March 2010 Infinity releases

Corvus Belli have sent along details of their March releases for Infinity.

Caledonian Mormaers (T2 Rifle) €8,50
The Mormaers are the elite in the Caledonian forces and the most heavily armoured and bulkier of the Ariadnan infantries. Thanks to their Teseum armour, they ignore the enemy fire as it would be a gentle rain. Also, the Mormaer’s powerful T2 Rifle has been optimized with a X-Visor to dominate the development of the battle. This proud Scottish Heavy Infantry is going to make room in your Ariadna army lists.

Salyut Zonds (EVO Repeater Combi Rifle) €27,50
The Nomads are the first to deploy a Remote with an EVO Repeater, an info-warfare device that boost the capabilities of the highly skilled Nomad tactical Hackers. Plus, the Salyut Zonds can be a cheap Total Reaction platform, specially fitted to protect the rearguard. If you want to conquer the cybersphere, you can not miss these exceptional Remotes.
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February Infinity release details

Corvus Belli have sent along details of their February releases for Infinity.

From their announcement:

Moderators from Bakunin (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle+Marker) 13,00 €
Moderators (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Marker). This Nomad light infantry troopers, dressed up with a strong manga style, are the core of the Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin where they can take profit of the Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops rule. Moreover, the Marker weapon option, which can increase the Hackers’ area of effect, becomes this release in a “must have” for any Nomad player.

Kempeitai (Combi Rifle) 7,50 €
Kempeitai (Combi Rifle). The versatile Combi Rifle is a very interesting weapon option for this second-in-command figure to defend the Zone of Deployment of the Yu Jing forces and the Japanese Sectorial Army, but even more interesting if it is used as Mercenary Impersonator against any Yu Jing army. This sinister and subversive female warrior is ready to fight for the independence of the Japanese people.

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Infinity new releases

The Infinity website has been updated with background information and photographs of the new miniatures for January release.

There is also a new page describing the Caledonian Highlander Army. This is a starter pack that collects six previously released Ariadna figures.

Infinity new releases

The Infinity website has been updated with background information and photographs of several new figures for December release.

Infinity Human Sphere now available

human.jpgCorvus Belli have added English, Spanish and French editions of their Infinity Human Sphere expansion.

From their website:
“Infinity Human Sphere” is an expansion. It is necessary to have “Infinity” rulebook, or to download the free core rules from to play Infinity.

Hard cover book, 204 pages, in full color. With pictures, illustrations, and everything you need to enhance your experience to play Infinity: background, new rules, enhanced army lists, markers and templates.

€ 35,00