Bunnies vs. Zombies Kickstarter canceled

Ninja Division has decided to cancel their funding campaign for Bunnies vs. Zombies in order to regroup and relaunch at a later date.

Bunnies vs Zombies


From the campaign:

Ninja Division is looking forward to the prospect of creating a dynamic board game that puts Bunny Heroes against the Zombie Horde. We feel there is an opportunity to expand the content of this game and create an animated play experience.

Because of this, we are going to put this current campaign on pause and come back at a later date. There is a lot going on here at Ninja Division and we want to be able to have a fun IP. Bunnies vs Zombies is an exciting product that we are looking to build and grow, but the time for that may not be now.

All the support we received on this campaign has been awesome. We appreciated all the backers comments and feedback. The apocalypse has not come yet for Bunnies vs Zombies and we will stock up on carrots and ammo. Watch our website and media outlets for more updates on this game.

  • odinsgrandson

    I wonder if the hype about Zombicide 3 kept a lot of people from backing.

    Kickstarter has created a new competition dynamic (with so many projects offering exclusives and/or low prices only if you can spend the money Right Now.

    I wonder if that’s a major factor in the way that none of the current KS are super huge (although, maybe the games are competing directly with Reading Rainbow at the moment).

  • Bad_Syntax

    Too many games recently, people are tapped out.

    These things aren’t cheap, in many cases just to get the whole game costs you $400+, and people don’t have enough money to do so many of these things.

    Kickstarter is great in some ways, and many game companies have done well over the past 2 years, but those same companies are becoming victims of their own success.

  • blkdymnd

    Just seems like a horrible idea for a game overall, but it’s probably just me

    • Ghool

      It’s not just you.

  • estrus

    So much was wrong with this one, I don’t even know where to start.