Midweek Snippets

We’re halfway there, ladies and gentlemen. Halfway to the weekend. If you haven’t started making plans, now would be a good time. For those of you in the US, the 4th of July is Saturday. I’m sure cookouts will abound. And if you’re at one, why not bring along a game or two to play? There’s plenty of party games that would be most welcome at just about any gathering.
For me? I’m going to keep things low-key this weekend. I had two rather busy weekends in a row. So this weekend I’m going to stay at home and cook. What am I going to cook? … I’ve not figured that out yet. Suggestions would be welcome (and any accompanying recipes also welcome).

But as for right now, it’s time for some bite-sized stories.

This batch includes: Fury is funded with 24 day left, Some More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New 32mm Resin bases (Tomb, Urban & Sci-fi Deck) from Dark Art Miniatures, Armorcast’s 4th Annual Cinematic Effects Contest is Here, Apex TDBG Expansion Kickstarter is now EU Friendly, Club Fantasci Editorial: Kickstarter Press Releases and Free Promotion, Old Dominion Gameworks posts Post Captain Bonus Ship files, Vending Bot free for July at The Ion Age, and Bullets & Brains Tokens Now Available from Sally 4th.

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TGN Preview: Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society

In a world where potion making is a cutthroat business, a secret society of Apothecaries exists, lording their skills above all others. The group is known as Apotheca, and you’ve been invited to join. But first, you must compete against other potentials in a black market competition to prove yourself the best potionslinger out there. Welcome to Knapsack Games’ Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, designed by Andrew Federspiel, backed up by a talented team of designers, artists, and writers. Continue reading

TGN Editorial – Press Announcement Pique

Associate Editor Enrico Nardini pulls out a pernicious problem present in Games Workshop’s latest press announcement. See what has him piqued!


There are times when I feel like Games Workshop is in a position where they can do no right. 2014 did show improvement in some areas. Did you ever think you would see bundle deals that had an actual and meaningful discount? How about new starter sets that once again, could be considered a value for your gaming dollar (including units you might actually want to purchase)? Yet, in the age of the $25+ single figure blister, it’s hard to not think that there are still systemic issues in GW’s attitude and business model that may be causing their continuing profit backslide.

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Some Tuesday Snippets

We’ve got another set of those shorter news stories for you. It’s time for another Snippets posts.

In this installment, we’ve got: A new Sulphur scenario from Terragnosis, New Round-lip Shaleground Bases from Tabletop-Art, New 32mm Bases from Dragon Forge Design, David Lowry from Club Fantasci talks about the “Board Game Messiah Complex”, Shieldwolf Releases 2 Busts and Announces Kickstarter, New Dungeon Terrain Previews from MiniWorlds, Alternative Armies Previews Upcoming Von Rotte Crew, Kabuki Models Previews Alien Hunter, New knight marker kit from Mechanical Warhorse, New Previews from Siren Miniatures, Limana announces War of Wonders

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Round-Up

It’s another Saturday and so that means it’s time for another Review Round-Up.

We’ve got reviews for Ares Games’ The Battle of Five Armies, Red7 from Asmadi Games, Psycho Therapist, Gothic Invasion, and Mafia Casino.
Along with those, there are a couple “favorites of 2014” and a Top 10 or two to check out.

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Why Not to Run a Demo

PHD Games writer Chris Strecker wrote up a little editorial on why running a demo for a game might not be a good idea. Though having read the article, titling it “When Not to Run a Demo” would be a bit more appropriate, as the “why” is pretty much, “you don’t have your full attention devoted to the demo because you’re busy.” But it’s a good, quick read. So check it out.

Do you have any demo horror stories? I know I’ve had a few. Share yours below.


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News Snippets

We’ve got a bunch more news snippets for you.
There’s some new miniatures from a new game company, Corvus Corax Miniatures. We’ve got new WWI terrain tile bases from Amera. Kromlech has some new wallpapers for your computer. Troll Forged shows off the test print for their Dreadnaught (he’s a biggie). All that and more in this new batch.

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TGN Editorial – Thanksgaming: Support Your Friendly Local Game Store

Coming down off that turkey high and getting ready for the madness of holiday shopping? TGN’s Enrico Nardini shares his thoughts on supporting your FLGS this Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.


The web may rule all in terms of the dissemination of information. I love that the content I write about our great hobby is transferred from my mind to yours with alacrity and efficiency. The growth and reach of our shared past-time can be magnified by it, and when you really sit and think about it, it’s kind of amazing that I can share pictures of my painted miniatures, a new RPG character, or a decklist with gamers thousands of miles away. We live in a “golden age” of convenience; ordering the latest board game is accomplished with a few keystrokes.

