Conquest Miniatures post release update

Conquest Miniatures have added some new 28mm 500 Nations figures and also posted an update on their releases and shipping.

From their website:

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have a new computer but can’t find my web editing disc so have been without the ability (of course, if I new anything about computers I’d have figured out a way sooner…)

I have added the Winter Gear Warriors to the 500 Nations page. The Regulars are near. It’s a large release and I’ve had a lot of masters to deal with. The Mohicans packs will be restocked soon, with a new mold and better quality casting.

Woodland Indians A, B and C are being discontinued. I still have some B and C in stock. New sculpts are replacing some of the poses and all new molds will be made of some of the existing poses. They will then be re-released at the end of the year.

All of the Pre-Painted Terrain is now US Customers only. The shipping is just too high to send everywhere else and I can’t afford to eat that cost anymore.

I will be raising my prices in October. manufacturing costs and expenses are at their highest and in order to continue to create the finest American Indian Miniatures available, the costs must be shared.

Warlord acquire Radetsky Crimean War range

Warlord Games have acquired the 28mm Radetsky Crimean War range.

From their announcement:

Sadly Paul Hammond, owner of Radetsky (and also Alban Miniatures), has health issues and cannot devote as much time and energy to this range as he feels it deserves.

We are extremely excited to bring this high quality range, sculpted as it is by Paul Hicks, under our wing. As with our recent purchase of Bolt Action Miniatures we continue to keep an eye out for quality ranges to add to our growing portfolio.

Warlord Games are committed to increasing the depth and breadth of the range as not only it it a period of history both John Stallard and Paul Sawyer (Warlord owners) hold dear to their hearts but it also helps support Warlord’s Black Powder rules which cover the 1700-1900 period.

It will take a few days to finalise the logistics of the deal but expect to see the Crimean British on Warlord Games’ webstore very soon.

We’d like to thank Paul for this opportunity, his enthusiasm, and wish him and Alban Miniatures all the best in the future.

Knuckleduster 1812 range update

Knuckleduster have posted some updates about their recently released 28mm War of 1812 range.

From their website:

I want to thank everyone who has supported the new 1812 line. The response has been much larger than I expected, and I’ve been busy packing orders for the past week. I have managed to begin adding belts and equipment to some skirmishing Glengarries and Lower Canada militia. For Old West customers, be expecting a set of seven 28mm gunfighters to come out sometime in the next month.

I’ve made some modifications to my new militia figures. I had to replace a mold that had been giving me fits during casting, so while I was at it, I made some weapons modifications, because I wanted a greater percentage of ordinary, non-descript muskets represented among the militia. New photos are posted on the product pages.

I also added a few new variants, including a firing character with a fur cap, and one with a beard sans moustache, in one of the classic frontier styles.

Peter Pig adds more 15mm AWI packs

Peter Pig have added more packs of 15mm American War of Independence miniatures to their online store.

AWI militia firing shirt sleeve

From their announcement:

Peter Pig (Est 1981) have added another 6 packs to their growing 15mm AWI range. Next will be the British Grenadiers. Figures are 15mm size and come 8 (3 poses) to a pack for £2.40. They are intended to be used with “Washington’s Army” rules by Peter Pig.

Knuckleduster release War of 1812 range

Knuckleduster have released the first figures in their 28mm War of 1812 miniature range.

War of 1812 miniatures

From their website:

I’ve been slaving away for many months now preparing a line of 28mm figures for the War of 1812. Now I’ve finally posted the first several sets for sale! These figures are also available through RLBPS , our US distributor.

I have begun with my favorite campaign, the Niagra campaign of 1814, including the battles of Chippewa and Lundy’s Lane. I’ve also included an interesting variant on a Canadian militia uniform that includes the round hat, used when supplies of stovepipe shakos ran low.

I will be posting new sets throughout the fall. US regulars 1813 for the Thames campaign and US rifles in short grey jackets for the Niagra campaign are finished, but not in production molds, yet. Work on mounted officers is well-along, and won’t take long.

