Brueckenkopf Online previews Dropzone Commander from Salute

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 23rd, 2012

Brueckenkopf Online headed to Salute over the weekend and they’ve got a preview up on their website for the new game Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargaming.

From the preview:

Hawk Wargaming presented their new 10mm Sci-Fi Game Dropzone Commander at the Salute 2012.

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  • I stopped by the stand at Salute and the minis do look very cool. Some lovely shapes and styles.

  • I saw these at the event and I can sum them up in one word…


    As 10mm sculpts they wipe the floor with almost all of the 15mm stuff out there (and some of the 28mm as well, to be honest!). The detail is crisp, the designs fresh and the paint-jobs were fantastic.

    These guys summed up how to make a splash with a new range of miniatures.

    Their website says pre-orders in June with a release in July so watch out for them… they are completely astounding.

    (I am not affiliated with the company and the first time I saw these were at Salute…I was completely blown away by them. I am into 28mm stuff but I am sorely tempted to collect 10mm purely as a result of these miniatures… superb stuff).

    • ishibei

      I too saw them at salute and for me they were the best thing i saw there

      i will be jumping in feet first come july.

      Whilst at salute the guy i spoke to on the booth mentioned that forces will start small and grow as you gain objectives like an RTS game

  • bothfeetintheendzone

    I was really impresses with the concept and rendering of these minis. Would love to see them translate up to 28mm..

    • Some of the walkers and the white painted drop ships would be awesome in 28mm. They are 3d modelled so maybe… if we push hard enough… they’ll take a leaf out of Khurasan’s book and start working them into 28mm as well.

      We can but dream.

  • BoosterX

    Wonder what the ruleset is like

  • jackgaudette

    WOW. nothing like eyes on the objective. That is why large events are so important.

  • verythrax

    If the rules are good enough, that’s the next big thing right here!

    And I mean good ENOUGH, they don’t need to be THAT good, with those minis and concept, the battle is halfway won.