Bonus update for Victory Decision Future Combat

AD Publishing brings you more with this bonus update for their Future Combat rulebook for Victory Decision.


From the update:

The Future Combat book was updated again. While writing the next book – Rival Species – for the Future Combat line I added new Actions, Abilities and Psi Powers. I realized that these would be a great addition to the core book as well.
The latest update now includes all the rules to use and cancel Psi Powers in Future Combat!
A small but nice list of useable Psi Powers is also added.
All buyers have already received an email about the latest addition.

You can get the Victory Decision Future Combat book at the Wargame Vault for $12.74!

  • 4tonmantis

    I have to wonder if the author of this, got permission to use those miniatures. I see what I think is Khurasan, Dust (might be AT-43), Mantic.. not sure what else. I don’t plan on buying this book so I don’t know if there are acknowledgements, but I’m pretty sure using another companies miniatures (their IP) for your own product is pretty illegal.

    • Dahak

      Looks like there are some Sedition wars figures as well, in the picture above, exceptfor the one in the middle which I think was from Void.
      The Mid Tech Infantry are AT-43 Red Block ,there are some Dust Nazis in the designers notes (and credited as such).

      Interestingly the credit GZG, The Assault Group, Dreamforge, WotC and Copplestone for their figures in the designers notes.

      Looks like the do list the miniatures sources in the rules.

  • No hassle here, not only is there a permission I also give full acknowledgements including weblinks.
    Basically it is a free promotion for the miniature companies involved. 🙂
    In addition the companies IP is not used, only the mini painted by me is shown.

    • 4tonmantis

      If you don’t think that miniatures constitute IP, I urge you to take a look at the Chapterhouse case. Having received an injunction based on miniatures and IP, I assure you, they are IP. If you still disagree, please talk to an attorney, I promise, getting dragged through all of the legal hoops sucks, I’m trying to do you a favor.

      It’s good that you got permission and are giving credits though, it sounds like you covered your bases 🙂

      • The bases are covered. In fact it is most of the time a “win win” partnership, like the guy who wrote “Gruntz”.
        I am not producing any miniatures, I simply provide a generic rule system that can be used to play with almost any SF setting.
        For example when asking Antenocities if I can use their Komodo suits in the book, they provided me the full background and gave me permission to include it in the book as a sample, same for Khurasans Felids etc.

        • 4tonmantis

          Now see, that’s actually cool. I’ve had brief communication with a lot of the guys from those smaller companies, and all of them have been really positive, helpful people. I’m glad to see a “behind the scenes” sense of community.

          As for the minis vs not-minis.. without going into specifics, I don’t create minis either (yet) but the similarities aren’t restricted to the same medium that the original IP exists in.

          Anyway, after hearing a little more about what the product is all about, it does sound pretty neat. Are there any gameplay demos anywhere?

  • Marauder

    Great job on the free update’s Agis! I think we are all used to the occasional update on PDF rules – but these are usually rule/editorial corrections, not new content!

    For anyone who has a collection of 28mm minis from past games just dying to be played together – this is the game for you!


    • Thanks Tim! BTW Rival Species is 90% done, I only have to add some critter carrying monstrous bio constructs! Then serious proofing. 😉

  • See here:
    Reviews and Battle report.

    BTW – another good example of a behind the scenes collaboration:
    Sangennaru is working on a 15mm Robot army, I like his designs and he agree to tweak his 3D sculpts a bit to my liking. I ordered his minis and will use them in my 2nd supplement about Robot forces. Again a very neat “win win” situation.

    The list goes on…

    • Marauder


      That’s some great collaboration. There are a lot of small (i.e. one man in his spare time) gaming companies out there. Very difficult to both make your own minis and own ruleset. Glad to see miniature guys working with you because your rules really just fit well with so many models out there. Lets everyone focus on what they are really gifted at and great end results.

      I know my Separatist droid army is very excited about your supplement – and I imagine I’ll be able to figure out some Sith stats to go with them based on your new psi rules.