Las Vegas Board Game Review posted on Play Board Games

Las Vegas takes their chances and rolls the dice over on Play Board Games. Did the house win? Find out.

From the review:

Las Vegas is a dice rolling game that plays fast and appeals to a wide variety of people. You must roll dice to win the most money over four rounds to win this game.

Bora Bora Board Game Review posted on Play Board Games

Bora Bora has their chance in the sun over at Play Board Games to get reviewed.

From the review:

Bora Bora is a eurogame that uses dice placement to perform different actions and complete tasks. The game only last six turns so you need to choose your actions, tasks and goals wisely to win.

Hunters of Arcfall, a new sci-fi dice game up on Kickstarter

Hunters of Arcfall is a new sci-fi dice game that’s looking for funding over on Kickstarter. Go check it out.

From the campaign:

The planet of Arcfall has become overrun with dangerous creatures. Malfunctioning robots and savage beasts wreak havoc across the planet. Locals have taken to the services of anyone who will help. For a price of course. You are a Bounty Hunter seeking fame and fortune. But beware, other Hunters will try to swoop in and claim your target as their own! Press your luck against other hunters in search of fame and fortune!

Roll For It from Calliope Games up on Kickstarter

Calliope Games is over on Kickstarter with their latest game, Roll For It, and is looking for funding.

From the campaign:

At its heart, Roll For It! is a resource management game that blends the luck of the die roll with a decision making process that will bring smiles and laughter to all… but it can also make a grown man cry! OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you’ll know what I mean when someone steals your first 15 pointer.

The objective of Roll For It! is to score 40 points by rolling dice to match cards of specific point values. When playing Roll For It!, each player has 6 standard six sided dice of a specific color. These dice represent the players and the decisions they’ll make.

Alien Lab launches Geek Dice Kickstarter campaign

Alien Lab knows what gamers want… dice. They’ve got a new dice game called Geek Dice up on Kickstarter that’s looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Geek Dice comes with five 19mm six-sided dice embossed with symbols for Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock and the GEEK DICE Atom symbol. In addition to the dice, the game also comes with 150 playing chips and a full color Symbol Analyzation Chart (IE, “What Beats What” chart).
• Each player receives 1 die and an equal number of chips
• Each player antes up 1 chip at the beginning of each round
• All players roll the dice simultaneously
• Consult the chart to see if there is a clear winner or draw
• When a draw occurs the players involved continue rolling off
• Losers are eliminated until the next round
• The winner is allowed a chance to roll the Atom to claim the pot. If the pot is not won it continues to grow
• A new round begins
• The last player with chips wins the game

Cradle: Creator’s Challenge, a new card and dice game up on Kickstarter

Cradle: Creator’s Challenge, from Precarious @ Best, is a new card and dice game that’s looking for funding up on Kickstarter. They’ve got a rules .pdf up as well so you can try it out for yourself.

From the campaign:

In Cradle: Creator’s Challenge, you are a god-like Creator. In the name of competition, you and your rival conjure a world. Sweeping plains, rugged mountains and deep oceans spring into existence at your command, and are then filled with life; be it by brawn or brain, your creations will vie for dominance. Anything you can imagine, you may create; the Challenge will support you with a single system of resolution.

Each Creator has uniform tools at their disposal; everything you need to play is in the box. The game is played in two Phases: In Phase I, Creators alternate playing Tiled Cards to create a map, and use octagonal Origin Points to set where their Creations spawn from. In Phase II, Body & Soul Cards are paired together to make 3 Creations per team, which are then represented by pawns on the map. As the pawns are moved around the field, they will come into conflict with Rival Creations. Conflict is resolved with 1 to 3 six-sided dice. A continually exchanged Event Card assigned to each Creation provides aid or presents challenges as the game unfolds. The game is over when one side has lost both Origin Points or all 3 Creations.

WizKids posts overview of Lord of the Rings dice building game

WizKids gives us a look inside their Lord of the Rings dice building game they’re working on.

From the overview:

The dice building game engine was pioneered in WizKids Games 2011 release Quarriors! designed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang. Similar to deck building games where players collect a resource to purchase better cards to add to their deck— in a dice building game, players are collecting dice. In The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game, players must work together to assemble an army of dice representing brave Men, battle-ready Dwarves, wise Elves and stout-hearted Hobbits and muster their troops against the forces of Sauron. But beware — some may be tempted by the power of The One Ring and become corrupted by evil!

Dungeon Dice, a new dice game up on Kickstarter

Dungeon Dice by Potluck Games is a new dice game looking for funding over on Kickstarter.
Go have a look-see.

From the campaign:

A new game on Kickstarter combines monster-killing and treasure-finding with loads and loads of custom dice.

The project begins with 70 dice, but more will be released as stretch goals are met.

Board To Death reviews YamSlam Poker Dice

Board To Death knows no bounds with their reviews with a look at YamSlam Poker Dice.

