Bolt Action Waffen SS reinforcements now available

Warlord Games have released new packs of 28mm Waffen SS miniatures.

HMG team redeploying

From their announcement:

We unveiled our new Bolt Action Waffen-SS range recently and orders are flying in for these fanatical German elites. As we prepare for the full launch here’s a peek at the forthcoming SS MG42 HMG teams as well as the launch of some of the range as Reinforcements.

Uncompromising and well-equipped, the soldiers of the Waffen-SS struck fear into the heart of many of their Allied opponents. Clad in their trademark camouflaged uniforms and displaying a tenacity and zeal bordering on the fanatical the Waffen-SS were a dangerous opponent in both attack and defence.

Available to order now.

We’ve also got pile of Reinforcements available now for your armies. Don’t forget they feature our innovative Figure Head – Optional Head System allowing a huge variety of modelling opportunities and the chance to make your models truly unique. Have a look on our website for the full range.