Catalyst Game Labs posts up Sprawl Gangers Design Diary #3

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Mar 13th, 2013
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Catalyst Game Labs shows some more insight into the creative process behind Sprawl Gangers with Design Diary entry #3.

From the pages:

One of the great things about designing for Sprawl Gangers is that I’m really designing the game that I have wanted to play for decades. Ever since discovering the joy of league- and campaign-based miniature games like Necromunda, Mordheim, and Blood Bowl, I’ve wanted to build my own take on a deep and engaging set of campaign rules.

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  • tuco

    Dare I get too excited for this? It’s got my dream system of tabletop skirmish gaming with a campaign system that sounds like they’re shooting for all of the parts of that ideal that made Necromunda and Mordheim so much fun.