Calling All Gamers – Team PoweredPlay Now Accepting Applications

PoweredPlay is now taking applications for people who want to join Team PoweredPlay, their volunteer and demo program.

Imperial Knight


From the post:

PoweredPlay Gaming is thrilled to announce the formation of Team PoweredPlay, an officially sponsored team of 5-6 tabletop gamers, hobbyists and competitive painters. Comprised of artists and enthusiasts from across the US, team members will help represent PoweredPlay Gaming at tournaments, painting conventions and local gamestores worldwide.
“We’re all about supporting the hobby, and are proud to offer this sponsorship to some of the people who electrify the game ,” says Co-founder and COO, Chris Michaels. “The hobby is more than just competition – it’s about the community. We’re looking to unite a team of people who may have never met in the competitive gaming circuit, but are equally excited about sparking creativity in others and showcasing their abilities.”

PoweredPlayers will receive a number of benefits, including:
•Early access to products in development before they hit the market, with the ability to recommend changes to production models.
•A $200/year stipend for entry fees, travel or that new model they’ve always wanted to light.
•A starter package of LED lighting and effects kits sent right away.
•An ongoing 50% discount on any future products.
•Team apparel, stickers, patches and more.

The company is looking for individuals who consider themselves regular competitors in either tabletop games or painting competitions (or both), and visit more than 5 gaming events in a particular region, or nationwide in a calendar year.
Selection will be made through an application and interview process. The application process will close on June 15, with formal team announcement on the 4th of July.