Dark Age: Apocalypse cover posted

Dark Age Games have posted the artwork for the cover of the Dark Age: Apocalypse rulebook.

Dark Age: Apocalypse cover
Dark Age: Apocalypse cover

From their website:

Here is a look at the cover to the Core Rules book. Attendees at PAX East and GAMA will get a first hand look. Also anyone at PAX East who participates in a Rumble there will get a free copy of this 48 page preview. The Limited Edition Preview is the complete Core Rules to play the game. Sadly it is only Con exclusive, but is the harbinger to the eventual release of the rules themselves.

New releases from Dark Age Games

The Cool Mini or Not online store has new base inserts and miniatures for Dark Age Games.

Swampland base

From their announcement:

Sometimes, it takes an expert to paint realistic looking water, but we have taken that out of the equation. This set of clear swamp bases are cast in clear green resin. All you need to do is to mask the water part with a liquid mask and then prime and paint the rest of the base as normal, and when you are done, peel off the masked area and you will have clear realistic looking swamp water in no time. Comes in 30mm, 40m and 50mm sizes.

Also what everybody’s been waiting for, the Outcast Scuts, and last but not least, the tallest, and probably the meanest miniature in the Dark Age universe – The Greater Air Elemental, topping 100mm in height, which is the product of combining the Squalls that were released last month.

New upcoming Dark Age releases

Dark Age Games have announced the upcoming release of several new packs of figures for their Dark Age sci-fi skirmish game.

From their website:

These products will be available for purchase on the CMON store and direct order through Dark Age Games or your favorite Local Gaming Store. If your store doesn’t carry Dark Age they can order direct through ACD or DAG. Contact us at sales@dark-age.com for more information.

  • DAG1006 – Cesspool – USD $9.99
  • DAG1401 – Saint Luke – USD $14.99 Luke comes with the option of either the Combat shotgun or Breeching Spear (not shown)
  • DAG5108 – Scuts (3) – USD $19.99
  • DAG2214 – Greater Storm Elemental – USD $19.99
  • DAG4017 – Plight (2) – USD $19.99
  • DAG3201 – Father Mayhem – USD $12.99

As soon as these miniatures are available for purchase we will let you know, so watch this space or our Facebook page for more info!

Dark Age online store removed

Dark Age Games have announced the removal of their dedicated Dark Age online store.

From their website:

We have fixed the link to the DA online store. We no longer have an actual DA Online store but have instead partnered with CMON to carry the complete DA range. When you click on the link to the Online store it instead directs you to the CMON DA section of their site.

New Dark Age downloads

Several new documents are available to download from Dark Age Games.

From their website:

Made some minor cosmetic changes here and there, most importantly updates to the Downloads Section.

  • Quick Start Rules have been updated and are 100% in-line with the upcoming release of Apocalypse.
  • Counters and Templates have been updated
  • Quick Reference Sheet has been updated
  • Downloads for ALL Forcelists are up.
  • Downloads for ALL SA’s and WA’s are up.

Most of the Downloads of the Forcelists, SA’s, and WA’s are Beta versions. There are minor discrepancies between the Forcelists and the content in Apocalypse, but there is enough to get you started playing the game. Shortly all the cards for all the Units will be available for download as well. Enjoy.

Dark Age: Apocalypse sneak peek

Dark Age Games have posted a PDF preview of some of the content from the upcoming Dark Age: Apocalypse rulebook.

From their website:

With the imminent release of Dark Age: Apocalypse and the release of updated rules for existing Units of the game, we thought it would be fair to show you a few sneak peeks of pages from the upcoming book.

Much concern has been expressed about the Factions being updated and getting new Units, but no apparent love for the Forsaken. Well forsake no longer, here is a special extra sized look at the newest Saint available to command the Forces of the Forsaken, Saint Luke (PDF link).

New Dark Age releases

Dark Age Games have released several new Outcast miniatures for their Dark Age sci-fi skirmish game.

From their website:

Couldn’t make it to Gencon? Well no worries the Dark Age miniatures that were available at Gencon are now available for purchase at www.coolminiornot.com. But hurry they are in limited quantities until the general release in October.

We proudly present more additions to the Outcast line.

DAG5404 – Mongo (1) – USD $24.99
Mongo carries two massive cinder blocks to smash his opponents into the harsh Samarian soil. The perfect centerpiece to any Outcast Force.

DAG5405 – Wasteland Warriors (3) USD $19.99
Scavengers of the battlefield, Wasteland Warriors can kit bash their weaponry and armor to withstand the greatest of adversaries this harsh world has to offer.

DAG3029 – Jon Woe(1) $9.99
Last Year’s Immortal winner: Jon Woe, Herald of the Heretic
Following up from last years Immortal winner we present Jon Woe, a Warwind turned Grafter. He works for any Skarrd tribe sowing the seeds of deception for Johann to take over all of the Skarrd.