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Nerds on Earth Picks Their 5 Best Board Games of 2014

Nerds on Earth lets us know what they feel were the 5 best board games of 2014.


From the post:

Board games have had one heck of a renascence in recent years. The hobby game market (which includes board games, card games, and RPGs) has grown, 20%, 15%, and 20%, over the last 3 years, respectively (Source: ICv2). Conventions like GenCon (which started out of the early days of D&D) are drawing record crowds and hundreds of new games and RPGs are released each year.

Here are my picks of the best board games of 2014, and I’d HEARTILY RECOMMEND you pick up any of these games, with the intention of inviting some friends over for a great game night:

Honey I shrunk my hobby: The Rise of 10mm and 15mm gaming

The League of Extraordinary Gamers takes a look at the increase of 10mm and 15mm games on the market and being played on the gaming tables of the world’s LGSs in this editorial.


From the post:

So, if you’ve been looking around, you’ve noticed that there’s a large movement in Wargaming these days away from the “standard” of 28mm (heroic) figures. While some are getting larger and going into 32mm pieces, there’s a growing hardcore support for smaller scales- 10mm and 15mm are becoming the rage. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Voices of Mars Top 5 Board Games for the Holiday Seasons

Voices of Mars gives you their thoughts on the top 5 board games to check out this holiday season.


From the article:

It’s that time of the year again where you don’t know what to get for your friends and loved ones. Let me help you out with some gift ideas that wont break the bank and easy to introduce to newer board gamers.

Mars’ top 5 board games for this Holiday season are based on replay-ability, cost, and how easy it is to teach to new gamers.

Board Game Quest posts their 2014 Gift Guide

Board Game Quest helps you out deciding what to get the gamer in your life with their Board Game Gift Guide.


From the post:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or at least that’s what the song says. That’s right, the holidays are right around the corner and you are probably wondering what to get that special gamer in your life. We never fear, we are happy to help. We’ve sent our magic elves out to do some research and they came back to us with a number of options to make any gamer excited this holiday season. We’ve created a bunch of categories to make things easier on you, so you can be sure to find something to appeal to whatever tastes the special gamer in your life might have. So relax and let us do the work for you with our 2014 Board Game Gift Guide.

Kickstarter Broke the Internet

The League of Extraordinary Gamers gives us their thoughts on Kickstarter and if it’s a good or bad thing for the gaming industry.
I have my own feelings about what Kickstarter has done for the gaming community. What do the rest of you think? I’d really like to see a discussion about this.
Heck, if the topic goes well, I might even hand out a prize to someone, but I want to know if you think that Kickstarter is hurting or helping the gaming world, and you gotta tell me why.
As always, keep the discourse civil, please.


From the article:

So, this article from Gizmodo has been circulating a lot this week. And by a lot, I mean I ran into it in no less than four different industry forums or webpages, all posted up by people that weren’t directly communicating in the other conversations. Could be that one started it, the rest carried it elsewhere, and the next thing we know it’s pandemic. I’m not going to get into a blog vs. blog war of words. What I want to address really is a lot of the conversation points that have come up in the discussions about Kickstarter.

Geek Dad’s 13 Tabletop Games for Halloween

Geek Dad posted up their list of the top 13 tabletop games for Halloween.


From the post:

Halloween approaches, and what better way to celebrate than by breaking out a few spooky board games? Last year we shared a list of 13 games for Halloween, and this year we’ve got 13 more, selected by Dave Banks, Rory Stark, Anthony Karcz, John Booth, and yours truly. So grab some candy corn or other non-sticky sugary treats (caramel apples are right out), and play some games!

Club Fantasci on Talking with Game Review Blogs

Club Fantasci’s David Lowry talks about how gaming companies should approach game review sites about doing articles about their products.
Note: All opinions in the article are those of Club Fantasci. TGN has their own guidelines for reviews.



From the post:

David Lowry discusses how to approach game review blogs and things to be aware of when planning your launch of your project on Kickstarter and the reality of how far in advance you need to plan for Club Fantasci.

Club Fantasci spends A Weekend At LnL Publishing

Club Fantasci spent the weekend with the fellas from LnL Publishing and they wanted to let you know how it was.



From the post:

Last weekend I was visiting LnL Publishing (formerly Locked n’ Loaded Publishing) out in Pueblo, Co for a three-day game tour and conference. LnL Publishing is primarily known for the history in war gaming but they are so much more than that and from what I saw, much more to come. The facility was extremely nice as you walk through the front doors with covers of their “Line of Fire” magazine lining one wall and their logo on the other. After a brief tour of offices that are all labeled with popular sci-fi/fantasy themes and art, I was taken straight into a business meeting in a conference room with a gaming table to die for where Chief Operations Officers David Heath fed us breakfast and then led us through a 4 hour presentation on where LnL Publishing was heading and how they were getting there.

