A New Age for Games Workshop: A Review of Age of Sigmar

Well, kids, the time has come. It’s our review of Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar. Let’s get right to it, shal we?

The first miniatures game I played was Warhammer 40k. My LGS in St. Louis (The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles, for any of you that might know of it) had a demo of 2nd Edition’s two-player starter set up. My friend Jared and I, who frequented the store in order to play the Star Wars CCG from Decipher had always walked by it, and occasionally looked at it, on our way to the card gaming tables. One day we tried it out. We liked it, so we split a box. That started a roughly 10-year period where 40k was my main game of choice. I stopped just as 4th edition was coming out. During those years, I never played Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but I certainly watched plenty of games of it. Back in those days, at the Shop, it was just as popular as 40k. So I’d watch giant formations of High Elves and Lizardmen in their nice, neat regiments duel it out on the tabletops. Fast-forward all these years and now Games Workshop (GW) has taken Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB) and come out with something new. WHFB is no more. Now there is just Age of Sigmar.
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Terrain Corner

Did anyone else’s weekend just fly by? Heck, all of last week seemed to just rocket by. I usually end up with the same checkout clerk at the grocery store, since I go fairly early on Saturdays and there’s only a couple lanes open. I remember saying, “… didn’t we just do this?” Her week had gone by pretty fast, too. So it wasn’t just me.
But whether or not it’s gone by in an instant, or leisurely strolled its way by, we’ve made it once again to Monday.
… yay?

Well, one thing we can celebrate is a good-looking gaming table. That’s what this post is all about. It’s today’s Terrain Corner.

In this batch we have: Acheson Creations Releases the Alpine Trench Section #4, New Heroic Maps: Wardenhale Public Spaces Released, Games Workshop Taking Orders for New Age of Sigmar Terrain, Novus Design 28mm Medieval Range Now Available, ProMatz – The worlds first customizable industrial grade gaming mat on Kickstarter, and ModelEarth posts latest terrain releases.

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In-Engine Trailer posted for Total War: Warhammer

Not too long ago, it was announced that Total War, the popular video game of military combat, was getting a Warhammer version. People were pretty excited, and rightly so. Well, they’ve now posted up an in-engine trailer for the game, and we figured you’d like to see it. Check it out below the cut.
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New Age of Sigmar pre-orders available from Games Workshop

Over the weekend, I assembled my Age of Sigmar starter set that was sent to me. Simply being the gamer that I am, looking over the various warscrolls, I found myself immediately starting to think about what I would want in order to expand on the forces. Granted, my immediate plans didn’t really have “buy grand Age of Sigmar forces,” I simply couldn’t help at least hypothesizing about what sort of things I’d add. Well, if I were to expand, Games Workshop’s put up some new stuff for pre-order that might be up my alley.
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Age of Sigmar App Coming From Games Workshop

We’ve had the Age of Sigmar rules for a couple days now. It seems to be dividing the gaming community pretty heavily. Some aren’t very happy with the new rules, while others thing it brings back some of the “campy fun” of Games Workshop days gone by. Well, for those that like the game and want to play it, Games Workshop is developing an app to help.
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Rules and Warscrolls Posted

Well, it’s the 4th of July and Britain has sent the US a present. That being Games Workshop has posted up the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on their website, for free, along with all the Warscrolls (I.E. – the unit rules) for all the armies. I’ve mentioned recently how game companies are more and more embracing the “free rules online” method, so you can see how a game works before you buy it. Well, Games Workshop has jumped into that bandwagon. What do you all think?
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Some New Information about New Edition of Warhammer Fantasy

Well, we’re getting close to the new version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles from Games Workshop. There’s been lots of rumors and half-heard things being passed along for quite a while. Well, you know that we here at TGN don’t deal in rumors. That’s a disservice to you, the readers. These, however, aren’t so much rumors anymore. It does look like Warhammer is getting more of a reboot than anyone might’ve expected.
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One Week Left to Make Salute Pre-Orders from Forge World

Forge World will be one of the many vendors headed to Salute, the UK’s premier gaming convention. They want to make sure that if you want to buy something from them that they’ll have it on hand (because nobody likes going away disappointed and empty-handed). So to make sure they have what you want, they’re taking pre-orders for the next week. Just tell them what you want and they’ll bring it with them to pick up at the show.

