Burn In Designs launches a new Sci-Fi themed terrain set

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 5th, 2013

Burn In Designs has a new line of Sci-Fi themed terrain available. Stop using your sister’s old dollhouses and get yourself some real terrain.

From the release:

The Mews at Windsor Heights is a fictional burbclave in the book Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, The concept is simple build each settlement exactly the same no matter what. They are the model of efficiency. Doesn’t matter if they have to move a mountain or river to place a building you do rather than change the plan. Well this version is not as aggressive but still fitting of the theme.

The kits are designed to create a small apartment complex. This is perfect for a high tech world in 40k like a Tau planet or for an Infinity table. The complex is made of modular apartments that can be stacked independently or collected in the stacking tower.

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  • Nachtpfiffel

    Great Idea, but:

    1) Stairs for apartment buildings- seriously an elevator is here a very good updateoption.

    2) The sides need some more details, they look too flat.

    3) how good can you reach inside?

    4) The door is just glued on- only on the outside?

    • I have to agree with everything you said and I’m going to echo your comments.

      The overall design is very eye-catching and nicely sci-fi but some details seem overlooked or ignored.

      -Apartments that look like they were designed for the 22nd/23rd century would probably not have ladders for their main access. I could buy it if they were meant to be post-apocalyptic or for fire escapes but these are not.

      -The doors just do not look very good and are obviously glued on since they don’t match the design behind them or the lookout window. They seem like an afterthought.

      -The sides are very plain compared to the nicely detailed apartment fronts and floors.

      I think if they addressed these minor details, they would have one snazzy terrain piece.

      • Soulfinger

        Trust me, once you go ladder, you never go back. My third floor apartment is accessible only by ladder, and it has done a lot to develop my upper body strength. I mean, let’s say I have 16 bags of groceries. That’s at least 4 trips up and down, carrying the stuff in my futuristic Gibson-esque backpack. It also keeps the bums out. Next door, there are hobos sleeping in the stairwells but not on my ladder. Evangelists? Never. They hate ladders more than atheists. Solicitors? Not unless they are selling ladder-related products. It’s a pretty sweet setup, so I can understand the design aesthetic here.

        I also keep a false door glued to the wall of my otherwise inaccessible front porch. Isn’t that a thing these days? People always wonder, “How does that guy get onto his porch?” Answer is, I don’t. It’s an inescapable trap for cat burglars.

  • grimbergen

    You really should be blaming Corvus Belli — they have no rules for elevators! Only climbing/ladders… and even the demo terrain from CB show lots of stairs… So what’s a guy to do???

  • 4tonmantis

    Duh, you don’t need ladders, stairs, or elevators.. All you need to get into your house is a difficult terrain check.. Who uses accessible features when all you need is inexplicable dice rolls!?!?!

    • grimbergen