Brigade Models release SAC space fleet

Brigade Models have released models and fleet packs for the new SAC space fleet.
?From their announcement:

As promised, this week sees the release of the SAC space fleet – eight
new models in all:

  • SFS-601 Isandlwana class Battleship £5.00
  • SFS-610 Mafadi class Carrier £5.50
  • SFS-620 Tshwane class Heavy Cruiser £2.25
  • SFS-621 Umgeni class Light Cruiser £1.75
  • SFS-630 Bantu class Fleet Destroyer £1.00
  • SFS-640 Oryx class Frigate £0.75
  • SFS-650 Devilray class Lancer £0.50
  • SFS-660 Petrel class Fighter (x12) £1.50

There are also three fleet packs:

  • SFS-601 SAC Battle Fleet Pack £18.00
  • SFS-602 SAC Carrier Pack £18.00
  • SFS-699 SAC Super Fleet Pack £40.00

The two normal fleet packs have 8-10 ships and represent a saving of around 15% on individual prices; the Super Fleet pack is more like 25% – but this is a limited offer and won’t be around for too long.

We’ve added stats for these ships to our website so you can use them in Starmada X games.

And of course we have our Xmas sale that runs until early January, so you’ll get and extra 15% of these prices until then.

Next week, more 6mm Neo-Soviet tanks.