Cardistry folding game table

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Aug 19th, 2014
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Cardistry has created a lightweight folding table for gaming in small spaces, such as apartments and so forth. Go check it out.

Map Folding Table


From them to you:

When was the last time you bought something really cool?

During WWII, British and American spies gave out decks of cards with escape maps hidden in them. Not only was this one of the greatest espionage gadgets of all time, it was absolutely spectacular.

This was our inspiration. These cards have been set in the table permenantly and create a very cool giant map that is an exact replica of those decks, one of which now sits in the Spy Museum. When you look closer you see it is made entirely of 52 USPCC playing cards. The top is a high gloss black with a two-tone red legs and siding. No other table like this exists. It’s our original design.

This was a mid-century modern card table from the late 1940s that we lovingly restored after spending decades as a table holding doorknobs and used metal tools at an upstate New York flea market. Prior to that, it spent 30 years as a poker night table in a home with a well-stocked bar. Far from the Steve McQueen and James Bond vibe we’ve given it. This was built to be incredibly durable and remains that way today. Our folding table has had a complete transformation. This can even be hung as a work of art. All of our materials are made in the USA. We believe in using Made in America whenever possible.

Our table can be used as a desk, a kitchen table, a game table and even a coffee table. It fits in with shabby chic decor, mid-century modern decor, a cool game room, a tiny apartment and just about everywhere else. You can use this table outdoors, just bring it inside at night.

Shipping is free because it has already been factored into the price. It ships in a big flat box.

The folding table 31” x 31” and 30” Tall. It weighs about 20 pounds. This is the lightest and most portable piece of furniture you will ever own. The table has expected age-related wear but we’ve done our best to upcycle and restore it to it’s former glory.

Made by two girls sick of not seeing anything they liked for apartments. Many more cool one-of-a-kind tables like this to come.

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  • Soulfinger

    I imagine that this would be awful for playing blackjack or poker on. It also seems to give Allied forces a distinct advantage in any game of Flames of War. Also also, at 20 pounds, it is not “the lightest and most portable piece of furniture that I will ever own.” I have camping chairs, fold-out bedside tables, taxidermied cat arrangements, and resin shelving units to fit that bill. I can appreciate that it has to be brought in at night though, as I have a dresser that is also scared of the dark.

    The uniqueness of it is wonderful though. Hats off to restoration and artisan craftsmanship shipped in big, flat boxes.