to your British Napoleonic forces!

As well as using Bombarding Frames to launch rockets through the sky (see below), these missile were also fired along the ground, as depicted with this model.
Rocket Troops were at Quatre Bras and Waterloo (under the command of Captain Wingate) and, although Wellington viewed the rockets’ uncertain behaviour with considerable distaste, he was aware that their 2,000 metre range was acceptable and that they had a distinct demoralising effect on enemy troops receiving these formidable projectiles.

Alban Kickstarter WIP: 1st amend to British crew sculpts

Alban Miniatures knows there’s no such thing as “too detailed” when it comes to historical minis. As such, they’ve been working at redoing the hats for the British artillery crew to make sure they most-accurately represent the style at the time.


From the post:

Alban Kick-starter WIP: 1st amendment to British artillery crew hats. Better shaping with less bulk and correct badging below. Just a little taller and I think we will have it cracked.

Divisional Commander Published by Capitan Games

Capitan Games has released their Divisional Commander book over in their webshop for all you Napoleonic players.

Divisional Commander


From the release:

These rules are designed to play battles of medium size, involving a division, or a small corps, from the whole Napoleonic era, including the British-American War of 1812, the “forgotten” Wars of Liberation in South America, and the last War of the
Napoleonic Era – the 1st Carlist War.

Divisional Commander is designed to allow players to represent historical battles or to play balanced games based on a point system that allows them also to play fictional scenarios or to run campaigns or championships.
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Alban Miniatures previews final parts to the British artillery Crew

Alban Miniatures is showing off the greens for the last missing pieces for the British Artillery Crew over in their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter.


From the post:

Alban Miniatures artillery kick starter is going great guns with the British, French and Austrian cannons and the British artillery crew sculpts are now complete and will soon be ready for master moulding.

Alban Miniatures Kickstarter preview on British artillery crew sculpts

Alban Miniatures is showing off some greens of the British Artillery crew sculpts they’re working on for their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

Pictured are previews of the Alban Kick-starter British Napoleonic foot artillery sculpts 1 to 5 of 6 from Martins workbench. We hope you like.
These are just a small selection of figures that will be available as part of the Alban kick-starter.

New Napoleonic French Engineers from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has released a new set of Napoleonic French Engineers over in their webshop.



From the website:

Napoleonic French Engineers were men charged with building bridges and fortifications as well as breaking down the gates and obstacles protecting the enemy. As such they were amongst the strongest men in the French army.

These characterful models are provided with an option to build them with the Charleville musket or with an engineer tool such as logging axe, spade, billhook, etc. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in the way you field them on the tabletop. Either way, they are getting stuck in!

Alban Miniatures add another French Dragoon stretch bonus to their artillery Kickstarter

Alban Miniatures has added another French Dragoon to their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.

French Dragoon standard bearer on heavy horse (flag not included)


From the update:

Alban Miniatures have now offered an early bird Dragoon bonus along with 2 French Dragoon stretch bonus figures to their artillery Kickstarter.
That’s a lot of metal for your money!
Check out the latest bonus at their Kickstarter in the updates section.

New Napoleonic releases from Warlord Games

Warlord Games expands their Napoleonic line with some new releases over in their webshop.


From the release:

Even more French reinforcements are now available with the elite skirmishing Voltigeurs.

Meanwhile, you can see the deadly effects of the French sharpshooting with these British Casualties. As you can see there are two sets – one covering the Peninsular campaign with Stovepipe shakos and the other is good for later campaigns such as the Hundred Days or the War of 1812.

New Plastic Napoleonic Late French Light Infantry from Warlord Games

Warlord Games expands their Napoleonic range with the new plastic box set of Late French Light Infantry.


From the website:

Our latest Napoleonic boxed set arrives today – the Late French Light Infantry, containing 30 of our superb plastic infantrymen and 6 metal command figures.

Not all of Napoleon’s troops could make it through to the Guard, lifting themselves from the obscurity of the Line regiments, but the soldiers of Bonaparte’s Light infantry regiments believed that they at least were a cut above the rest. In theory, they were both trained heavily in conventional ‘heavy’ infantry drill, but also in the intricacies of skirmishing, moving forward in pairs in extended order, making use of cover, and firing at specific targets in an attempt to rattle the enemy line.

Alban Miniatures posts French Dragoon stretch goal on Kickstarter

Alban Miniatures is showing off their French Dragoon sculpts for their stretch goal over on their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.

Master castings of French Dragoons in firing pose


From the announcement:

Alban Miniatures are offering a stretch goal bonus if their Kick-starter reaches£1,050.

Pledges of £24 and above will receive a yet unreleased French Dragoon in a firing pose with a randomly selected heavy horse.

Those who support with pledges of £50 and above will receive 2 of the same Dragoons and one of each heavy horse pose as pictured.