Nerds on Earth lists 7 D&D Blogs for an RPG Newb

Nerds on Earth posted up a list of 7 great blogs for those of you that are newbs to the world of RPGs.
I know most readers of TGN aren’t RGP newbs, but you probably have friends or family that might be. So you can direct them this way to help them out.



From the post:

This is a list of 7 great blogs, all filled with helpful advice for a new Dungeons and Dragons player.

Board Game Quest Top 10 Deck Building Games

Board Game Quest has posted up their Top 10 Deck-Building Games.
Honestly, I think it’s crazy that Ascension’s not on there and that Dominion is #1.
What do you guys think?



From the post:

In 2008, game designer Donald X. Vaccarino released a card game called Dominion upon the world. This box of 500 cards introduced gamers everywhere to the “deck building” mechanic, and it’s fair to say that the world loved it. Dominion went on to win a variety of different awards, including the coveted Spiel des Jahres in 2009. Since then, there have been many new games to take their shot at the deck building genre. But which game is the best?

Selling Your Game – Start with your Press Release

Club Fantasci’s David Lowry gives you his thoughts on how to sell your game better. His first part talks about your Press Release.



From the post:

I can’t tell you how many press releases I get from board game publishers (read brand new board game publishers) announcing their game on Kickstarter. Normally this would pique my interest and make me want to read or follow-up with them until I start to read the press release. More and more often, the press release does a very bad job of announcing the game. More often than not, I am left wondering what the game is about. I got no sense of anything except, it’s a game that is soon to be launched on Kickstarter. And……..? Your press release needs to convey the basics of the product, contain excitement and capture the reader’s attention before you even consider sending it out. I know a lot of people think it’s “just an announcement” and you are right if you don’t want anyone sharing it. If you want it to create buzz, then you better write it that way.

BGG’s Most “Owned” Designers

Board Game Geek has done some research and looked into what game designers have the most games out there that people actually own.
How do you feel about the list? Any major surprises?



From the post:

This is a list of the top 20 game designers in terms of how many of their games BGG users own. I was curious about this statistic, so I did some addition and figured I might as well share it with everyone here as well!

Since this is a number that is constantly changing, I rounded up the numbers to the nearest thousand. I’ve also included the top 5 owned items from each of these designers.

These numbers do include expansions. I would be curious to see a list like this that didn’t include expansions, but that is a list for another day.


TGN Feature – Surgery by Choice

Games Workshop’s next big release comes in the form of the pain-obsessed Dark Eldar. These sadistic cousins of the Eldar are one of the darkest parts of the grim dark future.

Dark Eldar

TGN’s Enrico Nardini takes a look at what’s been shown so far and gives us his thoughts on the subject, along with a bit of the history behind the nasty space elves.

We also get to break out a spiffy, new banner, which is always nice.

TGN Feature

It’s a TGN Feature. This one’s on the new Dark Eldar.
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A Peek at the Art Process of Munchkin Treasure Hunt

John Kovalic lets us peek onto the drawing board for a look at the process behind the making of the art for Munchkin Treasure Hunt.



From the post:

Last year, I was given the list of new projects I’d be illustrating for Steve Jackson Games.

That’s when I noticed something unusual.

Note: when I say “something unusual,” this was not the normal kind of “unusual” Munchkin art specs from Steve and Andrew usually are. You know – the “draw a Munchkin hiding from tentacles in a toilet…perhaps there are wombats” variety of “unusual.”

No, this was something else entirely.

This was something called Munchkin Treasure Hunt: a Munchkin-themed game for kids!
– See more at: http://www.dorktower.com/2014/09/24/munchkin-treasure-hunt/#sthash.Dafveiig.dpuf

Kotaku Says It’s The Perfect Time To Play Dungeons & Dragons

Kotaku gives us their reasons for why it’s the perfect time to play Dungeons & Dragons.
Honestly, I’ve felt it’s been a pretty good time to play D&D for the past… oh… 20 years or so, but that’s me.



From the article:

You might know that the long-awaited new edition of Dungeons & Dragons is upon us. You might be playing it right now, waving an HB pencil around, informing your friends that they’re up to their nips in orcs and should roll for initiative.

Or maybe you’re the other kind of person. Maybe you’ve never played D&D, and news that the new, 5th edition returns to the roots of the game is like me telling you that scientists have discovered a new gender of swan. You’ve got some interest, though. You’re two paragraphs into an article called “It’s The Perfect Time To Play Dungeons & Dragons.” And yes, yes, yes you should. This is the best, most exciting kind of D&D we’ve had in twenty years, and that’s not all. It’s never been more beginner-friendly.

