Campaign Coins unlocks free Fate Bags

Campaign Coins unlocked another stretch goal in their Fate Tokens Kickstarter campaign. Now everyone gets free Fate dice bags.

Fate Bags


From the campaign:

So when we were planning this, we thought, well, if we tempt people with a really cool Fate Bag for free, maybe that will get us to $20,000, if we’re lucky.

Nine days later, and here we are. You amaze us.
Stretch Goal 6 unlocked: Fate Bag

Today we have unlocked the velvet blue Fate Bag. This is to keep all of your tokens in, although it’s pretty nice for Fate Dice™ as well.

If you order at least One Set you will receive one Fate bag. If you order Four Sets or more, you will receive two bags, and if you order Seven Sets or more, we will give you three bags.