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Khorne Daemonkin Codex and New Carrying Cases up for Pre-Order

Games Workshop adds to their pre-orders with some new stuff. For those following along with the Warhammer Fantasy releases, they have their Khorne Daemonkin book in various forms, from electronic to deluxe edition. To get your figures to and from the table safely, they’ve also got 3 new carrying cases.

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Skarr Bloodwrath Added To Warhammer Pre-Orders

Games Workshop added a new hero to their pre-order page for Warhammer. Well, anti-hero is probably more like it, unless you think that the slaughter of your enemies in the name of your insatiable god makes you a hero. It’s all about perspective, I guess. Anyway, I’m getting off track. You can order Skarr Bloodwrath now.

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More Pre-Orders up For Warhammer from Games Workshop

Games Workshop added to their pre-orders page for Warhammer. The new products include Khorne Wrathmoners and Skullreapers (including a web bundle) as well as their Archaon book (with a hardcover, an e-version, and a limited-edition version).
Blood for the Blood God!

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

It’s another Saturday. Hopefully you’ve got something fun going on.

Anyway, here’s the reviews we found during the week (it was apparently a big week for posting reviews. There’s quite a lot to go through).

We’ve got reviews/previews of: Chaos & Alchemy, Fields of Arle, High Command – Escalating Conflict, Sellswords, War Stories, Trains: Rising Sun, Kalypto, 7 sins, Hitman Holiday, Amber Route, Twisting Catacombs Dungeon Scenery, M4 Sherman from Warlord Games/Italeri, Trikerion: Legends of Illusion, Games Workshop’s Wood Elf Treeman, Sisters of the Thorn, Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber, and the Zen Terrain Fast Food Stall.

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TGN Editorial – Press Announcement Pique

Associate Editor Enrico Nardini pulls out a pernicious problem present in Games Workshop’s latest press announcement. See what has him piqued!


There are times when I feel like Games Workshop is in a position where they can do no right. 2014 did show improvement in some areas. Did you ever think you would see bundle deals that had an actual and meaningful discount? How about new starter sets that once again, could be considered a value for your gaming dollar (including units you might actually want to purchase)? Yet, in the age of the $25+ single figure blister, it’s hard to not think that there are still systemic issues in GW’s attitude and business model that may be causing their continuing profit backslide.

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TGN Feature – It’s the End of the Old World as We Know It

TGN Associate Editor Enrico Nardini speculates on the rumors of dynamic change in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.


Yep. It’s a cliched title. Sue me. If there is one thing Games Workshop (GW) fans have been conditioned to accept (much like victims of Stockholm Syndrome), it’s receiving news of upcoming releases via leaks and rumors. It’s so pervasive now that , as a conspiratorially minded individual, I often wonder if this pattern of rumor, leaked photos, and eventual confirmation isn’t a calculated marketing ploy to generate buzz. Sure, sites posting rumors and leaked images shut down on occasion, victims of GW’s legal team. But, couldn’t that be done to keep up appearances. Karl Franz doth protest too much, methinks.

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Rumor Mill: Big Shakeup to Warhammer Fantasy

Games Workshop’s rumor mill is running hot and heavy with speculation about the upcoming 9th edition. Much of it revolves around the losing of certain factions as well as the creation of new ones (sounds like there might be a “Space-Marine-Esque” one coming). Also, rumor has it that the world, itself, is exploding. Gone is the old map we’ve known for so long. Instead, each portion will be its own “bubble universe” that occasionally bash together and create a place where various factions can battle.

What’re your thoughts? I know these are rumors still, but they’re supposedly from fairly reliable sources.


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Eeek! A Rat!

Games Workshop starts off this new year with a new pre-order for all your Warhammer Fantasy players. This one’s the new Verminlord.
It’s… $90. That’s… a lot.
It’s a pretty nice looking model, though, and does come with accessories.
But… $90.
I know I try and keep the editorializing to a general minimum, but … wow.