Half of that’s down to the beginner box they’re selling, which contains a quick-start rule booklet (forget any images you might have of stacks of hardback books), a set of dice, a load of pre-filled character sheets and an epic adventure that’ll fill a month of pizza-powered Sundays. You just add pencils and friends.

TGN Editorial: Kickstarter Updates Terms and Conditions

Kickstarter has updated their Terms of Service. What does this mean for you? TGN’s Enrico Nardini lets us know what’s going on with the changes and what this means for you.


Enrico: The landscape of the entire tabletop game industry was irrevocably changed when
Kickstarter hit the scene. Independent game companies have been able to grow and flourish with the help of consumers, who in turn are happy to have so many new alternatives. All this works great, until it doesn’t, and…

Ugh. You’ve heard this all before, and I’m sure you know what Kickstarter is.
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Board Game Creators Are Making Assloads Of Money on Kickstarter

Vice posted an editorial talking about how gaming has “taken over” Kickstarter and asks if this is a good or bad thing for the world of tabletop gaming.



From the post:

Climb the ladder. Slide down the chute. Score on the triple-word tile. Don’t pass go.

You remember all those cardboard commandments, don’t you? Well, times have changed since you were last clad in dingy sweatpants and rolling dice in your rec room.

The board games of today look extremely different from the ones you may remember growing up with. Where once your job was to bankrupt your fellow players, or be the first to go around a loop, modern board games ask their (largely adult) audience to trade wheat for sheep, to finish building a road in the city of Carcassonne, or to help the CDC fight off a global health crisis. Over the past three decades, as players have matured, their board games have grown up too.

The Esoteric Order of Gamers Heads to the Battlefront

The Esoteric Order of Gamers took a trip to Battlefront’s offices, all infiltration-style, and gives us a report on what they found.



From the post:

Infiltrating the Battlefront Miniatures office, Universal Head sends back this report about the company behind Flames of War, Dust, and Gale Force Nine products.

TGN Editorial – Space Hulk: Artificial Scarcity and Missed Opportunities

TGN’s family is expanding. We’ve brought on Enrico Nardini, from Play Unplugged, to join us here with editorials and game reviews. Here’s his first article. It deals with the new Space Hulk release from Games Workshop.


So take a look, enjoy the read, and take it away, Enrico!
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A Walkthrough of the New D&D Adventurers League Organized Play

Nerds on Earth gives us a walkthrough of the new D&D Adventures League, the organized play event from Wizards of the Coast.

Adventurers League


From the post:

I went to my very first Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League event and I was as nervous as a junior high boy going to his first dance. Luckily my voice didn’t crack and I made sure I applied a liberal does of Axe Body Spray, so everything turned out OK.

The Painting Frog visits Warlord Games

The Painting Frog continues their survey of all the Nottingham gaming companies with a trip to Warlord Games.


From the post:

As I have mentioned in the first article in this series I’ve taken advantage of a trip to England in January 2014 to visit a few wargame companies based in the city of Nottingham, affectuously known as Britain’s “Lead Belt” a clear reference to the many companies in the wargaming business that make the city their home.

I’ve already published my article about visiting Mantic Games, thus, to continue the series of “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt” articles it’s time to talk about Warlord Games.

Warhammer Fantasy RP 3rd Edition is Dead, Long Live Warhammer Fantasy RP

The Esoteric Order of Gamers takes a look back on the history of Warhammer Fantasy RP in this retrospective article.



From the post:

As Fantasy Flight Games closes the book on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition, the EOG takes a brief look back at the history of ‘WFRP’ and provides you with a stack of handy WFRP3 reference material.

Great Wargaming Survey results part 3

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy posted up the 3rd part of their Great Wargaming Survey results.



From the post:

We’ve got some more results of the Great Wargaming Survey. This time we take a look what gets to the table, what periods and genres are popular (and which ones aren’t), what scale or size of miniature wargamers prefer, how long we prefer our games to last and what size of game suits us best.

Board Game Quest posts GenCon Recap

Board Game Quest gives us their thoughts from last weekend in their GenCon Recap.

Cash and Guns Demo


From the post:

Gen Con 2014 has come to a close and it definitely lived up to its nickname of “The Best 4 Days of Gaming.” We had an incredible time of meeting new people, demoing games and pretty much just being in our element for 4 awesome days.

As usual, before we close the book on Gen Con 2014, we want to take one final look back at the convention. We’ve pulled out some of our highlight and lowlights from the con. This year, we’ve expanded our recap coverage and I’ve enlisted the input of the rest of the BGQ staff. You can read all of our thoughts on games, the exhibit hall and more below.