Broken Egg Games New MDF and Tournament Display boards

Broken Egg Games have designed and put up for sale a few new boards:

From their post:

We have designed and put up for sale a few new boards. We have two new MDF boards. These are made of MDF and are very affordable. They have the felt lined tray that is great for storing your cards, dice, and templates while moving your army from table to table at the game shop or the tournament.

We also have a new furniture quality wood board geared toward the tournament player. This was designed with the multiple list tournament player in mind and based on feedback from our customers. This board is amazing with room for sixty-one 30mm bases, twenty-one 40mm bases, fourteen 50mm bases, and a single space for a 120mm base. Several of the holes will hold two different size miniatures.

  • number9

    Seems like several companies are jumping into this product type at the moment. I didn’t think there was such a demand considering the relatively low costs and complexity of making similar yourself if you already have a power drill. Also it is interesting that they all seem to prefer to accommodate 30mm+ round lipped bases instead of the GW-style 25mm+ beveled bases. Bit of a sea change in what systems you see spawning tournaments I guess. I still think for the cost that these manufacturers should include blanks to fill in unused slots if desired. Though I doubt the intention of most purchasers is to actually detail their trays scenically.

    • DarkLegacy

      GW-style bases aren’t as precise as the round lip bases. Some boards (not sure if these are) are precision cut to thousandths of an inch. GW bases have a lot of variance preventing a decent tray being made.

  • kalamadea

    Especially for the cost, these seem like a terrible option. They’re nice enough, I suppose, for the truly lazy with money to burn but you’re pretty much guaranteed to have left over slots. For the cost of even a small board you could get a cheap router and materials make your own, custom fit to your exact army, without much work. All of these appear to be made on a CNC machine, I can’t believe you don’t have the option of custom trays, an interface similar to BattleFoam’s would be ideal. Would also solve the issue of 30mm vs 25mm. Color me very unimpressed by these.

  • KelRiever

    If it sells, great. But personally, I can’t imagine why you would ever spend money on this instead of going to Home Depot and getting your own board cut, and laying a textured surface over it. What would fall off your home made tray would fall off this piece of wood with indented circles.

    Been to tournaments. People figure out ways to transport their figures between tables without breaking.

  • I don’t think it’s a bad idea and there is merit in this. The people using these trays at tournaments aren’t using them for display trays like the Flames of War crowd, etc. Also, their armies change from tournament to tournament- Some 25 points, some 35, some 50, some 75. There is no way to “custom” make a tray that can handle the wide range of tournaments a player that buys this will go to. Not to mention the different factions of armies. If I played a static tournament army year after year, I could see getting a custom made for my army tray. However, that is NOT going to happen- armies are too dynamic between tournaments.

    These trays are utilitarian in nature and very functional. Hence the form.

    I’m also not for sure if I could get my holes drilled in an organized pattern as precisely as these companies are doing- Even though I do have the tools and experience to make a tray- I can’t do it as precise as a CNC machine can with the exact spacing as shown.

  • Blitz R

    As someone who plays a few tourneys….and will be stepping up my tourney attendance in the next few months, I would get a LOT of use from a tray like this.

    Personally, I’d go with the Battle Foam option.
    A: I think that the plastic will last longer. All it takes is one clumsy nerd with a can of fizzy drink and your wood is stained. It is also less resistant to knocks, but it also would not ‘snap’ like plastic.
    B: BF actually put handles on their design. That seems like a HUGE oversight to me.
    C: I never though I would say this, but the BF options is CHEAPER! Who would have thought it!

    • Blitz R

      Also, while a custom option may be nice. Serious tourney players rarely use the same list from one season to the next. I need something that can pretty much cater for what ever my collection allows.

    • DarkLegacy

      For your C point, did you compare Fool’s trays to Battlefoam’s? Because Battlefoam’s doesn’t seem to have the same number of spots for the same cost. Fool’s offers two trays and the rods to hold them in place for roughly the same cost.

    • number9

      A note to others companies looking to get into this product market:

      Mill your trays with built-in cupholders sized for “big-gulp”, “starbucks grande”, and 20oz plastic soda bottle. No wood staining spillage. Better yet, make milled army tray lids for standard coleman coolers. That I might use, even when gaming in my own home, certainly when gaming abroad.

      • KelRiever

        I think you should make a soda holder in the shape of a tower. This way, you can double it for terrain use.

        GO LITKO!

        • kalamadea

          way to play against stereotypes there, buddy

    • JBFlanz

      I will say that this board has some killer advantages over the competition. When I first saw it, I picked one up as my previous similar board had broken on the edges because it was MDF. The wood stain is resilient, it is really more like a piece of furniture. What made me happy is that I got an awesome bin to hold all of my stuff. With some of the competition where do you put your cards? Tokens? Dice? Some people throw them on the tray haphazardly, but this tray makes it look clean. I spend a lot of time painting and basing my models, and I know that a DISPLAY board is what i want. The BF board is a black plastic, the color and material I purposefully hide on my own bases and, while very efficient, it hides models by tucking bases in between larger size holes. The BF board is very efficient, but it is not a display board, it is a carrying board. My models now sit on a espresso stained piece of furniture, akin to that of my shelving and dining room table. To say that I am happy with this purchase is an understatement. I would use a cardboard box if i didn’t want to spend money. It is cheap and replaceable, and easy to carry. My board is great looking and solid, something I wanted in a product, so I got it. I go to almost every national event, and won’t leave home w/o my board. While not for every one, it is not a product to be ragged on, it is a piece of art.

      BTW I spilled a soda on my board last week. The wood is flawless!