Broken Arrow Games launches D3 Kickstarter campaign

Broken Arrow Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for a new D3 that they say is the first real 3-sided die.


From the campaign:

The game is looking good, your on the attack, your friend is starting to sweat as your wizard picks a spell. You cast fireballs and cause d3 wounds…..d3 wounds? Where is your d3? Has this or similar ever happened to you? As a long time tabletop wargamer I have been frustrated by this often. Sure you can just roll a 6 sided dice and either count 1-2 as 1, 3-4 as 2, and 5-6 as 3 or even just keep rolling until you get a 1, 2 or 3. But there is just something about this that doesn’t seem right. So finally one night I decided to create a working three sided dice. Have any of you ever tried the down right laughable d3s already out there? Like the one shaped like a pyramid that rolls even worse or the long triangles that have 2 sides with no numbers and therefore must be re-rolled if it lands on them then you know that a true d3 does not exist. Until now that is!

  • Soulfinger

    Oh no! Where is my d3? Sure, I could do the perfectly functional thing that I’ve been doing for thirty years by rolling this d6, but that doesn’t seem right? Alternately, there are these laughable d3s already out there. HA HA! I laugh at them! Like this six-sided die I have, marked with two sets of 1-3. HA! Laughter. Wait, why is that funny? It is dice shaped like beans that are funny! I will grind them up and drink them like coffee. Grrrr . . .

  • tuco

    Yeah, the need for this one escapes me. If someone finds the level of math skill necessary to divide by two and then round up too much for them, I’m betting they don’t partake in the tabletop hobby.

  • blkdymnd

    I won’t back it, but I give them kudos for at least a cool design. I like how it rolls.

  • surprize

    Does anyone make a 36 sided dice instead of rolling 2D6? I can’t fit 2 dice in my hand.

    • surprize

      Oh sweet baby jesus and the orphans. I was trolling but

      • BaconSlayer

        The fact that it got funded just adds to the list of reasons why there needs to be some chlorine in the ol’ gene pool.

      • Soulfinger

        2d6? Brilliant! This whole time I’ve been rolling a Danish lottery die with a complex math algorithm to calculate in the 2 point difference. What I’d really like to see is the spatial anomaly that is the true d1.

        • Verminous Fang

          That blasted d1! I always fail that roll…

        • 4tonmantis

          I’ve got a ton of D1’s but I keep losing the damn things..

  • scarletsquig

    I have seen near-spherical d100’s before. All of these sorts of dice are delightfully excessive. 🙂

    • 4tonmantis

      I’ve always just used 2d10s with the one on the left being the 10s..

  • Are they necessary? Nope, but it tis fun to collect odd and weird dice nonetheless.

    • Soulfinger

      Fun at first, but once you hit ten pounds . . .

  • Marauder

    On a side note, they look easy to swallow – so if you are going to be incarcerated and want to do some gaming in the slammer – these might be for you!

    • 4tonmantis

      Or, you could use it as a suppository..

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I could see these as useful when you need to roll more than one D3. A pool of 6D3 would be a lot easier to calculate using these than the regular D6 divided by two method. The same is true of the 36-sided 2D6 die in that if you need a pool of 2D6, then it’s useful.

    But I dunno, this might be a threadcrap since this one was meant for ridiculing these 😉

    • Soulfinger

      Thing is, I don’t see these as easier than the cube dice printed 1 through 3 twice (the kind they don’t picture in the KS). Blam, 40 cents from Chessex.

      These remind me of the novelty spherical d6, which are a pain to roll. Actually, more like jellybeans, which I also hate rolling. I feel that a die needs vertices to roll properly and come to a stop in the limited rolling space I have behind the GM screen (as hokey as that sounds). That aside, I’ve had to roll in the realm of 20d3 plenty of times (people get hit by a lot of darts in my 1st ed games), and there’s no sense of excessive calculating just using d6. It’s so old hat, I look at the 6 and see a 3.

      Then, there’s the chainmail dice bags being offered with this KS. Chainmail dice bags are to gaming retail what circular saw blades painted with bald eagles are to flea markets.