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A Good Dusting rules now available at North Star

A Good DustingNorth Star Figures is now stocking the A Good Dusting rules.

From their announcement:
We have just taken delivery of a new set of rules called A Good Dusting from well known British Wargamer David Bickley, a popular contributor to Wargames Illustrated and regular on the UK Show circuits. This is the first of a series from David, I’ll let him describe the rules in his own words,

These rules are intended for gaming actions from the Sudan War 1884 –1885 {and the Egyptian Revolt of 1882.} They include the mechanisms Players will need to play out a game to a successful conclusion within two to three hours on a table about 7’ x 4’. Their emphasis is very firmly on enjoying the game, throwing lots of dice and getting “A Good Dusting” in the process. It is possible for the game to be played by two or more Players on opposing sides, as say the forces of the Mahdi and the Anglo-Egyptian forces, but it also possible for the game to be played where all the Players take on Anglo-Egyptian commands and the forces of the Mahdi are controlled by all the players.
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More Additions to North Star Africa range

North Star Figures have added new miniatures to their North Star Africa range.

Matabele characters

From their announcement:

I have added new packs to the North Star Africa! range of Matabeles. They are two packs of characters.

Pack NSA1015 has four figures in. The first is a musician blowing a Kudo horn, used for passing signals to the Matabele Impis. The second is an Izinduna from the 1896 Rebellion. The third is a witch doctor and the fourth is a figure taken from a sketch of King Mzilikazi, founder of the tribe.

Pack NSA1016 is of King Lubengula, the Regent at the time of the Matabele War of 1893. The foot figure is taken from a contemporary sketch. The mounted figure was based on reports of Lubengula being a good horseman in his younger days, and in our wargames rules ‘Death in the Dark Continent’ there is an option to have a mounted chief for the Matabele. (A very useful thing).

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Perry’s accepting Go Strong into the Desert pre-orders

Go Strong coverPerry Miniatures are now accepting pre-orders for Go Strong into the Desert, The Mahdist Uprising in the Sudan 1881-1885 A Military History and Uniform Guide.

From their announcement:
Following the string of disasters which befell the Egyptian military in the Sudan from 1881-1884, the Mahdist Uprising obliged a reluctant London government to deploy an array of distinguished officers and regiments. The ensuing string of battles proved to be hercule struggles encompassing some of the most fascinating episodes in nineteenth century military history. Amongst many other incidents Go Strong into the Desert recalls gallant but reckless cavalry charges, the breaking of a British square, the epic struggle to reach Khartoum in time and the heroic death of General Gordon.

Throughout it all the courage displayed by both the Sudanese ansari and the British ‘Tommy’ was never less than astonishing. From the beginning of Muhammad Ahmad’s struggle at Aba Island to the repulse of the Mahdist invasion of southern Egypt in December 1885, Colonel Mike Snook offers his readers comprehensive yet fast paced coverage of a brutal and bloody war.

216 pages packed full of contemporary images both colour and black and white. Out late August 2010 Price £25 + p&p. Postage and packing- UK £3, Europe £5, Rest of the World £9

TooFatLardies release new Sharp Practice supplement

With Fire and SwordTooFatLardies have released a new American War of Independence supplement, With Fire and Sword, for their Sharp Practice rules.

From their announcement:
TooFatLardies have announced the release of another supplement for Sharp Practice, this once covering the AWI/American Revolution. Chris Stoesen has produced a really interesting mix of historical background and scenarios for the campaign in South Carolina after the fall of Charleston and over the summer of 1780 when the fate of the rebellion in the south was in the balance.
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New Matabele figures at North Star

North Star Figures have received new Matabele models for their North Star Africa! range of 28mm figures.

Matabele rifles

From their announcement:

The new Matabele range from North Star carries on. We have taken delivery from designer Mark Sims, Eight Warriors firing muskets and Eight Warriors firing Rifles. We also have under way a group of characters including King Mzilikazi plus his son and heir Lubengula.

