Catalyst Game Labs launching ePub novels

Catalyst Game Labs will be releasing novels in the ePub format for use on the iPad and other devices.

From their website:

More than 120 novels have been published for the perennial BattleTech and Shadowrun universes across the last two plus decades: both with a huge, vibrant history and compelling characters that have entertained millions around the world. However, most of that fiction has been out of print for long years.

With the launch of the iPad (along with the Kindle, Sony Reader and others), electronic fiction reading devices have reached a critical mass. Catalyst is enthusiastically embracing this new medium and launching epub formats for both BattleTech and Shadowrun fiction.

The quintessential BattleTech novels that launched the first of the great story arcs are now available in an Author’s Definitive Edition. The Warrior Trilogy can either be purchased as three separate novels or in an Omnibus Edition. We’ve also published an all-new novel set in BattleTech’s Dark Age Era, A Bonfire of Worlds.

Check out their website for full details.