New Flesh-eater Courts Battletome Available to Order from Games Workshop

I know a lot of people for whom Halloween is a year-round thing. Well, Games Workshop isn’t waiting for the time of year for ghouls and ghosts to start taking orders for their new Battletome which, coincidentally, is full of ghouls and other things that go “bump” in the night. And along with the book, there’s various sets you can order as well.
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New Orks Available To Order For Age of Sigmar From Games Workshop

Orks! Orks! Orks! Orks!
Back at my old LGS in St. Louis, they’d hold quarterly used gaming auctions. The miniatures day ones always ran long. I remember it being 3am or so, with still plenty of items yet to go, Dave (the auctioneer and owner of the shop) would just hold up some Orks and everyone would start chanting, “Orks! Orks! Orks!” over and over. Wild times. Well, these new Orks aren’t available in the used gaming auction yet. They’re available for pre-order from Games Workshop’s site.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts Book For Age of Sigmar

Seems that J.K. Rowling isn’t the only one that can create a book of beasts set in their setting. Ok, so Godbeasts isn’t just a book of monsters, but is a new supplement for Age of Sigmar that has a bunch of new things inside it for the game. But still, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title.
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New Chaos Models Available To Pre-order For Age of Sigmar

Well, the “good guys” have gotten some new minis recently for Age of Sigmar. In order to keep a nice balance, that means the bad guys should get some new figures. Well, we don’t have any dragons yet, but we do have the new Gorechosen Champions you can put in your orders for.
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New Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

The Stormcast Eternals are, basically, the “Good guys” in Age of Sigmar. They’re the main force who is fighting against the seemingly endless hordes of Chaos that look to sow… well… chaos everywhere, bringing… umm… chaos across the planes. Well, when just being a Stormcast Eternal isn’t enough, it’s time to get Extrem—is. New figures are available for pre-order.
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Skaven Bundles And New Book Available To Pre-order from Games Workshop

Cold and flu season might be coming to an end here in the Northern hemisphere, but the plague will soon be spreading out of Nottingham. There’s new Skaven bundles available to pre-order from Games Workshop, along with new novel and Battletome (thats the Age of Sigmar version of a Codex).
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Forge World Taking Orders for Skaarac The Bloodborn for Age of Sigmar

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten something from the fantasy side of Forge World. Most of their releases tend to focus more on the sci-fi side of things. But such is not the case today. Age of Sigmar is getting a new mini in the form of Skaarac the Bloodborn. And he’s certainly been eating his Wheaties, as he’s a big boy.
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New Dwarf Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

While I know most of the country is colder than it is here in Atlanta, that’s not to say that it’s not cold here in Atlanta. People are looking for ways to keep warm. I’m guessing, though, if everyone had themselves a giant dragon-thing named a Magmadroth, we’d be able to stay nice and toasty. Well, Magmadroths don’t exist in the real world, at least, not as a real thing. They exist in the world as model kits, and you can order yours from Games Workshop now.
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New Dwarfs Available to Order for Age of Sigmar

Any my axe!
And My axe!
and my Axe!
And My AXE!
Well, let’s just say that if you feel your Age of Sigmar forces are lacking in axes, now is the time you can remedy that by getting some new Dwarf miniatures that are available for pre-orders over in the Games Workshop webshop.
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New Starter Sets Available for 40k And Age of Sigmar From Games Workshop

Sometimes starting out a new game can be rough. You’re not entirely sure where to begin. What models should you get? What constitutes a good core of a new force? If you and your friend want different factions, what’s a good way to make sure you both end up with something roughly equivalent?
Well, Games Workshop is here to help with their new “Start Collecting” forces for both Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For New Gaunt Summoner

How many of you out there have seen Pan’s Labyrinth? Let’s see a show of hands. *raises hand*
Now, how many of you instantly started thinking of that one creature who had its eyes in the middle of its hands? *raises hand*
How many of you, just now, put your hands in front of your face, mimicking that motion? *puts hands in front of face* *cleans off glasses*
Well, it’s not exactly the same, but when I first saw this new Gaunt Summoner from Games Workshop, that’s what I thought of.
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New Varanguard Available to Order From Games Workshop

The force of Chaos are getting themselves some more tools to spread their ideologies across the land in Age of Sigmar. As big as he might be, the Everchosen of Archaon can’t do everything himself. So he’s getting himself some swift-hooved helpers in the form of the Varanguard.
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Cyber Monday Codex Sale From Games Workshop

Sure, we all know about Black Friday, but Cyber Monday is currently upon us. Games Workshop has jumped on the sales wagon and is offering the digital version of their codices for 40k and Battlepacks for Age of Sigmar for special prices.
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Archaon Everchosen Available to Order from Games Workshop

While the rules of Age of Sigmar might be up for debate about their merit, the sculpting capabilities of Games Workshop really aren’t up for debate. They’ve really gone all-out for this one, I have to say. You can now order Archaon Everchosen over in their webshop.
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Games Workshop Black Friday Sale Happening Now

Games Workshop teased us that they’d have some Black Friday deals going on today, and that certainly is the case. Whether you play 40k, Age of Sigmar, or The Hobbit, they’ve got special deals going on for you.
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Midweek Snippets

Or is it Friday Snippets, because I have the day off tomorrow? (and hopefully you do, too) Either way, it’s some bite-sized stories before we have lots more bites tomorrow for Thanksgiving.
And yes, I really am as jazzed about the holiday as it seems.

