Capitan Miniatures new 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ships

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 23rd, 2012

Capitan Miniatures has some new 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ships up on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

“Naval Scale” is a new miniature system of ships in 1/1200 scale.
Fully detailed miniatures of ships in the Napoleonic era.
Each model consists of two white metal pieces, the base of the sea and the ship.
Scale and size compatible with the current market miniatures, but much more simple assembly and painting. Much more gamer freindly than the very delicate miniatures found on the market now.
Capitan Miniatures innovates in the wargamers and collectors market, the ships are perfect for your naval wargames and collections.
Perfect to play at our Master &Commander game, download our free Napoleonic Naval Battles rules at our Capitan Games web.
Next to come Heavy Frigates & Frigates.

Our range:

SH001- 1st Rate Full Sails (120-112guns)
SH002- 1st Rate Combat Sails (120-112guns)
SH003- 2nd Rate Full Sails (100-90guns)
SH004- 2nd Rate Combat Sails (100-90guns)
SH005- 3rd Rate (80guns or big-medium 74gums) Full Sails
SH006- 3rd Rate (80guns or big-medium 74guns) Combat Sails
SH007- 3rd – 4th Rate (small 74guns, 64guns or 54guns) Full Sails
SH008- 3rd – 4th Rate (small 74guns, 64guns or 54guns) Combat Sails


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  • Cherno

    I’d say “fully detailed” is quite a stretch when talking about standees. The concept itself, however, is nice. The outline could follow the ship’s silhouette more closely, though. Or maybe they could experiment with something slightly more complex like the Pirates of the Spanish Main ships in the future.

    • Ghost

      I guess they don’t mind competing with the glut of cheap PotSM gear on eBay.

  • Ghost

    I would have thought full-colour cardboard would be more appropriate than unpainted pewter for 2D “miniatures”. Presumably offered for a market of {very old/nostalgic gamers} and {very very poor gamers}? Odd.