TGN Sunday Snippets

Here we are again. Some shorter stories for Sunday surfing.

Today we’ve got: new Commands and Colors storage options from Sally 4th, Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum, new Abscessus release from Hitech Miniatures, a new Wolsung preview, new 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop-Art, some fluff about Clan Ika from Ninja All-Stars, New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes’ TGG range, Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift, Kabuki Models – Legio Praetoriana Updates, and some new releases from Mierce Miniatures.

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New Add-Ons for Stones Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter

Frontline Games has posted some new add-ons for their Stones Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter campaign. These include a new carrying case to help you get your minis around, as well as a stones gaming mat (though think of it less like a gaming mat and more like a table cloth, from the looks of it). The campaign is over 150% funded with still 12 days to go to get in on the action.


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TGN Saturday Edition: Reviews in the News

Even when I was younger and had a bit more disposable income than I do now, I always looked to reviews (mostly through my friends) to let me know if a game was worth picking up or not. Reviews are a vital resource so as to not end up with a new game/model that will just sit on your shelf, collecting dust, but instead see plenty of table time.

Here’s a list of reviews we found over this past week.

Read down to the bottom, if you wouldn’t mind, as I’ve got some questions for you and a contest as well.
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Sabol Designs is having their winter sale on their Armytransport cases over on their website this weekend.


From the announcement:

Greetings from Sabol Designs. We are offering a Winter Holiday sale of 25% off your total order, good through December 1st. Along with the arrival of the All NEW ARMYTRANSPORT Mark III case! This new design shares all of the same features as the world’s most popular miniature case the ARMYTRANSPORT with the added feature of back pack straps. At this time the ARMYTRANSPORT Mark II and the ARMYTRANSPORT Battalion and Armored Company cases are in semi-permanent retirement due to low demand. We also would like for you to know that we can with much pride state that ALL Sabol Designs products are now MADE IN THE USA.
* use the 25% off coupon code ( gobble ) @ checkout.

New Pulp Alley Gaming Accessories from Sally 4th

Sally 4th has new storage options as well as tokens and accessories for you Pulp Alley players. They’re available now in the Sally 4th webshop.


From the announcement:

I was absolutely delighted when David asked me if I would like to design some products to support Pulp Alley, as this is a game that we play very frequently and always really enjoy. Our first four releases are:

Gaming tokens to place on the table or on your character cards to mark actions, wounds, status etc. This set contains 36 15mm diameter tokens.
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Nerdy Necromancer Dice Bags up on Kickstarter

Nerdy Necromancer is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new knitted dice bags. They’ve made their funding already (granted, it wasn’t much, but still) with still 25 days to go.


From the campaign:

What’s cooler than walking into you regular D&D or Pathfinder group with a handcrafted crochet dice bag? How about walking into your game with a death inspired handcrafted crochet dice bag!

Im coming to kickstarter to launch my awesome necromancer series dice bags! I’m a long time gamer I know that these bags will make you the envy of your table, whether you’re a player or DM.

Each product is handmade by me and me alone for you. If you have specific ideas or requests for color, size, or even adding something a small as a strip pattern please let me know. I’m open to any new ideas that will make your dice bag a one of a kind.

New Beholder Die Bag from WeLoveFine

WeLoveFine gives you another way to carry your dice to your games with the release of their Beholder dice bag.



From the website:

You don’t have to roll a D20 to score a critical hit with WeLoveFine. We’ve been dying to release the newest dice bag edition to all you table top gamers out there, and here it is: The Eye of the Beholder Dice Bag.

This high quality, textured fabric bag features the original dungeon terror that has become so iconic to the world and players Dungeons & Dragons. Pull on the eye stalks to open and close this monster dice bag, keeping your D20s, D10s, D4s, D12s, and mini figures safe and sound outside of your regularly scheduled gaming shenanigans.

And don’t think that this bag is only meant for gaming! This is a multi-use plush bag of holding that can be used to carry a variety of items from phones, small tech gadgets, and coins in addition to dice.

Dog Might Games running The Dice Chest Kickstarter

Dog Might Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their The Dice Chest dice holder and rolling tray.
They’re already well over their funding goal, so it’s seeing how many stretch goals they can get through in the next 30 days.

The Dice Chest


From the campaign:

The Dice Chest is a hybrid dice case and rolling tray for tabletop gamers. The lid doubles as a rolling screen for GMs and players who prefer to hide their rolls. Each case is made from wood that is hand selected for it’s beauty and strength. Cases are built in our on-site woodshop to our exacting standards.

With a footprint of 9.5″ by 5.75″ (241mm x 146mm) the Dice Chest holds 96 standard d6 dice, has ample room for pencils, cards, and gaming supplies.

Hex Chests dice cases up on Kickstarter

Elder Wood has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for their Hex Chest dice carrying cases. They’re more than 4x funded, so check out the stretch goals and extras.

Hex Chests


From the campaign:

We’re Quentin and Dan, and we started making Hex Chests as stylish, personalized gifts for our friends to hold sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice. One day, Quentin’s girlfriend shared our work online. After generous feedback and requests from the Reddit community, we decided to use Kickstarter to help get us up and running at scale.

Hex chest come in “Beehive” and “Open” styles to store whatever it is you love most that fits in a 3-inch hexagonal box. We dedicate the same patience, care, and tenderness to our expanded process that we did for our friends. First, we hand-pick the lumber at a local yard, then carefully sand, polish, and finish the wood until it shines. We craft the basic shape on a CNC router, and finish them by hand to give them just the right mix of precision and art that you deserve.

New Space Hulk bag from Battle Foam

Battle Foam helps keep your Space Hulk set organized and protected with their new transport bag designed specifically for it.

Space Hulk


From the website:

This load out option comes fully loaded with pre-designed foam trays that fit game pieces from the Space Hulk 2014 board game.

Balrog builds HobbyZone miniature transport cases – review

Chest of Colors has an assembly and review article up for HobbyZone’s miniature transport cases. Are these in what you should be packing your minis for transport?



From the article:

HobbyZone‘s offer includes interesting miniature transport cases. I was lucky to receive them for testing and reviewing, but I realized that there are already such reviews on the internet, describing thoroughly these products. This put me in a difficult situation – should I write yet another review, posting nearly the same photos, similar comments and remarks? Everything must have been said already….

New Star Wars dice bags from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games gives you a couple new bags, with spiffy Star Wars symbols on them, to carry around your dice in.



From the release:

Four new Star Wars™ Dice Bags from Fantasy Flight Supply are now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Galactic Empire
Boba Fett
Rebel Alliance

Ensure that your dice and game components remain bound together.

Fantasy Flight Games previews new Dice Bags

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off some new dice bags they’ll have available soon.

Dice Bags


From the website:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of four different Warhammer: 40,000 themed Dice Bags for Fantasy Flight Supply!

Made specifically to help keep track of all of your Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer: 40,000 product accessories, including dice, tokens, and cards for:

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
Dark Heresy Second Edition
Only War
Black Crusade
Rogue Trader

New Paint Racks From Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal has some new paint racks available over in their webshop to help you keep all your colored goop in order.

Paint Rack


From the release:

Impudent Mortal has developed 3 new paint racks that will hold your eyedropper paint bottles (i.e. Reaper, Vallejo, etc.) in the upside down position which will help reduce clogs and allow you to see what color your paints are easier. We offer 2 paint rack styles that sit on your desk and hold 44, or 66 bottles and a rack that will hang on your wall and hold 135 bottles.

Additional pieces added to Sally 4th range of Commands and Colors storage

Sally 4th has listened to your feedback and has created more options for their Commands and Colors storage sets.


From the release:

In response to customer feedback, we have added some additional items to our range of storage products for the Commands and Colors range to make best use of space within box for storing expansion sets.

Expansion sets do not include terrain hex or command cards so their is a little more room. To utilize this we have designed a drawer for holding large Napoleonic counters (Artillery & Leaders) and large Ancients counters (Elephants, Chariots & Leaders) together with a larger drawer sleeve that holds five drawers.
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Sabol Designs New cases and Sabol Studios now accepting new projects

Sabol Designs will have their MkIII ARMYTRANSPORT cases in soon. Along with that, Sabol Studios is now accepting commissions on painting minis and terrain.

Sabol Studios


From the announcement:

There are just a few over the over 100 new pictures added to the Sabol Studios galleries! Please feel free to check out some of the many completed commission projects I have recently finished. I am now taking on new projects! If you have a specific idea in miniatures do not hesitate to ask. Please provide me with as much info as you can so that I can get you a fair quote.

The new MARK III case is scheduled for delivery this week! Now taking Mark III orders! Followed by Motor Pool the week of the 29th and Platoon cases 10/3. The Armored Company will be available for the winter holidays. The Division case may be as late as Spring 2015. The standard ARMYTRANSPORT and all foam trays are available now. All info will be posted as soon as we get it finalized.

Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations announces new bag style for DragonCon

Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations will have a new style dice bag available at DragonCon in a couple weeks here in downtown Atlanta.

Weyr Bag Preview


From the preview:

The time is finally here, we have been waiting several months to announce this exciting news! In honor of DragonCon just a week and a half away, we will be unveiling a new bag this week, “The Weyr Bag”.
This amazing bag will have a new style of drawstring and feature two very unique charms that we have never used before as drawstring decoration. Stayed tuned dragon lovers, you will NOT want to miss this bag.
The Weyr Bag will be a limited edition run. Orders can be placed now till the end of DragonCon, after that we will no longer be offering them for sale until this time next year.

Here is a pic to whet you appetite.

Campaign Coins unlocks free Fate Bags

Campaign Coins unlocked another stretch goal in their Fate Tokens Kickstarter campaign. Now everyone gets free Fate dice bags.

Fate Bags


From the campaign:

So when we were planning this, we thought, well, if we tempt people with a really cool Fate Bag for free, maybe that will get us to $20,000, if we’re lucky.

Nine days later, and here we are. You amaze us.
Stretch Goal 6 unlocked: Fate Bag

Today we have unlocked the velvet blue Fate Bag. This is to keep all of your tokens in, although it’s pretty nice for Fate Dice™ as well.

If you order at least One Set you will receive one Fate bag. If you order Four Sets or more, you will receive two bags, and if you order Seven Sets or more, we will give you three bags.

New Accessory Storage Packs from Battle Foam

Battle Foam has some new accessory storage packs available over in their webshop.



From the release:

The Grenade Pouch P.A.C.K. Molle Accessory offers additional storage for a cell phone or other small personal items. There is a thin layer of padding inside for added protection.

The Ditty Bag P.A.C.K. Molle Accessory offers additional storage for gaming accessories, personal items such as wallet or keys or anything else you may need while traveling with your army.

The Media Pouch P.A.C.K. Molle Accessory offers additional storage for tablets or similar size items. This accessory can also store small books and paper. There is a thin layer of padding inside for added protection.

Sally 4th Commands and Colors Storage Sets

Sally 4th helps you keep your Commands and Colors sets neat and organized with their new storage sets.


From the release:

Storing pieces for GMTs Commands and Colors Ancients and Napoleonics games has always been a problem, up until now.
Sally 4ths storage system is designed to hold all parts of game within original box.
System comprises of a drawer sleeve with a Perspex top, a selection of drawers to hold the wooden unit pieces and a holder for cards and terrain tiles. System holds playing pieces securely so box can be stored on its side on a shelf without pieces moving.
A complete set to hold pieces from core Ancients and Napoleonics set is available now from Sally 4th priced at £25.20 GBP

Pins of War Review – Tabletop Tyrant Squire Plastic Figure Case

Pins of War takes a look at the Tabletop Tyrant Squire figure case for carrying around your little mans and gives you his thoughts on the subject.



From the article:

My miniature collection grows, thus I need storage. Since I already own a few cases from Tabletop Tyrant, such as my trusty Kingmaker (behind the books in the pic above), I was more than happy to see Tabletop’s newest addition, the Squire Plastic Figure Case.

Pretty much the same size as Tabletop Tyrant’s “half-size” Kingmaker, it replaces the black material case for a sturdy plastic exterior. One (or more) of those should be really useful in storing larger miniature collections (e.g. Warhammer 40K).

PvP comic dice bag available to pre-order

We Love Fine is taking pre-orders for a new dice bag based on Scratch Fury from the PvP webscomic.



From the website:

Destroyer of Worlds… and now, Keeper of Dice?! He can be… and we need you to make it a reality!

This incredible Scratch Fury Plush Dice Bag is a rad collectible item for any PvP fan, and once we hit a grand total of 300 pre-purchase orders, we can put Scratch into production! (We will be making the bag for sure, but we’d love you guys to help us make it happen faster!)

Vitality Handmade Designs new Kickstarter

Vitality Handmade Designs has a new Kickstarter campaign where they’re trying out some new designs for their chainmail die bags.

Dice Bags


From the campaign:

Design testing 2 of our set patterns – Limited quantity get them while they’re available.

We would like to start by saying, thank you to everyone in our previous / current Kickstarter. We are still in the process of fulfilling it and the bags that have been coming out are amazing. You can find pics of every bag that has been shipped and will be shipped on our facebook page.

This project will NOT interfere with our current project at all, if you look at the delivery dates they are October. As you will read below we are trying to prepare and be ready to present something to stores when we are done with our current project.