Photos of the newest figures will be posted next week, but the first figures that are ready are photographed here.

The North Star Africa. Matabele range is a 28mm sized line of metal figures, supplied unpainted.

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New Meeples and Miniatures review vidcasts posted

Meeples and Miniatures now have several new miniature review vidcasts available for viewing.

From their announcement:

Over the past week or so, I’ve uploaded several new Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review video podcasts.
In these shows, I look back at some of the 28mm plastic miniature sets that have been released.

These are available to watch either on the Meeples & Miniatures website, on YouTube or you can download them from the Meeples & Miniatures podcast feed on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy them.

Mutineer Miniatures now available in the Americas

Mutineer Miniatures figures will now be available in North America from Sgt Major Miniatures.

Mutineer Miniatures Highlanders

From their announcement:

Sgt Major Miniatures and Mutineer Miniatures have reached an agreement that names SGMM as the distributor for Mutineer Miniatures in North and South America. Mutineer’s product line has been added to the SGMM web site. We do not yet have stock, but it has cleared customs in New Jersey, and is promised to be delivered on the morning of 05/20/2010.

Here is a photo of the latest figures from the Mutineer line, some beautiful Scots in 28mm for the Indian Mutiny. Brian has a lot of big plans for this line over the coming year, with about 16 more packs for Indian Mutiny, and more for a second line of figures that I will let him announce when they are ready.

I am looking forward to a long relationship with Brian in bringing these figures to the Americas. If these pictures don’t convince you of the quality of these figures, stop by our booth at Historicon and check them all out in person. We are currently selling from our web site, and also taking orders in advance of Historicon for pick-up at the show.

On a technical note, it has been brought to our attention that our website is currently displaying too large for people with monitors smaller than 19 inches, causing them to have to scroll from side to side to see everything. We will be working on this issue this weekend, and it should hopefully be resolved by early next week. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes anyone, my web skills have been found lacking.

Empress release new Zulu War British 9pdr Gun sets

Empress Miniatures have added new 28mm British 9pdr Gun sets to their Zulu War range of figures.

British 9pdr Gun

From their website:

Our latest release is the British 9pdr gun on kaffrarian carriage. This beautifully detailed kit is available with two different crew options – aiming and firing. Both sets are available in our online shop now.

We currently have some very exciting releases planned for all of our ranges, the first of which we will be showcasing soon!

North Star release new Africa! range figure

North Star have expanded their Africa! range with the release of British South Africa Company Trooper and Ila miniatures.

Ila warriors

From their announcement:

The British South Africa Company sent it’s volunteers into Matabeleland to take over the Kingdom of Lubengula in 1893, and succeeded with the help of the Maxim Machine Gun. This pack of four figures represents the troopers resorting to their side arms, as might have occurred with the tragic Shingani Patrol who were wiped out to a man. The figures can be used for the forces used to crush the Matabele Rebellion of 1896. They can also be used for any British adventurer in the late Victorian era. The figures are 28mm sized, metal and supplied unpainted. They cost £5 for a pack of four.

The Ila are a tribe north of the Zambesi, now modern Zambia. They were fierce warrior herdsmen who were never conquered by the European powers, but accepted British rule peacefully. Before that they had kept their powerful neighbours at bay, defending their cattle against Matabele incursions and their own people from slave raiding Arabs and Ruga-Ruga. The distinct hairstyle was so warriors could see each other travelling through the tall grasslands of the Kafue Flats. This first pack of 4 warriors is the beginning of the range. The figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and made of metal. We are including 8 metal spears in with these figures. A pack of 4 costs £5.50.

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New releases from Mutineer

Mutineer Miniatures have released new 28mm Indian Mutiny figures and have a preview of some of their upcoming buildings.
From their announcement:

More good news from the Mutineer Residency. We have just released these stunning highlanders, more British in regulation dress and a few Delhi buildings

New Releases

  • EIC09 Marching Regulation dress
  • EIC10 Highland Command
  • EIC11 Highlander infantry

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New Zulu War figures from Empress

Empress Miniatures have added new figures to their 28mm Zulu War range.


