Catalyst Game Labs shows off contents of British and French fleet boxes for Leviathans

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 12th, 2012

Catalyst Game Labs gives us a look inside what’s in a Fleet Box for their Leviathans game.

From the preview:

What’s In A Fleet Box?

While it’s clarified in the FAQ, I’ve seen enough people asking this question that I felt I’d spell it out with photos so everyone knows exactly what these items offer.

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  • Absolutionis

    It’s $50 for just those four miniatures?
    Terribly disappointed…

    • Marauder

      Plus 5 different coloured d12’s organized into a pentagon which is kind of cool considering that the face of each d12 is also a pentagon! Hey wait, what’s with all the pentagons… 😉

  • Kolonel K

    I can’t see Spartan Games feeling particularly threatened by this release. These look to be pretty poor quality.

  • deathjester

    Well this has not made me want to put Dystopian Wars to one side. As others have mentioned, very disappointed in both the quality and the cost of this.

  • grimbergen

    Looks like the same pricing scam that Rackham tried to pull with the plastic confrontation releases. Though this looks even more egregious…

  • akanous

    I can’t see Spartan Games caring much about this release either, as Leviathans and Dystopian Wars aren’t analogues for each other. One is a self-contained boardgame (with the option of expansion as this news post shows) and the other is a miniatures game. Warhammer Fantasy and Battlelore both sit quite happily next to each other on my gaming shelf and I don’t see why these wouldn’t do the same.

    • Sockmonkey58

      Because Leviathans is a blatant rip-off of Aeronef instead of DW?

  • I’ve been following the progress of this game on their website for a couple of years and it’s been with all the fascination of watching a train wreck 🙂 I mean I wish them well, but the massive delays and missteps have made me wince. I think their biggest error was going with the pre-painted plastic ships. They just look very chintzy compared to high-quality resin and metal models you see coming out these days. And they’ve only got eight total models available for the foreseeable future! They should have lined up a good modeler/sculptor, made the main game cheaper to lure people in and have a big range of cool minis in the pipeline to keep them interested.

    • Grindar

      Doesn’t even take that great a sculpter. blimp shape, attach some piping and turrets.

      I think they should have gone the same route FFG did for Dust Warfare/Tactics and did the minis primed in 2 different colors. Distinguishable if you want to play out of box, a decent base if you want to paint.

  • Veritas

    I’m just really hoping this doesn’t sink Catalyst because I think they’ve done quite well with Shadowrun and I’d hate to see the license in limbo. 🙁

  • scottjm

    I wouldn’t call 4 ships a fleet. What’s a squadron – 2 ships? Awful expensive for 4 ships and some dice.

    • BaconSlayer

      Don’t forget the armada of dice that is included!

  • odinsgrandson

    I played their game at Gencon last year, and it was rather good. I felt it was a pretty strong simulation of naval-type combat without getting bogged down.

    It was kind of a shame that they only had a handful of ships at the con itself. They were giving them out as prizes to people who attended their demos.

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    I agree with Scott. This game is fun, but it has been a mess for a while. This is just another chapter of this ongoing wreck. for $100 you get the starter which is 2 fleet boxes, 2 sets of dice plus maps, tokens, and rules. for $50 you get the exact same ships plus, but with 4 variant ship cards, with a set of dice. I’m not real thrilled about this. The fleet box doesn’t include any type 3 ships, let alone the type 4’s, so that will be a different box set. Rename this game Titanics and man the life boats. I was looking forward to this game from when I played it at Origins last year, but now I’m staying away from this sinking ship.

  • Gallahad

    This makes me sad. Everything I have read was very positive about the game play, but it seems like people are almost trying to punish Catalyst for things that were beyond their control. I mean, it is hard to know before hand how well the manufacturing side of things is going to work, and if they turn out to be completely inept, a small company doesn’t really have much choice but to make the best of a bad situation.

    • Veritas

      The problem I have is that Catalyst started the manufacturing, (manufacturing, not development,) on this after the Racham fiasco, right? They could see quite clearly the myriad problems these sorts of prepaints could cause, right? Really, if anyone saw the crap Rackham went through and still thought following a similar model was a good idea they really need some help with their business sense.

      • wildger

        Dust tactics has a separate line for pre-painted models. I believe they are doing well. Leviathan pieces are lightly painted so that you can add in your color scheme according to your desire.

    • akanous

      Agreed. The tone of the comments in the last few news items regarding Leviathans would make you think Catalyst somehow wronged folks, rather than just making them wait while they suffered through myriad unforeseen delays. Catalyst has been quite candid with us throughout the entire process, explaining the cause of the delays at nearly every turn – none of which stemmed from their decision to make the models pre-painted.

