Catalyst shows the guts inside their upcoming Intro Box for BattleTech

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 23rd, 2014

Catalyst Game Labs is showing off the box contents for the upcoming BattleTech Intro Box. No release date set yet, but soon.


From the article:

I got in the following photos last week to approve…then promptly got really sick. As I dig my way out of that, sharing them.

The photos came in a spreadsheet from the printer to show what the exact assembly will be. I review and then approve (or ask for a modification) and the full assembly begins.

Unfortunately they didn’t provide a photo of the 24 miniatures (which will be collated into the other brown corrugated cardboard insert) showing off the new sculpts (remember it’s the same miniatures, but newly done masters and much higher quality plastic). As soon as I have those to show off, I will.

And no, we still don’t have a release date. Once this is on a ship I’ll announce it and that’ll give us a pretty good sense of when it’ll be available again.

But thought you’d enjoy seeing it reach this stage.

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  • jordanscott

    I wonder if they remember that other game they advertised for a while. Crossfire. I wonder if they have any plans for that any time soon.

    • Grindar

      The last I heard they were in late playtest and looking at production, but getting a whole card game produced was new to them so basically they were looking at it like a new company does, checking printers and stuff. I’m looking forward to it too.

  • luckyb0y

    you too lazy to check 8 posts down mate?

    • Grindar

      I totally missed it too lol.

      • Makes me wonder what’s really going on when people say that I’ve sometimes refused to post about a certain game when I know that I have already. :p

  • 4tonmantis

    I haven’t been following this too closely other than occasionally wondering when it’s actually coming out. One thing I am hoping for is that the style of the mechs has been updated to the type of thing they’re doing in Mechwarrior Online. As iconic as BT is, most of the designs are just completely outdated.

    • Grindar

      Nope, these mechs are the same as the old starter set, with cleaned up molds. Which to be fair, it’s a pretty good mix of Succession Wars stuff gameplay-wise, even if the minis themselves were garbage.