New Flames of War storage cases from Sally 4th

Sally 4th helps you get your tanks and infantry to the battlefield safe and sound with their new Flames of War storage cases.

From the post:

Store your Flames of War miniatures in style in the new range of Sally 4th Flames of War Warchests.
Available unpainted, or pre-painted in a choice of four colours to complement your armies colour scheme.
Olive Green
Uniform Grey
Desert Sand
Sets include clear Perspex lid to enable optimum display of your miniatures without the danger of dust settling on them and a Warchest Insert for Flames of War bases.
Warchest available are:
FOW001 – Holds 30 Small bases (£13.50 unpainted / £14.85 GBP painted)
FOW002 – Holds 18 medium & 4 small bases (£13.50 unpainted / £14.85 GBP painted)
FOW003 – Holds 9 large & 4 small bases (£13.50 unpainted / £14.85 GBP painted)
FOW004 – Holds 9 large & 4 small bases in a deeper box for larger vehicles(£14.50 unpainted / £15.95 GBP painted)
These storage trays are designed to be compatible with the complete range of Sally 4th Warchests which includes a choice of 5 box depths ranging from 35mm to 120mm deep, a choice of over 40 inserts to cover every wargames basing option and a choice of plain, magnetic or steel vinyl lined bottoms.
All Sally 4th Warchests stack securely using our system of deeply overlapping lids.

Baggy, genuine leather coin sacks, up on Kickstarter

Baggy has a Kickstarter campaign going for genuine leather coin sacks. They’ve made their goal and then some, so it’s on to unlocking stretch goals.



From the campaign:

Baggy, all your belongings in one elegant leather bag,excellent for gaming dices, realm coins, jewellery, herbs, coins and more…

Tourney Racks from Tectonic Craft Studios on sale in June

Tectonic Craft Studios is having a sale on their Tourney Racks over in their website for the month of June.


From the announcement:

Tournament season is in full swing what are you bringing your army around on? Cookie sheets?! Show up to the steamroller with a tray that can handle your army- a TCS Tourney Rack!

Until midnight on June 30th, enter “201406GotRacks?” and receive 20% off your tourney rack!

These racks are high quality carrying trays to securely transport your models from table to table without packing them up in between each match. Great for tournaments or casual play events.

Full Racks come in 4 varieties to adapt to a variety of lists for most skirmish and some full war scaled games.

Half Racks come in 7 varieties and can adapt to most skirmish games and low point skirmish game lists.

Be sure to use code “201406GotRacks?” to get 20% off your tourney rack and show up to your game prepared.

New Star Wars dice bags are coming from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has announced they’re coming out with new Star Wars dice bags.



From the announcement:

Secure your bounty of dice and tokens in style.

Fantasy Flight Supply is committed to providing you the best materials to protect, customize, and enhance your games. To that end, each Star Wars Dice Bag provides a handy, durable, and thematic means to transport your Star Wars game components

Knitted Knerd Dice Bags up on Kickstarter

Tabletop Crafts has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for knitted dice bags.

Knitted Knerd


From the campaign:

I’m turning to Kickstarter to fund creation of a set of dice bags and other hand crocheted gaming accessories. This funding will allow me to focus on producing these bags quickly, and with the highest degree of quality crafts for the lowest price.

The finished products will each be hand made. Each will be one of a kind, although they will be similar to the examples you see in the pictures below, as well as in the video. If you have special requests or questions, please feel free to message me. I’m always interested in brainstorming new designs!

Everything I make is unique, and if you have specific ideas or requests for color, size, etc. please let me know. Some options or requests might cost a little extra if they’re very extravagant, but I’m also excited to try new things!

More Bolt Action Dice bags released

Warlord Games has two new dice bags for Bolt Action available over in their webshop.


From the release:

We’ve added two new Bolt Action dice bags allowing you to declare your allegiance to the US 82nd Airborne or the US Rangers.

Both of these dice bags come complete with a set of 12 dice of your choice make sure you choose the colour you want before adding it to your shopping cart.

Deca, a new card box design up on Kickstarter

Hedron has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Deca, their new deck box that you can play directly from.



From the campaign:

Created by a team of four young designers, DECA is the world’s first deck box for tabletop card gaming that lets you play straight from the box itself! DECA handles all types of standard playing cards including baseball cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Pokémon and more. DECA’s game changing diagonal opening lets you manage larger stacks of cards for extended gaming. When done, DECA serves as a secure storage solution for all your expensive sets. DECA is super durable and handcrafted from the finest quality woods, leather and acrylics. It’s the coolest deck box on the table!