From the review:

Yamslam is a fresh twist (with a BIG boost of fun) on popular dice games. With its interactive gameplay and attractive, self-contained design, this dice game offers so much more! No need for paper and pen—the scoring chips allow for non-stop action and easy point calculation. Let the five dice roll to achieve the best combination and win the corresponding chip. Players compete to grab the best chips before they run out and plan ahead for special bonuses.

Rollaway, a new dice game from Sugar Pill Studios

Sugar Pill Studios just released a new dice game called Rollaway. Go check it out.

From the release:

Rollaway is an abstract dice game about picking the right time to play whatever actions you roll. The interaction of six simple actions (win, lose, skip, double, give, and take) produces a rich variety of gameplay. A die that normally scores one point could earn you four, or could be taken away. You might use a skip-die to prevent the next player from giving you a burdensome lose-die, or you might take the lose-die so you can pass it on to someone else. Rollaway is simple to learn, highly interactive, and provides hours of lightly strategic fun.

Castle Dice Kickstarter donating to Hurricane Relief

Castle Dice has decided to send some of their Kickstarter funds to the East Coast to help those affected by the hurricane.

In response to Hurricane Sandy and it’s aftermath, the successful Castle Dice Kickstarter project is donating to help support those in need.

Castle Dice up now over on Kickstarter

Castle Dice is a dice drafting/placement game that’s looking to be funded over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Castle Dice is the dice drafting, worker placement, big box game of castle building in a barbarian infested frontier land for 2-4 players. The game also features an engaging solitaire version for expanded playing options. To win, you’ll have to plan well, make good tactical decisions, hire workers and out maneuver your opponents in gathering the correct resources to complete upgrades to your castle all while holding back barbarians raids.

Or to put another way… Castle Dice is a Euro-style game with a ton of custom dice, lots of tactical and strategic choices, a strong focus on drafting resources, and a fast paced turn sequence that allows an entire game to be played in about 45 minutes.

Castle Dice, a new game over on Kickstarter

Castle Dice is a new dice-drafting game that’s looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Roll tons of dice and build castles in this massive Euro-style game featuring light worker placement and dice drafting.

Your kingly father (the king) has sent you and your siblings each off in a different direction to build a successful castle in the barbarian infested region at the edge of the empire. Whoever does the best job becomes the successor to the throne. Will it be you?

WizKids announces Lord of the Rings dice-building game

WizKids has an announcement out for their next project: Lord of the Rings dice-building game.

From the announcement:

NECA/WizKids Games, the leader in collectible gaming, under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is excited to announce the upcoming release of their next game — The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game, offering a unique twist on the original Quarriors dice building game engine invented by renowned game designers Mike Elliott and Eric Lang.

Players must work together to assemble an army of dice representing brave Men, battle-ready Dwarves, wise Elves and stout-hearted Hobbits and muster their troops against the forces of Sauron. But beware — some may be tempted by the power of The One Ring and become corrupted by evil!

Impact! adds Dice Farmer game to D14 / D18 KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures has added the dice game Dice Farmer to their Kickstarter campaign wherein they’re raising funds to make all the even-numbered dice from 4 to 20.

From the update:

Dice Farmer is a very fast playing game of chance with just enough strategy to get it fun and interesting that was developed by Tailsteak of

Impact! has been given permission to offer a boxed set of the game with our KickStarter for the D14 and D18 as the boxed set rules of the game gives the user an immediate use for those new dice.

If you have someone who is just getting into RPG gaming, this game makes a great gift to give them a game and set them up with a start at their needed dice pool at the same time. Full rules for the game can be seen at

This game is available now as a $45 reward or you can add it to any pledge for $45. If you just want the 6 of D14, D16 and D18s you need to add to your own collection to play this game. You can add $25 to any pledge level to get just those 18 dice.

Hungry Honey Badgers, a new dice game, up on Kickstarter

Hungry Honey Badgers is a new dice game by Fat Dragon Games up on Kickstarter. Check it out.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone! Fat Dragon Games has just launched a Kickstarter for our new dice game Hungry Honey Badgers. This game comes with ten dice (four different types), instructions and plastic carry case. As a Kickstarter exclusive we are also offering sets with black dice (instead of the standard white in the basic set) to Kickstarter supporters only!

Fist Fight Club still needs your help

Fist Fight Club has their funding going alright over on Crowdfunder, but can still use your help to make the game a reality.

Fistfight Club funding at 47%

The crowdfunding project for Fistfight Club, the fighting dice game, is now at 47% after 40% of the project time. That’s not to bad, but we still got some way to go!

If you have not supported the project yet, or not even heard of it pop over to the project page and take a look. For a small amount, you can back the project and help us reach our goal. In return, you can claim one of a number of rewards including limited versions of the dice and dice bags!

You will also get to vote in what of the logos we use for the final product!

One of the playetester wrote a little review of the game, you can read it on his blog ‘Miniature Musing of a Bear’: