Wargames Factory plastic Saxons available

Wargames Factory have two new sets of 28mm plastic Saxon figures available.

Saxon Fyrd box

From their announcement:

We’re thrilled to announce that our next two hard plastic sets for our Hammer of the Gods – The Dark Ages Range are now available.

Build a complete Saxon army with these two box sets:

  • WGF-HG003 – Saxon Thegns – Armored Saxon Warriors – 32 Figures/$19.95
  • WGF-HG004 – Saxon Fyrd – Unarmored Saxon Warriors – 32 Figures/$19.95

Each set features loads of head, weapon, and shield options along with standards and horns to build full command units.

Foundry release new Medieval Longbowmen

Wargames Foundry have released several new 28mm Medieval Longbowmen figures.

Medieval Longbowmen

From their announcement:

‘From the Welsh hills came a weapon that would change the medieval world, the Longbow. Yeomen Longbowmen were to serve the Kings of England from Edward I to Henry VIII, winning famous victories at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, destroying the flower of French chivalry in the process.
So “Cry God for Harry, England and St. George!” ‘

This collection features the first of our new range of Medievals, and where better to start than Longbowmen. Featuring all new models, with longbows deliberately left long so that you can trim them to your taste in bow length. Also features command, and the wooden stakes with which the archers protected themselves from mounted knights.

We also have the Longbowmen available in a regiment featuring 24 sturdy yeomen from the collection. The Longbowmen are also available in packs and units deals.

Baueda 15mm Lombards available at Vexillia

Vexillia have received stock of the latest Baueda 15mm Lombard figures.


From their announcement:

My stock of Baueda’s brand-new 15mm Dark Age Lombards arrived this morning – and very nice they are, too.

The new range consists of eleven packs, covering infantry and cavalry with command packs for both.

There are basic pictures for each code available on the shop page.

New miniature company to release 15mm female historical figures

Trey Corbies Miniatures are open for business and have their first 15mm figures, an all female warband from Pre-Christian Ireland, available for sale.

Champions chariot

Champion’s chariot

From their announcement:

Trey Corbies Miniatures have arrived on the historical miniatures scene with a new line of figures already turning heads and raising debates. The company has just launched their new website at www.treycorbies.com to display and market their new line of miniatures.

‘The Morrigan’s Own: Warrior Women of Ancient Erin’ is a full line of 15mm pewter miniatures which portrays an all female warband from the history and mythology of Pre-Christian Ireland. From the chariot borne queen and champions to the slingers and javelineers that would make up the bulk of the force, The Morrigan’s Own miniature line has been researched and sculpted with an eye toward realism and authenticity.

“We’re a first”, says Corbie Sean, one of the three friends and partners who make up Trey Corbies. “We’re the first and only historical miniatures line that was designed and executed as an all-female force with this dedication to authenticity”. Sean explains, “There are many ancient cultures with a strong female warrior tradition. These traditions have received little attention in the historical wargaming hobby.”

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Post Salute releases from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have added several new packs of figures to their online store.


From their announcement:

First of all a big thank you to everyone who came and saw us at Salute especially to those of you who pre-ordered. We had a great but exhausting day but there was no rest for the wicked. As soon as we got back we started shipping out the mail-order pre-orders for the myriad of codes released at Salute.

Salute releases now available to mail-order include:

  • Our 26 pack range of Vikings,
  • TWDC WW1 French (Officers, NCOs, Bombers, HMG & Section pack, all available with a huge variety of new separate head options,)
  • TWDC WW1 British Section in shorts.
  • TWDC WW1 Indian Section,
  • TWDC Special Adolf & Winston,
  • 8 new packs of Polemarch Successor cavalry (Tarentines, Seleucid Cataphracts, Seleucid Agema Companions, Pergamum Companions,)
  • 3 new Successor General packs.

Also don’t forget our new plastic Viking Hirdmen box set is now available 44 mulit-pose figures for £18.00. Take a look here for pictures of painted plastics, the two types of sprue contained in the box plus a great shot of a ‘Three-Up’ master next to the same figure made from the production sprue.

Thanks again for your support at Salute

New releases and previews from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have added several new packs of figures from their TWDC Great War range as well as a new preview of their plastic Viking figures.

From their website:

TWDC French arrive
Just added the French Officers, NCOs, Bombers, Hotchkiss HMG and Section Packs. These come with a choice of separate heads – Adrien, Foreign Legion, Kepi, Light Infantry, Marines, Senegalese & Zoaves. All available here.

Men In Shorts
New British Section Pack containing chaps in 1914 leather patten webbing, serge jackets (or indeed Khaki Drill, turndown collar version) and shorts. As usual, there is a pool of 16 different figures from which each section pack of 10 is drawn. Available here.

Metal & Plastic Join Forces
Here is a small display we managed to put together for Salute featuring both some new plastic Vikings and some of their new metal cousins. Click here for a closer look.

The new Viking metals are available now here.

New releases from Crusader USA

Crusader USA now have stock of the latest Dark Age Scot figures from Crusader.

