Bushido’s Weekly Update

Bushido The Game has updates about the general release of the second wave.

From their announcement:

Bushido has announced the 17.10.11 as the date for the general release of their second wave. Bushido fans will be able to get them a day early at SELWG though. This week also see’s the culmination of our painting competition and another part to the Elder story… Enjoy.

  • odinsgrandson

    You know, this miniatures line really gets more interesting with every update.

    I need to go read the rules.

  • Repeter

    Yeah really, can you guys just stop with awesome releases? I need another skirmish game like I need a hole in my head. How am I going to get this one past the mrs.?

    • Brant

      Divorce. Problem solved. 😛

      • cybogoblin

        Or you could teach her how to play. Woman like gorillas and sumo wrestlers, right? :p

  • GorilaMaguila

    Very fresh sculpture and concept. I´d like to see some products more.