Bev Dice relaunches their Kickstarter campaign

Bev Dice, the dice made to keep your drinks cool, has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign.

From the relaunch:

This product is made from 100% Soapstone. They are Beverage Chilling Dice that can be used as beverage chilling/warming stones or to play those favorite card and board games with. These Soapstone Dice are sure to keep your drink at the ideal drinking temperature. They come in 3 different sizes 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″. Whether you want to place them in your Coffee, Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Brandy, Wine, Soda(POP), Ice Tea, Hot Cocoa or simply use them as fun playing dice the option is yours. The creator has taken the best of two worlds and merged them into one product. Awesome product! You have to check it out.

Zentraedi Dice unlocked in Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter

Robotech RPG Tactics has unlocked new Zentraedi dice over in their Kickstarter campaign. There’s no such thing as too many dice.

From the update:

Prepare for invasion! ALL boxed games will have twelve dice upgraded to Zentraedi Faction dice.

For our fellow dice fanatics the Zentraedi dice are available for $12 for 12 dice.

Next up at $375,000 the Gnerl Fighter add-on will be upgraded to 3x Gnerl Fighters.

Fudge Dice up on Kickstarter

Fudge Dice (before you ask: no, they’re not actually dice made of fudge) are up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding.

From the campaign:

Check out these great looking Fudge Dice on Kickstarter. This is a rare opportunity for Fudge/Fate gamer’s to pick up a set of awesome translucent Fudge Dice with different color +,- symbol markings

Ironheart Artisans launches Kickstarter for Weird War 16mm Faction Dice

Ironheart Artisans is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund 16mm Weird War Faction Dice (perfect for games like Dust).

From the campaign:

I’m asking you to help me create a very specific product and to make it affordable: 16mm Faction Dice. Recently, a new weird war themed game came out, but it was missing something that many people wanted but could not get. In the shop I even heard stories of the trouble people went through to try to make their own dice or have them made. It got pretty crazy. It seemed like people really wanted US Army-, German-, and Soviet-themed dice with the faction symbol on the 1 and the 6 facing and the rest of the facings blank.

Bev Dice, beverage-chilling soapstone dice up on Kickstarter

Bev Dice are a new line of soapstone dice that not only let you play your games, but also cool your drinks.

From the campaign:

Soapstone D6 style dice that are perfect for keeping your Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Gin, Wine, Beer, Brandy, Coffee, at the right temp.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces the Dice Pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games brings you… dice. All gamers love dice! These, specifically, are for Descent, second edition.

From the announcement:

Whether you’re unraveling the plot of a treacherous ruler, sending a Wyrm Queen back to her subterranean slumber, searching for treasure amongst sun-scorched ruins, or embarking on countless other adventures, you don’t want to be slowed down by a shortage of your most basic necessities. Keep the focus on the quest with extra dice!

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Descent Dice Pack, an accessory for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. Featuring all nine of the custom dice found in the Second Edition base game, the Descent Dice Pack will help you defend (or destroy) Terrinoth with a new level of convenience.

Megalith Games unlocks custom dice in Godslayer Kickstarter

Godslayer, from Megalith Games, has made it up and over their first stretch goal, adding custom dice to the pot.
And who doesn’t love custom dice?

From the update:

We have really made it! We hit the 30K mark and unlocked the first STRETCH GOAL!!! Thank you all so much! I can´t wait to get those dice for myself 🙂

Free Roll Machined Gamers Dice up on Kickstarter

Spiel Designs has rolled the dice to fund some dice on Kickstarter. And they’ve succeeded! Well, so far, anyway. They’ve got a lot of time still left so they can succeed even more… Ok, my analogy derailed there. Anyway, Dice!

From the campaign:

This product is machined from 100% solid brushed aluminum metal. They are D6 gaming dice for true card and board game lovers. These aren’t your typical dice; we’ve given each side a rounded face with tri-star shaped corners for a 3D dimensional look. They are durable, perfectly weighted with smooth corners that allow the dice to roll easily and deliver statistically even probabilities. Each die measures 16mm and weighs 11.34gm. No more boring square faced, sharp rigid dice that have a tendency to scratch and cut board games and tables. We introduce you to the new revolutionary RPG gaming dice named “Free Roll”.

Earth Edition Eternity Dice up on Kickstarter

Eternity Dice has a new Kickstarter up in order to fund another round of dice. Who can honestly say they don’t want more dice?

From the campaign:

After the successful Kickstarter campaign “Eternity Dice” we thinked if it coluld be possible to do new dice, equally beautiful and special. The Vesuvian lava stone is unique and can be found only at the slopes of Vesuvius, but we realized that in Italy and in the whole World there are so many different stones that deserve our attention, so we decided to create a complete collection of stone dice, all completely handmade one by one, containing all the energy and color of our Planet.
Each of these “jewels” combine their history genesis and the echoes from the Mother Earth.

