Video Coverage from CMON from Day 1 of Gen Con 2015

Gen Con is fully underway now. The first day went by in a flash. The energy in the air was palpable. Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that this year is much busier than last. When the doors open, there’s a huge rush as all the eager gamers head to the various booths in order to get the latest and greatest. One booth that attracted a lot of attention was CMON’s. With lots of new games available for the first time, the line quickly wrapped around the whole double-booth that they have.
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Arcadia Inferno Detailed at CMON Expo

Hey there everyone from here at the CMON Expo 2015! The panel for Arcadia Quest just wrapped up and have we got some news for you. We had a short look into the creation of the game, but what I’m sure most of you are excited to read up on are the new things coming for the game. So let’s dive in and see what had to be said.
Note: artwork and miniatures below are works in progress. So there’s a chance things might change slightly.
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CMON Looks to the Past, Present, and Future at CMON Expo 2015

The CoolMiniOrNot Expo 2015 (or CMON Expo if you’re hip) kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia today. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, it’s an annual tabletop gaming convention hosted by the folks at CMON where gamers get to try out the company’s past, present, and future games along with a wide array of other titles from companies like On The Lamb, Action Phase, Witchborn, and more. To kick off the event, CMON held their State of Affairs panel detailing its releases during 2014 and 2015, what’s to come later in 2015, and a taste of the games we can look forward to in the future. Continue reading

CMON At KublaCon, Events and Special Promos To Be Had

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
Yeah, ask your parents about that song. Anyway, whether you have flowers in your hair or not, if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, be sure to stop by KublaCon for all sorts of fun gaming to be had. CMON will be there with plenty of events to keep you entertained. Also, they’ve teamed up with Game Kastle. For the first time ever, if you buy CMON products from the Game Kastle booth, you can pick up CMON special promotional miniatures from them!
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CMON Expo 2015 Friday Update Is Here

CMON Expo updates every Friday (as I’m sure you’re aware). Well, it’s Friday. So we’ve got an update! This week’s includes all the painting classes that will be held by the awesome world-class painters that will be at the show. There’s also a new event with Eric Lang where he’ll run a game of Arcadia Quest for you. Finally, they’ve added more hotel rooms and an update about when event registration will go live.
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New Arcadia Quest and Rivet Wars Releases from CMON

CMON posted up 5 new releases on their website. They’ve got two new expansion packs for Rivet Wars in the form of Battle of Brighton (where players can take to the air) and Heavy Metal (where some of the biggest tanks in the world of Rivet can be yours to command). They also have 3 releases for Arcadia Quest, including Beyond the Grave, the first big expansion for the game, along with two new heroes, Nibbles and Zahra.
All are available now in the CMON Webshop.


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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Love is in the air.
We here hope you’re spending the day playing the games you love with the people you love.

And as usual, we’ve got our Review Roundup for Saturday.
Did the reviewers love the games they tried? Only reading on will find out.

In this week’s installment, we’ve got reviews/previews of: Arcadia Quest, G-Mat Snow Storm Terrain Mat, The Meeple Mechanic’s Top 8 Kickstarter Games Going On Now, Cyclades: Titans Expansion, Rhino Hero, Noctu the Bounty Hunter by Savage Forge Minis, The 5th Land, Road Rally USA, Machi Koro, XCOM, the expansion for Mascarade, San Juan, Pagoda, Rise of Cthulhu, and Hitman Holiday.

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