From their website:

We are very pleased to announce the most recent expansion to our extensive Anglu-Zulu War range. We have added magnificent mounted and dismounted models of Colonel Anthony William Durnford, one of the most colourful characters of the period.

We also have a set of ensigns for the regular British infantry complete with finely detailed poles on which to mount your unit colours.

As you would expect, we have plenty of new releases lined up for all of our ranges over the next few weeks and months.

Empress release new Zulu War cavalry

Empress Miniatures have released new Zulu War British Auxiliary Cavalry.


From their website:

We have now released the last of our auxiliary cavalry packs representing those units that were present at Isandlwana.

We planned to cover these units in relatively small numbers because the historic units were small in the campaign. The figures released so far give the gamer twelve troopers plus a command figure which is fairly standard to many of the Colonial rules currently available. We will now look at horse holders for these units.

In the area of cavalry next in line will be Imperial Mounted Infantry, Natal Mounted Contingent and Boers. Not necessarily in that order. Looking ahead we will focus on other Auxiliary cavalry and then the regular cavalry, the Lancers and Dragoons.

Remember that we will be at Salute on stand TA26, with all of our new releases including brand new items for the Anglo-Zulu War and Spanish Civil War ranges.

New Mutineer releases

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Indian Mutiny figures.


From their announcement:

We continue to grow this range of figures at a very fast pace, after salute we will launch a further 4 packs including two packs of highlanders, additional mutineer command and a further pack of regulation dress infantry. In addition we have nearly completed the Mutineer command elephant

May will see the launch of Cavalry and Sikh infantry more artillery guns and crews

New Releases

  • EIC03 £5.50 Marching British Infantry 4 poses in Boat Coat covered cap
  • EIC06 £5.50 Marching British in Shell jacket pugris wrapped kilmarnock cap 4 poses.
  • MUT05 £5.50 Badmarshes Militia, These guys were brigands, released prisoners and fanatics that joined the Sepoy rebellion. This pack would make a nice warband with MUT03
  • EIC07 £5.50 Gurkha Infantry
  • EIC08 £5.50 Gurkha Command

Empress release Rorkes Drift Characters

Empress Miniatures have released the first in a series of figures based on the Rorkes Drift movie.


From their website:

We are very happy to show our latest Zulu War release – the ‘Hollywood’ versions of some of the most famous personalities of the Anglo-Zulu War. Bromhead, Chard, Colour Sargeant Bourne and Private Henry Hook.

These will be partnered very soon with a set that shows these famous people as they really were. We’ve had so many requests for both representations that the only option for us was to do a pack of each.

These an all of our new releases will all be available at Salute this year. We will be on stand TA26.

New releases and updates from Mutineer

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Indian Mutiny figures and have news of some upcoming releases.


From their announcement:

More good news from the Mutineer Residency. We are just about to launch 5 new packs. just in time for the Triples in Sheffield and Salute London

New Releases

  • EIC03 Marching British In boat coat
  • EIC06 Marching British In shell jacket
  • EIC07 Gurkha infantry
  • EIC08 Gurkha command
  • MUT05 Badmarshes

I will be uploading these figures to the website from early next week.

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Colonial Adventures and Colonial Lemuria available from Wargame Vault

Colonial Adventures.jpgTwo Hour Wargames have made their Colonial Adventures and Colonial Lemuria rulebooks available for sale for Wargame Vault.

Colonial Adventures
Colonial Adventures allows you to recreate these “dirty little wars” of European expansion on the tabletop. Refight the heroic stand at Rourke’s Drift or try and change the result at Isandhlwana. But it isn’t just about the British and Zulus. It’s also about the French Foreign Legion, Berber horsemen, Imperial German forces, Masai warriors, the Russian army, Pathan tribesmen, and much more.

Whether you’re an experienced Colonials player or a novice just starting the period, Colonial Adventures is right for you.