      • Gallahad

        I definitely agree that going the pre-painted route was a terrible idea, but from what I can gather the pre-painted part wasn’t the cause of the delay so much as an inept manufacturing partner.

      • XombieKrig

        I’m pretty sure that people just like being on the ground floor of naysaying.

        The game sold out quickly at Origins, and everyone seems like they have to admit that the game itself is fun and well designed. There’s plenty of room for people who don’t care about when it was first announced to buy the game.

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    I stand corrected. the fleet box has 2 type 1’s, a type 2, and a type 3 where the starter has 2 type 1’s, and two type 2’s for each faction. I would guess that type 4’s would be their own box set then.
    Sorry for the negativity. I was really excited about this game and i’m just surprised by the model count and pricing. It is a great game and if the rule book includes all the rules we used at GenCon last year then it is much deeper, and re-playable, than a simple board game.

  • riftsinger

    you know your getting old , when your 1st thought is “good grief did they really need such a big box for those “

    • TomasT

      HAha…. agreed.
      That was my first thought too…
      Weird… must be turning hippie!

  • youlooklikeanail

    It certainly does look like they could have managed with a smaller box.

    Anyway. This will have to be forwarded to two years ago when I was still interested. That ship, as it were, has long since sailed.

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    @riftsinger. I thought the same thing. reminds me of the at-43 boxes: 5 troops shipped in a box that could fit 20 and priced as if their were 20 too.

  • Ritterton

    Ok, now it’s time to start saving for the large box version…dang!

  • Nosaj Verush

    The company needs to face the fact that it’s models are not going to sell the game. They look like Dystopian Wars models, yet Dystopian Wars models are vast. They need to make its rules sell the game. Dystopian Wars is great, but not that deep. My understanding is that this game involves much more detailed rules, with slowly deteriorating ships for which damage is charted on a diagram of the ship. If this is true, the game has a chance, but make this known or a fear the worst.

    • XombieKrig

      The game doesn’t look or play anything like Dystopian Wars.

    • wildger

      Leviathans play more than Battletech. Dystopian make nice models but that is about it.

  • Kraan

    Let’s state some facts: Catalyst was very transparent about the delays and their reasons. That’s something all the other companies should do with their customers: being honest and communicate. The people reacting so negatively (me included) are just feeling frustrated and a little bit angry because something they were looking forward to, now has a really high price for 8-10 prepainted ships. They don’t know really well the rules (that maybe are super exceptional) and MOST important they look around and see for the same price tag Super Dungeon Explore (lots of cool pieces, simpler than those ships but with strong character) or the chance to buy immediately a game like Dystopian wars and play it immediately and then paint it.

    It’s a missed chance. Imagine how many copies they would have sold 1 year ago…sad sad sad.

    • XombieKrig

      As has been said, they really don’t seem to be hurting on sales at all. They did attempt to keep the price down, and didn’t just make it arbitrarily high. The dice, for instance, are all one shape because it costs less to manufacture them that way. Catalyst is a small company who’s always been known for putting out quality products, and from what I saw of what’s included in the box at Origins, Leviathans is no exception. Not to mention that $100 for two forces, full rules, and game tools is pretty standard for minis companies. It’s what you’d pay for two Dystopian Wars forces plus rulebook, for the WarmaHordes 2-player battlebox, less than what Games Workshop charges for any of their games, etc.

      It’s just really bizarre to me that you guys say you will never buy it simply because you can’t buy it right this minute. Is this the only time in your life that you have money? Will you stop buying games as of September 2012? Read some reviews, buy it or don’t, but it just sounds like a lot of people trying to act hurt when they have no good reason to be.

      • keltheos

        Yeah, I mean it’s not like it’s a GW product that’s automatically on the ‘not buy’ list for some people…

        What it boils down to for me is after toooo many false starts and promises and missed dates and updates on production woes and changes and updates and demos at cons and promises and woes and and and that I’ve simply lost interest in the game. I was all over it in 2009, but since then I’ve moved on to other games, DW being the primary one for my ‘steampunk boat-type game’, and now that I’m seeing what I would get for my money IF I was still interested has turned me off the product completely (heck, I still have the sample PDF rules I had to purchase somewhere on my computer). It’s a shame. I hope it does well for them, but it won’t be part of my gaming collection.

        • Kraan

          Yeah, exactly as you said. Still, I hope them all the good sales the game deserves.

  • PanzerKraken

    This seems far more interesting than Dystopian Wars. DW has great minis, but the rules are pretty poor it feels. But really they are completely different games, only comparison is steam punk setting.