Bushido the game update

KitsuneGCT Studios have sent along their weekly update on the status of their Bushido Japanese inspired fantasy game.

From their announcement:

GCT Studios is very happy to release the first Chapter of the Nezumi’s tale. For those of you eager to read the next instalment, see upcoming concepts, greens of miniatures, do not worry there will be weekly updates from now on. Here’s the link to the “Curious Incident of the Rat in the night time”, and for those Temple of Ro-Kan players out there here is the concept art for the next release for the spiritual guardians and followers of the enlighten path, The Kitsune.

  • Why, why did they use Furries? Would have been interested sans anthropomorphic characters 🙁

    That said, best of luck; hope this floats someone’s boat.

    • What he said. They had me at Samurai, lost me at furries.

    • Zac

      Would you like less anime inspired Kitsune creatures instead?

      • PanzerKraken

        The very anime look and especially the “sexy” style of the figure I assume is very off putting to many. Perhaps a more conservative looking creature would have been better.

  • mechaace

    The reason for the furries is it’s a fox spirit who has taken human form. Not all the characters are like that (in fact that’s the only one I’ve seen that is).

  • keltheos

    Is this the game I saw a screaming match over on another forum? The one that someone claims is a ripoff of Infinity’s rules?

    • mechaace

      It’s entirely possible, though haven’t seen that post myself. Given that I play Infinity and I’ve had a look at the rules of this game and they appear to have nothing in common bar that you activate in actions then I doubt it. Doesn’t mean somebody hasn’t decided they are though.

    • Zac

      It might be. I think that the person on the Infinity forum was complaining about something else though. I didn’t see or hear anything substantial though so I assume it was just hot air.