Button Shy adds stretch goal to Storyteller Cards: Fantasy campaign

Button Shy has added a new stretch goal to their Storyteller Cards: Fantasy Kickstarter campaign.
Along with that, they’ve got links to a free-to-download game that can be played with their cards: Maze of Lies.


From the update:

Storyteller Coins – A Stretch Goal!

We aren’t quite funded, but I wanted to reward everyone for their help as you share the project. Storyteller Coins are something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. These would be the next evolution of Storyteller Cards, basically embossed plastic coins that you would choose a side to help set the tone for your stories. Opposites like Good or Evil, Day or Night, Truth or Lies, etc.. Having a few of these out on the table could really shake things up.

The artwork isn’t final, but here’s an idea of how it’ll look.