• Zemlod

    I’ve grown thoroughly disaffected with their site by now.

    I used to check it regularly but I feel that the censoring of comments has become quite heavy-handed now. Comments are regularly deleted for mentioning vendors or online-shops not endorsed by BK (a.k.a sponsors) or for disagreeing with moderators. Some comments are deleted without any apparent cause at all.

    Well, I’m no longer posting there if I have to guess the editor’s opinion for my comment to stay live, or if I’m only allowed to refer to sites they’re getting money from.

    • Zemlod

      Sorry for double-posting, but just to avoid misunderstandings:

      I’m perfectly aware that it’s their site, and they can of course do with it what they like; choose any business-model that suits their style etc.

      It’s just that I don’t much like that style.

      • Darkover

        It’s always funny to read such comments somewhere in the web, instead of at least trying to sort this with our team first.

        We have explained our policy about a hundred times now…

        1.) We will not tolerate advertising for shops that are no partners of our website. Our partners pay for the right to advertise on our site and enable us to keep the site up and running. It is only fair that we protect their exclusivity.

        2.) Opinions that differ from our own will never be a reason to delete a comment. But comments like “this is the shi*!!!!” will be deleted. If people want to criticise, they can do this in a suitale manner and if they’re not able to do this, it’s not our problem.

        99% of our readers have absolutely no problem with this, and if you’re with the other 1% I’m very sorry about that.


        • Zemlod

          I don’t want to appear to be nitpicking but:

          re: 1.) Yes, I know. Yo’ve made it perfectly clear and I said so in my first post. It’s your site and you can choose any revenue model you like. It’s just that I don’t like it. I’d prefer an unbiased journalistic approach, especially when it comes to mentioning and/or comparing (online) hobby shops.

          re: 2.) I can only partially agree with you there. Deleting overtly obscene or insulting comments is usually a good decision for site owners. I’m with you there. Deleting comments only because they are stupid (okay, there’s a fine line here), redundant, or because someone begins begin to question/discuss your business model can appear rather arbitrary.

          If you keep finding similar discussions in the net this probably means that there is at least a small group of people with similar views. I wouldn’t be surprised that only few approach you directly with this topic, since these are the people suspecting you of “editorial unfairness” anyway.

          You could, of course, also see these discussions as a for of compliments. These people still care enough about that site to express their discomfort with the present situation.

          Have a look at that the theory of Voice and Exit. E.g. here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exit,_Voice,_and_Loyalty

          In the end, it’s simply criticism. Getting defensive is seldom going to help to make it go away. An increase in open communication might. Why not put up an area on the site where you explain your business model and allow discussion of it…

          • Darkover

            We will put up a section on our website where we explain in detail why we have to act how we’re acting today.

            About point 1:
            It’s not as if we could chose from a huge variety of business modells. It’s a fact that our site costs money. We have to pay for our server every month and there are other costs to be covered as well.
            Since nobody in the team is a millionaire, we have to find a way to cover these costs and there are only two ways to do this: advertising or payed content. Since none of our readers would ever be willing to pay for our work, we need advertising. And we have to make advertising on our site attractive. We could of course cover the site with Google-ads but believe me, those would be a lot more annouying.
            We are conctantly reviewing our “business modell” (the word implies that we make any money with the site, which we do not) and we are 100% convinced that the way we have chosen is the best one.


  • Soulfinger

    I wish more things were labelled, “Warning: German.”

    • Darsc Zacal

      Hey! Labelling people is Wrong!


      What I understood from the review however was that for the most part they liked the minis, although they found the arms a bit too long and the legs a bit too skinny.

  • Crazywulf

    @ Zemlod 100% agree -This is why many People who former post comments on their side now just read. I think their Ego grows over the time a little bit to much…