28mm British 95th Rifles released by Warlord Games

Warlord Games adds to their Napoleonic range with the release of their British 95th Rifles box set over in their webshop.



From the website:

Now available in store, the famous Chosen Men of the British 95th Rifles. This fantastic metal boxed set contains 14 characterful riflemen, as well as one dog!

New Polish High Command from Murawski Miniatures

Murawski Miniatures knows leadership is crucial in the midst of battle. As such, they’ve released their new Polish High Command miniatures over in their webshop.


From the release:

Murawski Miniatures is proud to announce the release of a pack of 7 figures, including Poniatowski. Figures includes the Prince, generals, colonels and ADC’s. For further information please see the website

Alban Kickstarter increases cannon faction options

Alban Miniatures brings more cannons to the table with some more varieties being added to their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter.

Cannon and figures


From the campaign:

Alban Miniatures have adde a French Gribeauval 4lber and an Austrian 3lber to the British 6lber it is producing as part of its artillery kick starter
These beautifully sculpted 1/56 scale cannons are the work of master sculptor ‘Ian Taylor’, are cast in white metal and are designed to go with 28mm Alban Miniatures.

To add yet more to the kick starter master sculptor ‘Martin Baker’ is sculpting artillery crews for each faction, to the same scale, starting with a British foot artillery crew.

Why not pledge to bag yourself a bargain with this already part funded project.
No money changes hands until, and unless, the project total listed by Alban is reached.

Alban Miniatures launches Kickstarter for Napoleonic British Artillery

Alban Miniatures has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new Napoleonic-era British artillery piece.



From the campaign:

Alban Miniatures have decided that now is the time to dip the toe in to finance faster expansion of the range by offering their first kick starter.

This kick starter sees the introduction of a British Napoleonic 6lb artillery piece cast in white metal from the master sculpting of Mr Ian Taylor and the introduction of foot artillery crew cast in white metal as sculpted by Mr Martin Baker.

If this kick starter goes well then Alban are looking at the potential for French and Saxon artillery kick starters, French, British and Saxon Cavalry kick starters and a Cacadores kick starter to follow.

Please do take a look at the link and accept the thanks of Alban Miniatures in anticipation of any support given.

New Napoleonic releases from Waugh Games & Hoka Hey Wargaming

Waugh Games and Hoka Hey Wargaming have some new Napoleonic miniatures releases over in their webshop.



From the announcement:

We have just started producing the Graven Images Napoleonic range ,they are on our websites now and available to buy

Geek Nation Tours Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Waterloo

Geek Nation Tours is now booking for their The Battle of Waterloo tour next year. Along with the battlefield tours, they will have Dave Taylor doing a painting seminar on historical miniatures and the co-host will be Barry Hilton the writer of League of Augsburg Napoleonic Tabletop gaming rules.



From the tour posting:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce the 3rd in our series of “Signature Battlefield Tours”. Waterloo 2015 – the 200th anniversary of the battle – is sure to be an informative and breathtaking tour. Join us as we explore the battlefield. We will climb the 226 steps of the Lion Monument to see the spectacular view, explore the fantastic “Visitor’s Centre” and see the Waterloo Panorama painted by Louis Dumoulin. We will visit strong points like the Hougoumont and la Haye Sainte farms, museums dedicated to both Wellington and Napoleon, while also walking as much as the battlefield as possible.

The goal of Geek Nation Tours “Signature Battlefield Tours” is to get you on the battlefield and we will return often to the field itself to explore this powerful place. Our wish is for you to see the hallowed ground where one of history’s most important battles took place, capturing more vividly in your mind the point in time when nearly 150,000 soldiers joined in battle.

New Grand Duchy of Warsaw Polish Uhlans and infantry from Murawski Miniatures

Murawski Miniatures adds to their Napoleonic line with the release of new Polish Uhlans and Infantry minis.


From the release:

Grand Duchy of Warsaw Polish Uhlans and infantry in campaign uniform.

3 cavalry – £12 (separate arms and carbine)
Cavalry command – £12 ( officer, bugler and eagle bearer )
6 infantry suitable for Spain, Germany 1807-13 and Retreat from Moscow – £9

New Plastic late Napoleonic French Line Infantry from Warlord Games

Warlord Games swells the ranks of the French infantry with the release of their new Late Napoleonic troops box set.



From the release:

Available from today are the core of Bonaparte’s all-conquering French army – in plastic!

These excellent Napoleonic Late French Line Infantry are joined by a set of those giving their life for their country and their Emperor.

These models are dressed in the greatcoats worn so often on the field of battle to save the smart uniform for the inevitable victory parades…

New Napoleonic releases available from Murawski Miniatures

Murawski Miniatures gives you more options for your Napoleonic-era forces with the release of several new sets of troops.


