Capitan Games release Napoleonic baordgame

Capitan Games have released a hex-based boardgame expansion for their Capitan rules.

From their announcement:

Play Capitan now as a board game.

The “wargamers” are distinguished between those who play simulation games with miniatures and the  boardgamers. In CapitanGames we offer you the chance to play both ways with the same rules, we must make some adjustments to the general rules to play in Capitan in a hexed board and make it a board game.

The hexagonal game board, may not be as flexible as the game on scenery, but it is more accurate in the calculation of distances and terrain effects, and obviously takes up less space. All this has encouraged us to do this supplement.

Now you have your napoleonic “Squad Leader” Play with miniatures or with counters, you choose.

Download the supplement & counters in the Capitan rules section