This really is the ultimate collection!

GCT Studios announces releases for Wave 10 for Bushido

GCT Studios is letting us know what’s-what with their Wave 10 releases for Bushido.

This wave is going to see the general release of Bushido’s fifth faction; the Ito Clan. Due to the success of the campaign that not only brought their release forward but has also allowed us to, at launch, release a starter force of 5 models balanced at 35 rice but also an extra four individual blisters. Because of this huge added extra to our normal wave release and the demands it brings we have decided to only include Ito models in Wave 10. Besides it could be an opportunity to pick up a new faction in the Ito, for those that missed the campaign.

Those fans of the existing four factions need not fear, we will still be releasing a faction specific product for each force. This will come in the form of 10 faction dice with an RRP of £9.95. These dice packs come with five attack and five defence dice. They feature the colours of their respective factions as well as the faction symbol on the 6. Show off your faction support in style with these high quality 16mm dice.

So in total wave 10 will land with coincidentally 10 new products for your playing and collecting pleasure.

Eternity Dice up on Indiegogo

Eternity Dice is looking for funding over on Indiegogo. Every gamer’s got a weak spot for dice.

From the campaign:

We have always been fascinated by dice. Somehow we consider them as mystical objects, but all dice we’ve ever bought and used to play with didn’t have a soul. After a walk in Vesuvius National Park, we realized that we wanted to have dice directly from Mother Earth which would be able to evoke old world feelings now lost in the traffic of the modern metropolis. So what material could be more evocative and pleasant to the touch and sight than the lava of a volcano?

Dice, Dominoes and Skulls carved in Vesuvius Volcano Lava Stone

Dice Rings up on Kickstarter

Dice Rings is an interesting product up on Kickstarter. They’re Dice. They’re Rings. They’re Dice Rings.

From the campaign:

What is a Spinner Ring?

A spinner ring is designed in a way that an outer smaller ring spins in a grooved inner ring that slips onto your finger.

Features of Dice Rings

Portable – You can take dice rings anywhere. No worries about rolling them into a heater duct or losing them to a hungry pet. They will stay firmly attached to your hand. Unless you’re a zombie… then no guarantees.

Made from stainless steel – Our rings are made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel, a very strong and durable alloy that resists scratches, dents, and unorthodox abuse (troll punching). Like most other jewelry (even gold), it is an alloy. This type of steel contains 10-14% Nickel. For anyone who does not have a sensitivity to Nickel, these rings will be perfect for you. Unfortunately, we just could not get a hold of any adamantium or vibranium.

Produces fair rolls – The numbers are well distributed across the outer spinning band. There are no concentrations of high/low numbers, so they cannot be purposely aimed for or avoided. No cheese rolls.

Occupies idle hands – It is an awesome accessory to occupy idle hands and calm your mind. Spinner rings (also called worry rings) are frequently used as a stress relief tool, and are beloved by people with ADD everywhere.

Stylish – With these you are looking nerd chic!

Aussie Block Dice – The Final Countdown

Aussie Block Dice are in their final countdown on Indiegogo and they’ve got another color scheme available.

From the update:

We’ve just got three days left until the end of the Aussie Block Dice campaign. It’s been an awesome ride!

With the recently unlocked “Uluru Twilight”, we now have nine unique colour designs on offer. For as little as $10 US (which includes worldwide shipping) you can join the project and get some unique and colourful dice for your collection.

Our last goal is to add a free pair of matching D6 to every single set of three block dice that go out with the campaign. Fans of Fantasy Football everywhere, you don’t want to miss out on this!

Aussie Block Dice adds more bottlecaps to their campaign

Aussie Block Dice has some more of those bottlecaps for you in their Indiegogo campaign. I admit it, I chuckled when I read a few of them.

From the update:

Over at Aussie Block Dice we’ve cracked the $4000 mark, which means more Bottlecaps of course!

This second set of Soft Drink bottlecaps joins the original Beer Bottlecaps unlocked a while ago.

Plenty of the perks come with a free set of Bottlecaps, and anyone who’s getting dice can just add an extra $5 for more caps.

Next stop, Uluru Twilight at $4500!

Rainbow Serpent dice colors unlocked at Aussie Block Dice

Aussie Block Dice broke through another stretch goal and has unlocked Rainbow Serpent as a color choice.