Anyway, today’s bites include: Lead Adventure Miniatures Release Bruegelburg Knights, Bombshell November Releases Posted, YooAmeGames preview their new card game Madness Skull, New website/store for Imaginative Miniatures, New Statuesque Pulp Alley Pre-Orders, Aegis Studios Releases Character Compendium 1 Under the Hero Kids Compatibility License, Notification of Results for the 2015 Windhammer Prize, Dark Art Studios Launches Forums, Announcing the First Wave of Scenarios for Post Captain, New Windfall Bases Available From Kromlech, Echoes Revealed for Shattered Earth’s Humanist Rebellion, Watchful I Studio proudly announces that it will be opening its webstore, Games Workshop Black Friday Deals Coming Soon, and New Hammer’s Slammer Detachment Packs From Brigade Models.

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Games Workshop Taking Pre-orders for Seraphon Book for Age of Sigmar

Well, Age of Sigmar is changing a bit more terminology. You can do that sort of thing when the universe explodes and you get to make a new one. So the Lizardmen are no more. However, in their place are the Seraphon. They even use the same models and everything. Though some of the names there, too, have been changed (to protect the innocent?). Anyway, the new book for the army is available to pre-order from the GW webshop.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders for Skarbrand

So, what sort of monstrosity do you think you would need to have in order to control chaos? Well, for Age of Sigmar, you’d need some sort of hulking brute who would just pick up and throw any dissenters towards the enemy. Perhaps someone with a really huge axe and even a braided beard that you could whip someone with. You might be thinking just a Bloodthirster. But really, you would need Skarbrand.
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Khorne Codex and Minis Up for Pre-order From Games Workshop For Age of Sigmar

Whoah! Blood Red! Blood Red!
For you The Crimson Ghosts fans out there in the audience.
Games Workshop is certainly getting into the spirit with a whole bunch of new pre-orders they’re taking for Khorne units over in their webshop. There’s also a new Codex, so that might have something to do with it.
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Announce Your Age of Sigmar Army With New Pre-Orders From Games Workshop

Historically, armies weren’t really known for their stealth. A couple thousand soldiers marching together, with trumpets, drums, banners, and all other sort of kit doesn’t generally go unnoticed by others. In fact, they’d make it a point to stand out. Maybe by putting on a big, flashy show, the enemy would surrender, or at least not fight as well because of intimidation. Well, now your Sigmarite forces for Age of Sigmar can get some of that pomp and circumstance.
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New Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders Available from Games Workshop

You are the wind beneath my wings!
And you’d need a lot of wind to keep these guys airborn. And I’m not sure how aerodynamic those wings that they have really are. There’s not a lot of surface area. Oh well, I’m sure a wizard did it. Anyway, several new airborn troops are available to pre-order from Games Workshop for the Sigmaraite faction.
Just be careful, or you’ll be singing, “Take… these broken wings!…”
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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders for Celestant-Prime for Age of Sigmar

An army’s gotta have a leader. Otherwise, you just have an unruly mob. A highly-armed unruly mob. Way at the head of the Sigmaran army is the Celestant-Prime. This figure is now available to order from Games Workshop.
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Terrain Corner

Aaaaaand it’s Monday and we’re back in the office.
Hopefully your job isn’t one where the above statement is a tragedy.
You can always reminisce about the gaming that occurred over the weekend. You did get some gaming in, right?

Hopefully you did. And hopefully if you were a minis gamer, you had some good terrain. If not (or if you just want to add to your terrain collection), we’ve got our Terrain Corner segment for you.

In this batch we have: New Chaos Terrain from Games Workshop, Heroic Maps – Spacecraft: The Magpie, and Terrain at ModelEarth new releases.

