BuyPainted puts up a video review of new Citadel paint line

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 9th, 2012

BuyPainted puts a video review up on YouTube about their impressions of the new Citadel Paints.

The “official story” is: changing supplier forced GW to change product names and colors, because they are a property of manufacturer. If someone will tell you something like that, please ask him:
1. Do you suggest, that GW employees are so incompetent to not register trade mark of best selling product? (best selling product is – or was – Chaos Black paint)
2. How do you explain, that GW changed the supplier of paints many times always keeping the names of the paints?
3. Where can I buy these paints under their well known names? Supplier has these paints, also has rights to these popular names, so where they are?

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  • Sunstrider910

    I know that Vallejo has a paint line that is very close to GW’s, only all the names were just different enough to not be copyrighted. The story I was told was that they were doing the GW line, and when GW stopped using them as a supplier, they put out the line themselves with slightly different names. It is their game color line, with colors like squid pink, warlord purple, etc. Some of the names came out pretty funny (bald moon yellow comes to mind). That paint line is still available from most distributors.

    I would assume that means GW had the rights to all those names in the past, regardless of supplier.

  • keltheos

    Does it really matter? they chose to make changes, changes were made, deal with it people.

    I’d prefer they change the names if they’re changing the line.

    There’s no such thing as a Foundation paint any longer, right? So why create confusion by calling something new by the same name? New paint line without Foundations/Washes/etc, new color names. Doesn’t need to be any more sinister than that.

    Also, rearranging names does force competitors who try to grab some of their profits to scramble. Nothing wrong with that either.

    • Agreed.

      It’s paint, guys.

      Nothing earth-shattering, nothing profound, just… paint. Why get bent out of shape about the names?