Casual Game Insider issue #7 posted

By Polar_Bear
In Magazine/webzine
Apr 10th, 2014

Casual Game Insider has posted episode #7 of their eZine up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.


In this issue:

CGI#7: Guardians’ Chronicles, Game Conventions, and Microgames

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  • CptJake

    I wonder if Iello addresses the massive screw up that the Guardian’s Chronicles KS project has become, or acknowledge the project/game is currently on hold.

    Interesting to see the pictures of figures used in the article are what they used for the KS project, but not the recently released pictures of the much lesser quality figures they have actually made up to this point.

    • Now I am interested – any good thread you can recommend for getting up to date on this?

  • rollntider

    @ basement dweller Look at the kickstarter comments.

    This kickstarter is bad and getting worse. i will never buy another Iello product again.

    They lied to us several times telling us the KS was about to deliver. in Feb. Then in March we were told they had to make the minis. They were doing away with resin and hard plastic in favor of a “soft comic book style” re: poor sculpt details.

    Stay away from Iello if you can. I wished I had.

    • WOW! It’s apparent they have zero experience with miniatures. That doesn’t really excuse anything though… I feel sorry for all involved. I was gobsmacked when I read this line:

      “One thing we’ve been able to do with the savings from the 3D method is that we are going to be able to upgrade all of the figures to plastic, even the ones that we’d originally planned to make with resin.”

      And then the pictures of the pvc/restic pieces made me depressed.