Capitan Games will publish the new edition of Napoleon´s Battles

Capitan Games will be coming out with a new edition of Napoleon’s Battles.

From the announcement:

CAPITAN GAMES the Wargames division of WARMODELLING MINIATURES, has acquired the world rights of the famous game Napoleon´s Battles from his author Bob Coggins. With the invaluable help of Mr. Coggins we are working in the new edition of the rules, with many news and ONLINE unit and army constructors, and Campaigns builder.

In some months we will have the complete edition NAPOLEON´S BATTLES ( MARÉCHAL EDITION) with the new rule book ready for the players, with a new and totally redesigned format and plenty of examples with photos of our Napoleonic 18mm miniatures range.

We are designing special packs of units and armies for the game with our miniatures.

In a few weeks we will have the Official Game Web page, to inform of the evolution of the edition, and give to players new add ons and receive suggestions, for any information contact: &

NB is a “grand-tactical” wargame which covers the period of the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, from 1792 to 1815. In these rules players assume the role of army or corps commander.

It is a game with a long journey that was published over 20 years ago (1989) by Avalon Hill and has hardly changed since then.

There have been two editions of the rules that have added some options, but mainly have increased database and general units, as well as historical and fictional scenarios.

Through a system of half-hour turns, a scale figure of 120 infantry men, 80 in the case of the horsemen, and with a range of 100 yards per inch, allows very realistic simulation of real or fictional battles.

The tactical unit in this game is the brigade or regiment depending on nationality and historical composition. Using a simple but realistic chain of command system, the player must lead his immediate inferior to execute tactical movements to their level, without leaving the brigade level.
The brigades are formed by sets of 3-7 bases of cavalry or infantry. Each base, with variable size depending on the type of troops, has four figures in two rows.

The bases sizes ranging from ¾ “x1″ for the line infantry up to 1″x2” for the cavalry.

The events within the brigade are simulated using a few properties of the brigade , keeping game agility while historical accuracy. Not surprisingly this game was inducted into the Hall of Fame of “Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design.” in 2007

Allows playing a battle of the order of magnitude of Talavera, Marengo, Salamanca (Arapiles) in a sesión.