Brandlin releases first laser cut fantasy terrain

fantasy terrainBrandlin has released the first of his laser cut 28mm fantasy terrain kits.

From their announcement:
Today the Pryn-Gul Tower, the first of a planned range of laser cut building kits is available to buy through eBay.

Inspired by and produced in association with The World of Twilight Miniatures Wargame, these kits are based around common household rubbish items to keep costs down and retain that scratch building experience. Scaled for heroic 28mm miniatures this 5 storey (30cm+) building would be suitable for any fantasy setting.

The kit comes as 2 A4 styrene sheets out of which the components have been laser cut. The flat pack nature of the kit also cuts down on postal charges and packing.

The model is for self assembly and is is modular and can be assembled in many different ways – each build is different. Future kits are also being designed to have interchangeable components allowing whole villages and towns of different but themed buildings to be created.

This laser cut styrene building kit produces terrain which is cheaper and lghter but more robust that resin castings. It i salos more detailed and a lot more robust than paper terrain and allows you to apply your own paint scheme.

Note: You require a PringlesTM tube and optionally a length of 40mm plumbing waste pipe to complete the kit.
Further details of future kits and work in progress shots are available both on my blog and on the World of Twilight Forum. I am always interested in your comments and suggestions.