“By Fire and Sword – Deluge” Kickstarter: New Stretch Goals, New Freebie, New Add Ons

Wargamer.pl has been making it through stretch goals, posting new ones, and showing off more add-ons over on their By Fire and Sword – Deluge Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

Hurrray!! The 6th Stretch Goal for passing 20000L achieved – Prussian Territorial Defense is currently unlocked! Now onwards to 22500L!

The participating backers decided the fate of “Who will Become the Brandenburgian General” contest. The official commander therefore is: Georg von Derfflinge. It seems that the idea of a drunken cavalry officer was strong encouragement for many backers. Pdf with his rules (both in Polish and English) will be published soon on the official “By Fire and Sword” website.

The next stretch goal to achieve is on 22500L which will bring some new dragoon models for the Brandenburgian army. At 25000L we will see the return of Mercenary infantry – old type (style) set, with re-sculpted miniatures. It will be a nice addition to both Swedish and Polish-Lithuanian armies.

Finally, to celebrate reaching the number of 150 backers, we’ve decided to prepare a new freebie – the mini of the Polish Queen, Maria Louise Gonzaga, sitting on a military drum and commanding some Polish cannons!