Bruckenkopf reviews 40k special 25th anniversary model

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 19th, 2012

Brueckenkopf Online has a review of the 25th anniversary model for 40k from Games Workshop.

Games Workshop released a limited edition Space Marine for the 25th anniversary of Warhammer 40.000 in Finecast and we unbox and review it.

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  • I am sad for them that their 25th aniv figure is not as good as the other two in that picture..

  • Sejanus

    Mmm mmm lookit that quality…lol….such detail….lol….such…styling and durability…..lmao.

    Remember folks GW says it is a better deal now the wonderous thing we call FineCast…For the true hobbyist…who loves to fix models with glaring issues new and fresh out of the

    I can’t name any other company that makes miniatures with such precision…certainly none I know of would want to…lol

  • cama

    GW is just spiraling down. So long, GW…

  • Veritas

    I bought one for nostalgia factor and while the price was a bit ludicrous the casting on my copy is flawless. Even the mold lines are really light. I was surprised as I bought a Dark Eldar Grotesque when it first came out and had to return it four times to get one that didn’t have massive air bubbles down the left side of the torso. Even then there were still pockmarks, they were just small enough that I could fill them w/o needing to resculpt details. So, yes, I was pleasantly surprised.