Carnevale, the Miniature Game

VESPER-ON GAMES, S.L. announces a new skirmish game, Carnevale:

From their announcement:

We’ve just opened our web site:

Carnevale is a brand new miniature skirmish game, set in a twisted city of Venice in 1795. These are 28mm metal models for painters and players alike. The game has a simple game system, but enough tactical depth to please many wargamers.

You’re very welcome to have a look at our site, watch all the models (you’ll see them in the first articles under the name of every faction: The Guild, The Rashaar, The Patricians and the Doctors of the Ospedale) and pick up any images that you think are interesting to illustrate any note you feel like writing about the game.

The game will be commercially released in Spain and in our web store this next saturday, and should be in stores in the UK and USA in the next few weeks. There will be a rulebook both in English and Spanish.
This is the blurb at the back of the book:

This is the year 1795. After a magical cataclysm that has changed Europe and the world as we know it, the city of Venice is under the effects of the Rent in the Sky. For the first time in history, magic is walking freely on its streets, ancient monsters have awakened from their submarine slumber and found their way towards the canals of this city, a decadent nobility has discovered new ways of depravity in senseless violence, and the citizens of Venice do the best they can to survive under the protection of the Guild of thieves.

This thrilling scenario lays in front of you, and you will be able to explore it thanks to Carnevale, The Miniature Game. With a simple and dynamic but profound game system, you will be able to create your own squad of fighters, make it evolve through game campaigns and enjoy your collection of spectacular miniatures. In this book you will find all the rules and all the information needed to play Carnevale, its characters, heroes, villains and monsters. What are you waiting for?

  • Tonyk

    Some really nice miniatures, very original. Good luck with the game.

  • So, it’s “goodbye to meat” the minis game?

  • Absolutely love the minis, hope the game turns out alright(not that I need another game to sink money into).

  • mweaver

    Interesting miniatures. I look forward to future releases.

  • cybogoblin

    Looks a bit like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood meets Doctor Who’s Vampires in Venice, too. Which is all good in my book.

  • Looks good. Think I’ll download the free rules to see how they measure up. The figures look great and the setting seems like a welcome change.

  • ish

    Looking interesting. Rules will have to be absolutely amazing though if they want to stay alive with so many great games nowadays: Warmachine, Malifaux, Infinity, Freebooter’s fate, Dark Age: Apocalypse, Hell Dorado, Heavy Gear, Nemesis, Bushido, Cutlass – and the list goes on.
    I wonder when will the ‘new skirmish game fever’ come to a halt?

    Anyway, good luck to them.

  • How is everyone finding the miniatures as well as these “free” rules?

    I can’t find any information at all on their site. I know I’m simply missing something.

  • keltheos

    The blog posts with the faction names as their titles link to a few preview pix for the models. Not the best layout, but it’s a start.

    There’s a hint that something big is coming to their Downloads section on 10/29, the assumption (or was it stated elsewhere) is that it’ll be the rules. Some folks have seen/played them at demos they talk about in the blog as well.

  • That makes better sense. I did read the rest of the blog entries and saw those models. I just assumed that there would be a “faction” or “our models” section I could easily view instead of blog posts.

    Looks good so far, and the models and paintjobs look great.

  • mathieu

    Some of the models look great, and given the sculptors names (JAG, Thomas David, Rémy Tremblay for the ones I know) they probably are great. But I think see why they would hire such talented, high-end sculptors if they end up promoting the miniatures with horrendous paintjobs… They really need to get themselves a half-decent painter.

  • keltheos

    I’m not seeing great sculpts here, most look mediocre at best. Might be the paint jobs or the photography, but not sure. Hoping the rules are good. 😉