From the update:

If things go quiet from me around January next year, it’s because I’ve been buried under a mountain of dice 😉

I’m happy to report that the Aussie Block Dice project keeps going from strength to strength, we’ve hit $3800 and have unlocked a multiple colour design (a white die with each face a different colour).

Next stop, new Old World Bottlecaps at $4000, and a new Purple “Uluru Twilight” design at $4500

Aussie Block Dice adds bottle opener to Indiegogo campaign

Aussie Block Dice updated their Indiegogo campaign to add new bottle openers with their designs on them. They’ve also charted the next couple stretch goals.

From the update:

Things are charging full steam ahead over at the Aussie Block Dice campaign on IndieGoGo. We’re halfway through and at nearly 300% of our funding goal!

We’ve recently added a new Dog Tag Bottle Opener for contributors at Three Sets or more, and anyone can add an extra for just $5.

Next up, a new multi colour dice design… “Rainbow Serpent”

Aussie Block Dice updates with new bottlecaps

Aussie Block Dice added a cool, little extra to their Indiegogo campaign with specially-made bottlecaps.

From the update:

We’re having a bit of fun with the Aussie theme in our IndieGoGo Campaign, and alongside the dice we’re now offering “Old World” bottlecaps in a range of designs spoofing real beers.

Contributors getting at least 6 sets of dice are getting some for free, and anyone can order a pack of 6 bottlecaps for just $5.

Note, only contributors getting dice can add on the bottlecaps, but at just $10 USD for two sets of dice including shipping (one random, one Baggy Greens) it’s very affordable to join the fun!

New designs at Aussie Block Dice

Aussie Block Dice is almost at 2x funding, with still a lot of time left on the clock. They’ve got some new designs unlocked and some new ones available over on their Indiegogo campaign page.

From the update:

Wow what a day, we’ve smashed our first big stretch goal and unlocked the Croc Hunters, and are well on our way to the next goal… Baggy Greens! Supporters will get a free set if they are unlocked, even if you support at our $10 Random Set level.

We also had a very generous contribution to our “Design Your Own” level which has given us another new design, Blue with Metallic Silver!

New monster dice and Dress a kitty Contest from Maow Miniatures

Maow Miniatures has some new custom dice available on their website and reminds you there’s a month left in the “Dress a kitty” contest.

From the update:

5 new monsterdices are now avalaible. Sculpted By Arnaud Bellier.

and….there is more than a month and a half remaining for the contest “Dress a kitty”

Australian Block Dice reaches funding goal, stretch goals await

Aussie Block Dice got to their minimum funding goal over on Indiegogo. They’ve got a lot of time left, so it’s stretch goals ahoy!

From the update:

All steam ahead at Aussie Block Dice HQ, we’ve reached our funding goal which means the lovely Pink and Green “Coral Reef” dice have been unlocked!

Next up are the “Croc Hunters”, Khaki with Dark Green ink.

On the Lamb Games introduces Lyra Cosine and updates Endless Fantasy Tactics dice appearance

On the Lamb Games has updated their Endless Fantasy Tactics dice over on Kickstarter to look more distinct. They’re also introducing Lyra Cosine to the Endless family.

From the update:

Impatient with the structured process of the Magickal Akademy, Journeywizard Lyra Cosine dropped out of the school in a manner that been described by the faculty as “abjectly unprofessional”. Since leaving the school, Lyra has taken to self-teaching, most often by practicing spells on highwaymen and bandit dens. This behavior has earned her the gratitude of many outlying villages throughout Wugin, but the ire of others.

Accepting large payments for the defense of small villages, Lyra has sometimes done more damage than the bandits during her ‘protection’ of a village. With her fees pre-paid by the community, Lyra skips town before the smoke has even settled.

Lyra will be added to all Thief, Dragoon, and Cleric level pledges when we hit $60k.

Aussie Block Dice on IndieGoGo

Aussie Block Dice are a new set of dice that’s looking to get funded over on Indiegogo.
Dice: Every gamer’s weakness.

From the campaign:

Over on IndieGoGo I’ve just launched our Aussie Block Dice project. We’re looking to produce sets of uniquely Australian dice in a range of thematic colours.

The dice themselves are designed to be thematic but very easy to identify, and we’ve gone with clear colour combo’s to improve readability.

So for fans of Fantasy Football everywhere, join in the fun and get yourself some awesome looking dice!

X-Wing Miniatures dice pack now available from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight now has an extra dice blister available for their X-Wing Miniatures Game.
Small editorial note: I really do wish they’d just put 4 of each type in the main box. That really would’ve served basically all the need for them.

From the release:

Let nothing distract you from taking your shot. Speed up your games of X-Wing™ with the X-Wing™: Dice Pack, now available at your local retailer!