Colonial Lemuria
What is Lemuria? Simply put, it’s a source book that provides you with a complete continent to explore with both Colonial Adventures and Larger Than Life. But it’s also our first step into the world of Victorian Science Fiction.

Lemuria – land of adventure. Old when Eden was young, it is a land of secrets both ancient and new. It beckons travelers, both experienced and new. Lost civilizations, exotic people, and strange steam driven machines open the door to a world of wonder.

Lemuria – where the established European powers of Colonial Adventure will vie with ancient peoples for control of the land and its people. To bring their bustling markets, mines, and gems under their control. Fight fierce desert warriors. Travel from steaming jungles to freezing mountains and beyond in search of great wealth.

North Star announce Matabele range

North Star Military Figures have added a new 19th Century African Matabele range to their online store.


From their announcement:

The Matabele are an African tribe whose origins are in the mighty Zulu Nation. During the early 19th Century they rebelled and created an infamous name for themselves whilst they escaped North from Shaka Zulu, fighting Zulu Impis, Boer settlers and every tribe they met to eventually settle in what is now Zimbabwe. The Matabele Kingdom was defeated in 1893 by Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company. They rebelled in 1896, in what is described as Zimbabwe’s first Battle for Independence.

The Matabele range from North Star Military Figures is now available and photographs of all the packs are on the website, under North Star Africa!

There are 10 packs available, each of four different figures. The Warrior packs go from figures wearing very little right upto full regalia, each carrying an assegai and shield, so you can represent any style of Matabele army.

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Too Few To Fight, Too Many To Die now available

Cover-Proof.jpgRuga-Ruga Publications have released their Too Few To Fight, Too Many To Die rules covering the North American Indian Wars. These rules are distributed by North Star.

From their announcement:
“Too Few To Fight, Too Many To Die” is a new set of rules for the North American Indian Wars, covering the period from the French and Indian War to the last stand of the Sioux at Wounded Knee. The Eastern Woodland, Plains, Rocky Mountain and South-Western tribes and their British, French, Spanish, Mexican and American opponents are all catered for. Loosely based on the mechanisms used in Chris Peers’ recent African set, “Death In The Dark Continent”, “Too Few To Fight…” aims to represent fairly large scale battles (at least by frontier standards), rather than the skirmish approach which is usually associated with the subject. So now you can saddle up, prime your long rifle, and refight the famous victories and desperate last stands of General Braddock, Little Turtle, Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Custer, Crazy Horse, Geronimo and their contemporaries. The rules come complete with a quick reference section, contents list, and army lists for all the major combatants.

Published by Ruga-Ruga Publications, distributed by North Star. Price £12.50, due out 1st March 2010.

North Star also supply Conquest Miniatures and Artizan Design Wild West 28mm figures to go with “Too Few To Fight, Too Many To Die”.

US customers will be able to by this title from Brigade Games and On Military Matters.

UK show attendees look to the Dave Thomas stand for copies of this book.

North Star release British South Africa Company miniatures

North Star have added the first British South Africa Company to their North Star Africa range.

From their announcement:

As part of the North Star Africa. range, we have the first four BSAC riflemen available.

The British South Africa Company belonged to Cecil Rhodes, and he raised a volunteer force to go into Matabeleland in 1893 to take over the kingdom for the company. These four figures represent the basic trooper types that made up the expedition. They fought on foot and mounted, these first figures are on foot skirmishing, there will be more to come, plus mounted versions, characters, maxim guns and wagons.

The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

Our range of Matabele is nearly complete, six packs are listed on the site right now, three more will be added soon and photos of everything will be added over the next week.

The inspiration for this range has come from playing the rules by Chris Peers, ‘Death in the Dark Continent’. We are running a ‘post free world-wide’ offer on those rules right now.

Empress release 28mm British 7pdr gun

Empress Miniatures have added a 28mm British 7pdr gun to their Zulu War range.


From their website:

The British 7pdr gun is now available in our online shop. This multi-part kit is highly detailed and comes with a choice of two crew options. The 7pdr is suitable for use throughout the Anglo-Zulu war and was present from the early battles. We will be following this up with the 9pdr soon.