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New Chaos Pre-orders up for Age of Sigmar

The Sigmarites have been getting almost all the limelight since the release of Age of Sigmar. Well, you can’t have good without evil. Those Sigmarites have to fight against someone, right? … Ok, so yeah, they could fight against themselves, but where’s the fun in that? Well, Games Workshop has some new Chaos items up for pre-order over in their webshop.
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New Age of Sigmar and 40k Releases Available to Pre-Order from Forge World

Forge World hasn’t had a fantasy release in quite some time. Now that Age of Sigmar is out, though, it seems they’re getting back into it. They have a new figure available to order. Granted… that dragon looks pretty familiar… but hey, you gotta start somewhere. For those that are looking to add to their Horus Heresy character set, there’s a new figure there for you, too.
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New Paladins Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Back here in the office after Gen Con. Hopefully you, too, are getting back into the regular swing of things. I know I could use another day or so to rest, but the news doesn’t stop and that means I can’t, either. For example, there’s a new set of Paladins available to pre-order from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar. Along with them, they’ve also got some new terrain kits to help enhance your gaming table.
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Warhammer: Arcane Magic now available on iOS!

A new Games Workshop video game is now available on iOS. Warhammer: Arcane Magic lets players be in charge of a a cadre of wizards in the Warhammer universe, as you look to defeat enemy wizards using powerful spells, a bit of luck, and Arcane Fulcrums (character-specific spells of great power).
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Stormcast Eternals Judicators Available to Pre-order from Games Workshop

Age of Sigmar seems to be getting an overall positive response. No, it’s not for everyone. But it seems just about all my friends have ended up with at least a starter set. That includes players who haven’t really played much in the way of Games Workshop games before.
Well, a new set of troopers is available to pre-order. This one will let your opponents fight in the shade.
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A New Age for Games Workshop: A Review of Age of Sigmar

Well, kids, the time has come. It’s our review of Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar. Let’s get right to it, shal we?

The first miniatures game I played was Warhammer 40k. My LGS in St. Louis (The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles, for any of you that might know of it) had a demo of 2nd Edition’s two-player starter set up. My friend Jared and I, who frequented the store in order to play the Star Wars CCG from Decipher had always walked by it, and occasionally looked at it, on our way to the card gaming tables. One day we tried it out. We liked it, so we split a box. That started a roughly 10-year period where 40k was my main game of choice. I stopped just as 4th edition was coming out. During those years, I never played Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but I certainly watched plenty of games of it. Back in those days, at the Shop, it was just as popular as 40k. So I’d watch giant formations of High Elves and Lizardmen in their nice, neat regiments duel it out on the tabletops. Fast-forward all these years and now Games Workshop (GW) has taken Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB) and come out with something new. WHFB is no more. Now there is just Age of Sigmar.
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Terrain Corner

Did anyone else’s weekend just fly by? Heck, all of last week seemed to just rocket by. I usually end up with the same checkout clerk at the grocery store, since I go fairly early on Saturdays and there’s only a couple lanes open. I remember saying, “… didn’t we just do this?” Her week had gone by pretty fast, too. So it wasn’t just me.
But whether or not it’s gone by in an instant, or leisurely strolled its way by, we’ve made it once again to Monday.
… yay?

Well, one thing we can celebrate is a good-looking gaming table. That’s what this post is all about. It’s today’s Terrain Corner.

In this batch we have: Acheson Creations Releases the Alpine Trench Section #4, New Heroic Maps: Wardenhale Public Spaces Released, Games Workshop Taking Orders for New Age of Sigmar Terrain, Novus Design 28mm Medieval Range Now Available, ProMatz – The worlds first customizable industrial grade gaming mat on Kickstarter, and ModelEarth posts latest terrain releases.

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In-Engine Trailer posted for Total War: Warhammer

Not too long ago, it was announced that Total War, the popular video game of military combat, was getting a Warhammer version. People were pretty excited, and rightly so. Well, they’ve now posted up an in-engine trailer for the game, and we figured you’d like to see it. Check it out below the cut.
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New Age of Sigmar pre-orders available from Games Workshop

Over the weekend, I assembled my Age of Sigmar starter set that was sent to me. Simply being the gamer that I am, looking over the various warscrolls, I found myself immediately starting to think about what I would want in order to expand on the forces. Granted, my immediate plans didn’t really have “buy grand Age of Sigmar forces,” I simply couldn’t help at least hypothesizing about what sort of things I’d add. Well, if I were to expand, Games Workshop’s put up some new stuff for pre-order that might be up my alley.
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Age of Sigmar App Coming From Games Workshop

We’ve had the Age of Sigmar rules for a couple days now. It seems to be dividing the gaming community pretty heavily. Some aren’t very happy with the new rules, while others thing it brings back some of the “campy fun” of Games Workshop days gone by. Well, for those that like the game and want to play it, Games Workshop is developing an app to help.
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Rules and Warscrolls Posted

Well, it’s the 4th of July and Britain has sent the US a present. That being Games Workshop has posted up the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on their website, for free, along with all the Warscrolls (I.E. – the unit rules) for all the armies. I’ve mentioned recently how game companies are more and more embracing the “free rules online” method, so you can see how a game works before you buy it. Well, Games Workshop has jumped into that bandwagon. What do you all think?
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