From their announcement:

Now available the newest release from Crusader, Dark Age Scots. There are 8 codes in this new release.

  • DSC001 Unarmoured Warriors (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC002 Skirmishers (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC003 Armoured Thanes (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC004 Foot Command (4 figs) $9.00
  • DSC005 Mounted Armoured Thanes (3 mtd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC006 Mounted Unarmoured Thanes (3 mrd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC007 Mounted Command (3 mtd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC008 Scots Chieftain (1 foot and 1 Mtd version $9.00

These are available in the USA and Canada on the www.crusaderminiaturesusa.com and the www.oldglory25s.com web sites. As always the Old Glory Army discount applies on the Crusader USA products for our Old Glory Army Members.

Gripping Beast offer free Viking with pre-orders for plastic Vikings

sizeimage.php.jpegGripping Beast is offering a free metal Hirdsman with all their Salute and regular pre-orders of their plastic Vikings.

From their website:
Here’s a picture of a painted version of the metal Hirdman that comes free with all mail-order and Salute pre-orders for the new plastic Viking Hirdmen box set. Mail-order pre-order here. For Salute pick up, email us.

Wargames Factory post new Viking painting guide

Wargames Factory have posted a new PDF based Viking painting guide by Michael Farnworth.

From their website:

Mick’s guide features paint choices, hints and tips for constructing and finishing your Vikings, a tutorial for creating Viking casualties, conversion ideas, transfer ideas, and even a way to convert the Revell Viking longship with Wargames Factory figures. He has completely outdone himself this time.

Crusader Miniatures release Dark Ages Scots

Crusader Miniatures have released new 28mm Dark Ages Scots.


From their announcement:

The latest releases from Crusader Miniatures are Dark Age Scots. Mark Sims has designed 8 new packs that give you the basis to build any Scottish army from the Dark Ages/ Early Medieval period. Perfect for the army of MacBeth.

The figures will be ready the last week of April, so we have a pre-release deal available for collectors who are looking to buy one each of the packs. We have also put together a discounted 1000pts (WAB) Caladonian Army (Shieldwall supplement) that will be available for a limited period.

The figures are all 28mm sized, made of metal and come unpainted.

Figures cost £8.00 for a pack of 8 figures/ 3 cavalry figures or £4.50 for the foot command and Chieftain packs.

Crusader £ prices will be going up towards the end of April 2010.

New 15mm Picts from Splintered Light

Splintered Light Miniatures have added new 15mm Pict figures to their Historical range.


From their announcement:

Splintered Light Miniatures is pleased to announce the newest addition to our 15mm historical line, the Picts.

Sculpted by Rodrick Campbell, these figures should allow gamers to field Pict armies from the Ancients through Dark Ages.

All packs are $8 for 12 infantry or 6 cavalry or 2 chariots. The exception to this is PICT01, which includes 1 chariot, 1 foot, and 1 mounted commander as well as PICT02, which includes 8 personalities.

Gripping Beast add new LBMS shield designs for plastic Viking shields

Gripping Beast have added a new decal sheet from Little Big Men Studios that fit the shields for their new plastic Viking miniatures.


From their website:

LBMS have just created a new set of transfers designed specially for the new Plastic Viking Hirdmen box sets. These are available to pre-order now, by email or phone if you want to pick them up at Salute, or by going here if you want to mail-order.

LBMS have also done a set of these transfers for our Large DA Round shields available now.

Wargames Factory Vikings shipping

Wargames Factory are shipping the first of their 28mm plastic Viking boxed sets.

Viking Huscarls.jpg

From their website:

This is the first big box set in our Hammer of the Gods Dark Ages Range – Viking Huscarls.

The box set features 32 multi-part hard plastic 28mm figures to build an incredible Viking warband. With swords, spears, bows, 2 types of axes, and loads of other options – including leaders, musicians, and standard bearers – this set will allow you to field a heavily armored hard-hitting Viking force. Only $19.95.

We even have a horned helmet in the mix – don’t worry, for you purists, you can easily clip the horns off to have a historically authentic helm.

This set will be followed over the next few weeks with 3 more sets in our Hammer of the Gods range:

  • WGF-HG002 – Viking Bondi – 32 Unarmored Viking Warriors
  • WGF-HG003 – Saxon Thegns – 32 Armored Saxon Warriors
  • WGF-HG004 – Saxon Fyrd – 32 Unarmored Saxon Warriors

Gripping Beast plastic and metal Vikings available to pre-order

Gripping Beast is accepting pre-orders for their new 28mm plastic and metal Viking sets.

From their website:

For mail-order customers, the newly reorganised metal Viking range is now available to pre-order along with new plastic Hirdmen box set. The range features many new models and some old favourites. Orders will ship week commencing 26th April.
If you’re coming to Salute you can use these pack codes to preorder the new metal and plastics for collection at the show.

New releases from Miniature Design Studio

Miniature Design Studio have released new Ancients and Medieval figures.


