Bones and bases from Secret Weapon

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Mar 28th, 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures have new bases available as well as skulls and human and animal bones.


From their announcement:

Today I am bringing you the much anticipated “Sack O’ Skulls!”

This 2 ounce bag of skulls represents an average of AT LEAST 133 skulls – which is 4x what our big name competition sells for a similar price. This is a random assortment of 5 different sculpts cast without a sprue to reduce the weight. Each skull weighs less than 0.015 ounces – so, yeah, that a lot of skulls. Perfect for your desert themed bases and terrain and a dream come true for you Chaos players out there.

But wait, that’s not all! How about two 1:48 scale human sized skeletons…

Yeah, we have that too. But we also have this incredibly detailed buffalo

  • mrbushtroll

    how about giant, orc, gnoll……. skulls
    then add into the mix some various rib cages and long bones

    i buy several sacks…..mix or one of each

    never enough bones in me dungeon….

  • There are plans to do other bone sets in the future – but probably not in the immediate future. For now I’m sticking with those bones that are universally applicable. Everyone needs skulls and most folks can use human and buffalo skeletons. Giants, orcs and other monsters are much more genre specific.