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Warhammer: Khaine book pre-orders from Games Workshop

Games Workshop is taking orders for their new End Times: The Curse of Khaine books in digital, hardback, and even limited edition form.


From the post:

Ulthuan teeters on the brink of ruin as Daemons run rampant across its Ten Kingdoms. Meanwhile, in the grim north of Naggaroth, Malekith the Witch King prepares to face his destiny once and for all. Everything you think you know about the Elves of Warhammer is changing.

TGN Feature – Games Workshop’s new APPeal to Customers

TGN’s Enrico Nardini takes a look at Games Workshop’s latest digital marketing push: Warhammer: The App.


Games Workshop is combating their stock exchange woes with an aggressive implementation of new strategies. We have seen a number of bundle deals on miniatures that actually represent a net savings on the per model cost (almost unheard of in recent memory), the rerelease of popular IP (such as Space Hulk), and an aggressive release schedule providing consumers with a plethora of product options. The latest attempt to “right the ship” comes in the form of a new app (application) for the iPhone. 

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TGN Feature – A Feast for Maggots

Cold and flu season is coming. What a perfect time to talk about Nurgle!


TGN’s Enrico Nardini braves the potential for contamination and takes a look at what these new Nurgle releases hold for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Grab some orange juice and hand sanitizer, it’s time for another TGN Feature.

TGN Feature



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New Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle photos

Games Workshop has had some photos leaked of the next Nurgle minis they’ll be coming out with, including a new Champion.


From the post:

The user Shala GW Tilea is proving to be a really good person, as it provided more pictures that show the enormity of bitz included in the kit of the King of Contagion, but not only, because there are also pictures of the new character Gutrot Spume . In the rules, have the option to be put on War Altar, in fact, you can see it with this option in the first image. In addition to images, Lords of War Gaming has revealed new information about the upcoming releases of 40k, which, listen, listen, speak ance of new models Tyranids.

Warhammer Fest: Everything You Need to Know

Warhammer Fest is just around the corner. It’s a couple days of all things Warhammer. Will you be there?

Warhammer Fest


From the website:

Warhammer Fest is a celebration of everything about the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000; the miniatures, the backgrounds, the stories and the games. You will encounter fantastic miniatures displays, seminars by our design teams, in-depth demonstrations and inspiring Design Studio displays.

You will also be able to pick up the latest releases from Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library, including many items available for the first time over the weekend, along with exclusive event only merchandise. With such a wide range of activities, you can plan your day around specific elements, or just enjoy whatever grabs your attention.

Graven Games Warhammer: Nagash Book 1 Review

Graven Games gives us a look at the new Nagash book in this new review article.



From the post:

All across the face of the Old World the dead are uneasy in their graves and the winds of Shyish gust wildly. Usirian, lord of the Nehekaran underworld is dead and taking his place is the Demi-god Nagash, first Necromancer, the dread lord of Nagashizzar, the enemy of life itself and potentially the savior of the Warhammer Fantasy world. The world is ending and every single race, every faction, has been called to arms for the last great war. The End Times are upon us.

New Limited Edition Nagash model available from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has a new limited edition Nagash model they’re taking orders for over in their webshop.



From the website:

The ultimate collector’s item for the truly loyal devotee of Nagash. This Webstore Exclusive edition is limited to just 750 copies worldwide! Grab yours before they are gone.

Wood Elf pre-orders up

Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for new Wood Elf books and a new Treeman Ancient over in their webshop.



From the post:

The guardians of Athel Loren care little for the outside world. Theirs is an existence shaped by the passage of the seasons, by ancient magic and by folklore.

Warhammer: Wood Elves is a 96-page, full colour hardback army book. Inside you will find:

– The history of the Wood Elves and the tale of the founding of Athel Loren.
– Detailed descriptions of all the Wood Elf characters, units and monsters.
– The full lores of High and Dark Magic, and the magic items available to Wood Elf armies.
– A showcase of Citadel miniatures from single models to vast armies.
– The Wood Elves army list.