Bucephalus Grav-Tank

Antenociti’s Workshop announces the availability of a new 28mm vehicle:

From their announcement:

Highly-detailed metal and resin model for 28mm wargames: this is a large tank model suitable for any 28mm sci-fi wargame, complete with lashings of detail, weaponry and style. Multi-Part Resin and white-metal kit to make the shown grav-tank.

As well as the new Hyper-Rail turret the base of the vehicle has been completely re-mastered with full detailing added to the underside. The casting of the turret has been slightly changed also for smoother castings.

Base not included, decals not included. £27.50p (£22.92 Ex VAT).

  • Wow! And I thought they just made cool metal dice! 🙂

  • mweaver

    You may be confusing them with someone else. At least, I don’t remember them every doing metal dice. They have long done terrain elements, and in the last couple of years have expanded to SciFi figures and vehicles.

  • What mweaver said.
    Although I am now trying to think who baileyrecords is thinking of.