From their announcement:

I’ve recently added some new releases to the Miniature Design Studio website.

There are seven new Philistines including two javelinmen, three spearmen and two new command figures, all wearing light armour.

Plus the Saxons have had five new figures added in the form of four Ceorls in Phrygian cap and one bare headed, all are supplied with a mixture of weapons.

Thanks for looking.

Please note: All MDS miniatures are 28mm. Supplied unpainted and unassembled

Gripping Beast preview plastic Vikings

Gripping Beast have posted previews of painted samples of the three-ups and box art for their upcoming 28mm plastic Vikings.


From their announcement:

The Warriors Of Odin are the first of our multi-pose hard-plastic figure sets and are released at Salute this year (24th April).

This new box set contains parts to assemble 44 Hirdmen variously armed with swords, spears, hand-axes and Dane Axes. Also included are extra parts to turn two of your warriors into Viking Lords and two into horn-blowers.

The box also contains a sprue of plastic bases to accommodate all 44 and 4 paper banners. Price per box, £18.

Exciting as they are, the plastics will not be the only release for the Vikings at Salute this year. We will be accompanying them with a longship’s worth of additions to our already extensive range of metal Vikings, including some splendid new character figures. Details of these will be announced in our next newsletter when we shall also be letting you know about all our other new releases for Salute.

New 10mm Medieval Armies from Magister Militum

Magister Militum have added nine new 10mm Medieval Armies for Warmaster Ancients.

From their website:

We have just added nine new Armies for Warmaster Medieval (and other systems) to our website including Burgundian Ordonnance, Swiss Confederation and several for the Wars of the Roses. There is of course an attractive deal available for those of you who don’t have the accompanying book as yet, saving you £6 straight away.

Baueda release 28mmm Medieval tents

Baueda have added a set of 28mmm Medieval tents to their online store.


From their website:

Last of the loose ends: the long time due 28mm Medieval tent has been available from our retailers worldwide for well over a year and it has now finally been added to our online shop as well.

Perfect for any medieval or renaissance army camp this type of tent was used well into the late 17th Century by most European armies and would figure well in many a Fantasy armies camp too. The model comes with two alternative top finals so you can personalize each tent, additional variation can easily be obtained using different flags (not included). Overall size is about 88mm diameter at the base and 92mm tall using the lower final, 104mm with the flagpole top. The entrance opening is just a little over 32mm high.

Dark Age Cavalry from Tanatus Miniatures

North Star Figures have added two new packs of figures from Tanatus Miniatures.

From their announcement:

Tanatus Miniatures, the Dark Age range owned by designer R. J. Eastland, has added two new cavalry packs to the line. The first pack is of three Pictish Cavalrymen, and the second pack is a Saxon Mounted Command.

The Tanatus range is purely early Medieval, in Roy’s words:

“These figures can be used for a variety of “dark age” games from the late Roman period to early medieval times. The initial inspiration for this range was the famous Pictish “Aberlemno Stone” which is believed to depict warfare between Picts and Northumbrians in the 7th century.”

I have put new photos of the whole range on the North Star website, if you’ve not seen this wonderful range from Roy please visit the site and have a look.

Tanatus Miniatures are 28mm sized, made of Pewter and supplied unpainted.

Khurasan release Early Medieval Swiss

Khurasan Miniatures have released a range of 15mm Early Medieval Swiss miniatures.

From their website:

Every effort has been made to provide Early Swiss models with the correct weapon shapes and dress. Halberds have the right blades and the daggers are the unique “schweizerdolch.” Our basic packs represent the Swiss from the beginning of their campaigns of independence and conquest until the sallet became more popular, and Swiss halberd design evolved, in the early 15th century. The most common headgear was the “war hat,” a wide brimmed open faced helmet, as well as simple metal caps, and starting in the mid-14th century, the bascinet, which had a vaguely bullet-like shape.

We package our basic models with the warhat and steel cap, for those who wish to build the earliest armies, before the adoption of the bascinet. For those who want to build armies from the mid-14th century on, there is a Bascinet Booster Pack, several of the same basic poses but with head swaps to give them the bascinet. Mix a few of those booster packs in with the basic packs to make an army perfect for Sempach or Arbedo. (The warhat was the most popular Swiss helmet all the way up to the early 16th century.)

The range consists of:

  • Early Swiss Halberdiers (x 12) $6.99
  • Early Swiss Pikemen (x 12) $6.99
  • Early Swiss Crossbowmen (x 12, pavises sold separately) $6.99
  • Swiss Command (x 4, knight, hero, hornplayer and standardbearer, flag not provided) $2.39
  • Early Swiss Pavises (x 6, crossbowmen sold separately — you must supply your own wire supports) $2.99
  • Early Swiss Bascinet Booster Pack (x 20: 1 standardbearer pose x1, 1 crossbow pose x3, 1 pikeman pose x4, two halberdier poses x 6) $10.99
  • Early Swiss Halberdier Battlegroup for Field of Glory (12 bases, 48 figures from KM2000)