From the release:

The firing line is now complete! Packs available are:

Command x 6 £9.25
Fusiliers x 6 £9
Grenadiers x 3 £5
Voltiguers x 3 £5

Battalions packs are also available. Please see the website for details.

New: Napoleonic Late French Starter Army from Warlord Games

Warlord Games lets you jump into a French force easily with their new Napoleonic starter army.

French Starter Army


From the release:

Our Napoleonic French Waterloo Starter Army is packed with proud Frenchmen ready to join the battle to see the Emperor Bonaparte restored to the throne of France. This set is ideal for battles from 1812 onwards.

Waterloo 1815 using General de Brigade

Wargames Holiday Centre will be holding a massive Waterloo gaming event later this month. Reserve your spot to join in on this gaming event.



From the post:

Waterloo 20th-22nd June 2014 . There are still places open for this most prestigious of duff ups!! Make sure you book early though as this weekend fills up pretty quickly. No with Spring in the air and the Sun upon our faces we are feeling somewhat generous here at the Wargames Holiday Centre…we will knock 20% off the price of this weekend for those dropping me a line and mentioning this special offer……go on…treat yourself!

So, just to whet your appetite a few shots of this iconic battlefield.

Alban Miniatures release Napoleonic Saxon Infantry

Alban Miniatures gives you historical players some more options with the release of their new Napoleonic Saxon infantry.


From the release:

Alban Miniatures have released 5 different packs of Napoleonic Saxon Infantry.

These French allied bicornes beauties are suitable for 1809 and the likes of the battle of Wagram.

Packs include Saxon Infantry Command, Musketeers marching, Musketeers firing, Grenadiers marching and Grenadiers firing.

New Plastic Napoleonic Hanoverians available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games expands their Black Powder range with the release of their new Napoleonic Hanoverians box set.



From the release:

More plastic troops are added to the forces arrayed against the tyrant Bonaparte this week as our brave Hanoverians are now available!

The Duke of Wellington’s armies of the Napoleonic Wars were built from troops of all manner of nations and principalities, whom on the whole were British officered and trained, and who fought very well alongside their British comrades. The Hanoverian troops were, of course, German. They joined up in the British army to carry on the fight against Napoleon, the tyrant of the continent, when so many of their German cousins elected to fight for Bonaparte. They fought the same as British line troops in a two-deep formation, carried similar colours, and followed British drill. They wore either the Belgic shako, like their counterparts in British regiments or, as modeled here, the neat peaked forage cap which distinguished them from other units. This boxed set can be fielded as a Hanoverian Field Battalion or a Landwehr unit.

Warlord Games release Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery

Warlord Games has released their new Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery over in their webshop.
… it doesn’t actually shoot royal horses. I was a bit disappointed.



From the release:

Reinforce Wellington’s armies with these new arrivals from the Royal Horse Artillery – a 6 pounder and a mighty 9 pounder cannon.

New Napoleonic British Starter Army boxed set from Warlord Games

Warlord Games makes it easy to get into Black Powder with a new British starter box now available in their webshop.

Starter Army


From the release:

This fantastic new Napoleonic British starter army is just the job for seeing off Boney’s French bully boys!

Containing not only over 100 of our splendid new plastic British Line Infantry in Waterloo uniforms, this box is also the first time you can get hold of our forthcoming plastic Hanoverian Infantry! These brave souls, ousted from their homeland are now fighting alongside their British brothers-in-arms and can be fielded as either Field Battalions or Landwehr regiments.
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Ares Games launches the first Sails of Glory Scenarios Contest

Ares Games announced their first ever Sails of Glory contest. Simply come up with your own Sails of Glory scenario and you could win a whole armada.


From the announcement:

Sails of Glory players are invited to test their creative skill in the first Sails of Glory Scenario Contest. The best designers will be rewarded with a substantial fleet of Sails of Glory ships: the authors of the best scenario in each category – Historical and Fictional – will receive a complete series of the second wave Sails of Glory Ship Packs – 12 new ship models! Entries will be accepted until May 10th, 2014.

The scenarios must be presented in English language, in a format similar to the scenarios included in the Sails of Glory Starter Set rulebook and in the Historical Scenarios PDF booklet. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 (three) scenarios.

For more details and the contest’s rules, see the announcement on Ares Games website

Capitan Games demos at Salute & Warmodelling Offers

Capitan Games will be making their way to Salute this weekend and offering demos of their games. Plus, they’ll have deals going on their Warmodelling miniatures.


From the announcement:

Come to see us at SALUTE 2014, with the invaluable help of IRON FORES GAME CLUB we will play the Cacabelos Battle, (one of the most important fightings of the Moore’s Retreat to Corunna).

We will release the 2nd edition o CAPITAN rules, shortly will be available free pdf download at our website, but for all the customers that buy the rules in SALUTE we have made a printed edition that we will add free for each ruleset purchased.

CAPITAN Salute offer:
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