The last of our releases this weekend is an artillery battery commander. He holds his trusty pocket watch and is protected by a bombardier armed with a Martini carbine.

Empress release Natal Mounted Police

Empress Miniatures have released Zulu War Natal Mounted Police figures.


From their website:

We are please to release the next figures in our Zulu War range – the Natal Mounted Police. These figures are available as mounted and dismounted packs and allow gamers and collectors to add another important unit to their armies.

These beautiful figures are available in our online shop right now. We will be having a run of new releases over the next month or so for all of our ranges, so keep checking back for updates.

Askari release Cossacks

Askari Miniatures have added several packs of 28mm Cossack figures to their online store.

From their website:

Eight new sets of cossacks and related figures have been released at the webstore.

Included are Don cossack command and troops and three sets of Circassian cossack command. There’s a senior Russian officer in greatcoat and even Turkish prisoners of war.

In addition, there is a senior Bokharan officer.

Pendraken release new South America Pacific War range

Pendraken Miniatures have added a new 10mm South America Pacific War 1879-1844 range to their online store

The range currently consists of:

  • SAP1 Foot in Formal Frock Coat Kepi
  • SAP2 Foot in Jacket Kepi
  • SAP3 Foot in Havelock Kepi
  • SAP4 Ragged Foot
  • SAP5 Foot Kepi Canvas Ammo Bandoliers Firing Line
  • SAP6 Foot Kepi Canvas Ammo Bandoliers Marching
  • SAP7 Foot in Picklehaube [C,P]
  • SAP8 Cavalry Kepi Havelock Carbine
  • SAP9 Cavalry Kepi Havelock Sword
  • SAP10 Cavalry Kepi Lance
  • SAP11 Cavalry Picklehaube Lance [C,P]
  • SAP12 Mounted Kepi Havelock Carbine on Mule
  • SAP13 Guard Cuirassier Lancer (8) [B]
  • SAP14 General Foot (2)
  • SAP15 Artillery Krupp 6pdr + Crew
  • SAP16 Artillery Mountain Gun + Crew
  • SAP17 Artillery 10pdr Parrot + Crew
  • SAP18 Gatling gun + Crew
  • SAP20 2 Limbers, Draught Horses and Out Riders

More free army lists for Death in the Dark Continent

Northstar Military Figures have released new free army lists for the Death in the Dark Continent colonial rules.


From their announcement:

The sixth set of free army lists for the 19th Century Africa wargames rules ‘Death in the Dark Continent’ are available to download now. Please visit the Ruga Ruga Publications section of the North Star website.

The sixth set covers the Horn of Africa, and includes armies for:

  • The Somalis & Danakil
  • The Gallas
  • The Beja
  • Italian Colonial

The photo above is a sneak preview of the new line of 28mm figures North Star will be making for Death in the Dark Continent, these first figures are the Matabele warriors.

To tempt you to try these new rules, they will be available post free worldwide for the next couple of weeks.

In the Heart of Africa available

HoA_cover.jpgRattrap Productions have announced the re-release of the In the Heart of Africa rules and army lists.

From their announcement:
I have just received in copies from our printer of In the Heart of Africa and the In the Heart of Africa Army Lists books. These books, written by Chris Peers, have had their files cleaned up and a Table of Contents added (to make finding the rules and armies you need easier). They are also now perfect bound with a laminated cover.

The big news for this release, though, is that we have been able to get them printed more economically here in the U.S. and have been able to drop the price. In the Heart of Africa is now just $20 and the Army list book is just $18.

You can order the books from our store or from Brigade Games. Copies of this book will also be on their way to Northstar within a week.

In The Heart Of Africa is a set of fast-play wargames rules for the period of exploration and imperial conquest in tropical Africa. Chronologically this corresponds roughly to the second half of the 19th century, while geographically it covers the region between the Zambezi River in the south, and the edge of the Sahara Desert in the north – the classic “Darkest Africa” of the explorers.