X-Wing pits two players against each other in a fast-paced battle for the fate of the galaxy. Rebel X-wings collide with Imperial TIEs in dramatic dogfights. Players maneuver their starfighters and try to blast their opponent’s ships to pieces. Combats are deadly and streamlined by the use of custom dice that keep players immersed in the action.

Burn In Designs new themed Dice Towers

Burn In Design is starting up a new set of themed dice towers. Here’s their first one. Guess Who it’s based on.

From the announcement:Who says a dice tower can’t be fun. This is the first in a series of themed dice towers. The tower is 6 inches tall and will work with most standard sized dice. It is fully engraved and includes a removable dice tray to help corral the dice as they come out of the chute.

The theme on this one should be pretty familiar to most people. The Tardis. The engraving is carried to all 4 sides of the unit and carried over onto the dice cup. The unit will come pre-drilled for magnets for easy attachment of the dice tray. The kit is available in wood as shown or assembled acrylic in your choice of clear, blue or red.

Last hours of Impact! Miniatures new dice Kickstarter campaign

Impact! Miniatures is in their final few hours of their Kickstarter and has one more stretch goal to try and make.

STRETCH GOAL #4 ($21500) – Spherical D7 or D16 produced

If we reach this goal we will produce a D7 or D16 in 8 colors of the D14, D18 and D22. If we reach the goal, they will be $2 each to add to your order. $11 to get a set of 6 in the Dice Farmer colors. $15 to get a set of all 8.

D22 added to Impact! D14 / D18 dice KickStarter

Impact! sure does know how to run a successful Kickstarter (and here’s how they do it). Well, they’re D14/D18 dice campaign has made it to their second stretch goal. So now they’re making a D22. That means you’ll be able to have every even-numbered die from 4 to 24.

From the update:

Impact! has reached the Stretch Goal needed for them to also create a D22 as part of their KickStarter to create spherical D14s and D18s in 8 colors. Multiple package options available with the dice starting around $2 each.

KickStarter ends on Monday August 27th and currently everyone pledging $16 or more gets one free die (and the project is quickly reaching the Stretch Goal to give everyone pledging $17 or more a 2nd free die)

Eternity Dice: forged from lava up on Kickstarter

Escape Studios has a Kickstarter up where they’re making dice from lava.
Don’t scoff, they’re already at 10x their funding minimum level.

From the campaign:

We have always been fascinated by dice. Somehow we consider them as mystical objects, but all dice we’ve ever bought and used to play with didn’t have a soul. After a walk in Vesuvius National Park, we realized that we wanted to have dice directly from Mother Earth which would be able to evoke old world feelings now lost in the traffic of the modern metropolis. So what material could be more evocative and pleasant to the touch and sight than the lava of a volcano?

Impact! adds Dice Farmer game to D14 / D18 KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures has added the dice game Dice Farmer to their Kickstarter campaign wherein they’re raising funds to make all the even-numbered dice from 4 to 20.

From the update:

Dice Farmer is a very fast playing game of chance with just enough strategy to get it fun and interesting that was developed by Tailsteak of

Impact! has been given permission to offer a boxed set of the game with our KickStarter for the D14 and D18 as the boxed set rules of the game gives the user an immediate use for those new dice.

If you have someone who is just getting into RPG gaming, this game makes a great gift to give them a game and set them up with a start at their needed dice pool at the same time. Full rules for the game can be seen at

This game is available now as a $45 reward or you can add it to any pledge for $45. If you just want the 6 of D14, D16 and D18s you need to add to your own collection to play this game. You can add $25 to any pledge level to get just those 18 dice.

Mayan Dice from Paymaster Games are Fully Funded

Paymaster Games now has their Mayan Dice fully funded over on Kickstarter.

We have reached our goal. YAY US!!! 🙂

Because of how good sports you were and more book work on my part. I have discovered the Mayan numbers for 10 to 100. We are going to offer a D10 with the numbers 10 through 100; IE 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and100. So when this event ends make sure tell me what types of dice that you need.

Also, since you guys have asked for it the D20 i going to make a limited number of Mayan D20 Available at $15 pledge lvl. Good luck to those that want them.

Thank you again,

Paymaster Games

Impact! Miniatures has full dice sets now offered on KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures now has full dice sets of all the even dice available over on their Kickstarter page (where they’re about 1/3 or so to their goal, but still have plenty of time left).

From the campaign:

To better serve the gaming community who like their dice to be coordinated when gaming. Impact! is offering full dice sets with all the even dice from D4 to D20 (plus a D10%) in 6 different colors. Priced reasonably at $15 for the 10 dice set which includes shipping to anywhere in the world.