Bushido previews Dragon

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 18th, 2012

Bushido Miniatures posts up their next preview for their upcoming releases, and it’s a good one.

From the preview:

So here he is, the next to join forces with the Prefecture of Ryu. What do you reckon, worth the wait?

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  • This is begging for a 6mm DBZ diorama

    • Sevej

      That’s what I thought when I see the picture for the first time. Kept thinking how do I model an underwear falling of the skies.

  • Polar_Bear

    This is a game I’ve really been looking into lately. Going to pick up a couple starters and give it a go. It looks really awesome.

  • Nosaj Verush

    Polar-Bear, anyone, please do a review or direct us to one. Thanks,

  • xoddsx
  • Tartan skirmish radio pod cast episode 3 has a review of Bushido and a very nice interview with it’s creators.

    Tartan skirmish radio pod cast episode 3

  • Soulfinger

    It’s like near the end of Brewster’s Millions, “Marilyn? I could die in this room.” Well, not quite that dramatic, but after all of the beautiful Bushido minis I have seen, this is the one that I am going to buy — and some little metal man is going to die in its clutches.

  • StygianBeach

    Wow… very nice. I have been tempted byBushido, but this is certainly the most tempting.

    Ah, an Ulong diorama wouldbee sweet!