Bronze Age Miniatures new releases and sale

Bronze Age Miniatures has added some new Vikings and Picts to their line. They’ve also got a sale running over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

We are having a new 30% off sale starting today and running to the 17th of October.
I have also done a few new miniatures 4 Norse Females and 2 Male Picts for a Arthurian line I have been asked to do.
All are 32mm in size.
There are also some changes coming, I will be breaking down a lot of sets into individuals, and many of the miniatures with thick bases will be going away as I sculpt new ones to take their place. I am doing this because many of the old molds are beginning to tear and get flashing, with the price of pewter going up I will be needing to raise some prices after the sale but I don’t feel good about raising the prices on some of the older miniatures as they are out of date and not up to par with what I am doing now.

The prices on the site are not the sale price it is the regular price.

As always Thanks for all of the support, feedback and ideas.

  • Amarel

    I like the female viking with the spear a lot. Seems the only way to get them in the UK is to order direct, though.

    • Huscarle

      You can either order direct or from in Germany. I’m in the UK, and it normally takes about a week for Bronze Age Minis to arrive from USA; I’ve ordered from them a few times. They are very nice minis, and with a 30% sale, ideal for a little flutter. Postage isn’t too prohibitive either, so looks like I will ordering these beauties too.